ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come

ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come
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Friday, September 28, 2012


SEDONA FLASH                                                       © by Charles Tromblee

I go to about one MUFON meeting a year.  Not being a member, I restrict myself to meetings where the speakers  might be the nuts-and –bolts type of ufologists.  The speaker on a night in May, 2011, was the locally popular Tom Dongo who I knew has written UFO books about Sedona.  Only about 20% of his talk was about UFOs, the rest being about orbs (maybe 40%), vortices (15%), and the rest on underground bases and tunnels that might be near Sedona.  I enjoyed it, and it was worth the ten bucks I paid to get in.

A strange event occurred in the second half of the presentation.  An orange light flashed near the ceiling.   It lasted only a fraction of a second, and was NOT ultra bright like a flash camera going off.  It was about the size and shape of a football and took place about 6-12 inches below the ceiling. The room had about 80-100 people in it, and I was sitting near the back. The venue was the meeting room of a church, and the ceiling is covered with glue-on ceiling tiles. I looked around to see if anyone else saw it too. The guy in front of me reacted to it so I tapped him on the shoulder and asked , “Did you see that?” He said he did, but that it was only a car light from the street. I have seen this guy at previous meetings, and he believes just about everything about UFOs so I was surprised that he dismissed what he saw as trivial.  I have many decades of seeing car lights indoors, and this was no car light. About 5-6 ladies on the other side of the room also showed a very visible reaction to it. The speaker did not notice it, nor did anyone in the front half of the audience as it was directly above or behind them. (Fifteen months after this event, I revisited the event’s site and did see a ceiling vent where I thought the flash occurred. I don’t know whether that is significant or not.)

My reaction to all of this is very unsatisfying because it reminds me of the story of a WWII military airplane encounter with a UFO. On board was a psychologist who refused to look at the UFO because he knew it violated his pre-established beliefs. I feel contempt for this person, and yet here I am putting my own event in the back of my mind and will not investigate further. Investigating UFOs for me is sufficient.

Just to set you straight, I do not find UFOs to be weird. They are unknown, complex, and mysterious, but not weird. Whatever paranormal behavior they exhibit is behavior that I attribute to much higher technology.  After all, what is weird about scientifically advanced beings visiting an alien planet?  Nothing, in my opinion. If they are capable of getting here, then go for it. It is perfectly natural to explore new things.

I left the meeting feeling kind of eerie. This kind of thing has nothing to do with UFOs, I’m sure, but it could have had something to do with the speaker’s wide experience with orbs. Unfortunately, I don’t believe in orbs. I am still wrestling with how to adjust my world view to accommodate a truly paranormal phenomenon like this seemed to be. I acknowledge at least 5 or 6 phenomena outside of UFOs that are unexplained about which I have few to no opinions, such as various earth lights (Marfa, Brown Mountain, etc.), crop circles, and remote viewing. Maybe I have to add orbs to the list, and maybe there’s something to this weird stuff after all.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


MY UFOLOGY HALL OF FAME/SHAME                    

Following is my UFO Hall of Fame/ Shame. In retrospect, I now realize that this list was compiled only with Disclosure in mind. It never dawned on me that I could have included a list of UFO fakers, charlatans, and liars too. Such a list would be more enjoyable to read than my list. I say this because there is such a list at I have read it with much enjoyment and agree with almost all of it. Unfortunately, it was discontinued in about 2008. Let me apologize in advance for leaving some noted people off of my lists. Obvious omissions surely will be due to my ignorance. In addition, I compiled my list about 3-4 years ago and at the time was ignorant of the many excellent foreign ufologists. These are my personal opinions only. I also apologize for the political rant feel of some of these statements, but I don’t wish to edit further.

Donald E. Keyhoe—this man was arguably the greatest ufologist ever. He was highly connected, active, and aggressive. He tried mightily to lift the curtain of secrecy imposed by our government. He instantly perceived that disclosure was extremely desirable and that the public deserves to know the truth. He was the leader of NICAP, and saw instantly that a huge coverup was occurring, unlike the leaders of NICAP’s “sister” group, APRO. He wrote 5 books on UFOs, all of them readable and informative.

Stanton Friedman—He is the greatest living ufologist. Mr. Friedman is a great debater, and an excellent representative for ufology in general. He comes out in public and unabashedly states his beliefs that UFOs are interstellar space machines.

Edward Ruppelt—This man wrote only one book, but it is this book that gets UFO fence riders off of that fence onto the side of the believers. It was that way with me. The book, “Report on Unidentified Flying Objects,“ is a must read for all serious UFO students. Late in his short life, he was forced into adding 3 additional chapters to his great book which debunked UFOs, but these chapters were a non sequitur as their conclusions did not follow along with the preceding chapters at all.

Leonard Stringfield—There is nothing like a UFO crash retrieval which excites the blood of all nuts and bolts UFO addicts, and Leonard Stringfield was the first ufologist to specialze in this area of research. He brought to light many such incidents, and honorably protected his sources in order to get them to reveal more. All of his publications are available in Linda Moulton Howe’s excellent website, “” (which costs money.) Most of his publications can be read for free on the web in the MUFON website’s archives.

Paul R. Hill—Here’s another controversial addition to the Ufologist Hall of Fame because this man, like Ruppelt, wrote only one book, “Unconventional Flying Objects” but unlike Ruppelt, most people have not read this book. I have and it is great. This book hypothesizes on the technical workings of UFOs and draws conclusions which I believe are mostly accurate. He worked at NACA/NASA, and was an aeronautical/mechanical engineer, well versed in all kinds of physics and math. UFOs were his hobby, and his notes were posthumously published in 1995 by his daughter.

James McDonald—I have to confess that I have not read any of his UFO works yet, but he is on my list because of the extreme praise and awe given to him by other ufologists. He must have been absolutely great. I look forward to reading his works.

Honorable Mention: Richard Dolan, Timothy Good, Grant Cameron, Stephen Bassett, Robert and Ryan Wood


Harry Truman—This guy should have stayed down on the farm. He just wasn’t big enough for the UFO issue, much less intelligence gathering. He created the fabulous CIA and MJ-12 organizations, and set the tone for the US policy of UFO secrecy. He probably wasn’t even aware that he had screwed up the whole issue of UFOs and intelligence gathering by giving away control to his secret keepers. He also turned the UFO investigation over to the USAF instead of scientific teams.

Dwight Eisenhower—This man gave us our interstate highway system as his most memorable accomplishment. The UFO issue was still new enough while he served as president for him to have wrested control back from the power elite that to this day enjoys owning this issue which greatly benefits their own power and enrichment. Instead, he let the secrecy established by Truman ride, even though as an ex general, one would think that he could have commanded that the issue be handled in a different way. Then at the end of his term in January, 1961, he made a speech warning against losing control to the the Military Industrial Complex. This shows that he was aware that he had lost out to the power elite. Imagine, he did nothing about the growing power of the elite during his presidency, and then at the end of his presidency, he “warns” the American public about them in such a vague and non-specific way that of course no one understood him.

USAF—The USAF over the years has done a dismal, ignorant, and disgraceful job of handling the the responsibility of the UFO situation. Their lies regarding UFO sightings always were ridiculous, and insulted the intelligence of the American public.They didn’t want the job to begin with, and subsequently did such a bad job with UFOs that the CIA took it over. The Air Force’s Project Blue Book was a joke during most of its seventeen year life.

CIA—This organization screws up a very large portion of their projects, and they never get better at them because they have no oversight. They keep making the same mistakes. They have done a good job at keeping UFO secrecy under control, but of course that is the wrong goal to begin with. They’re not ethical enough to realize that. Their beginning had Nazi underpinnings, and this still shows up in their work. Read about MK Ultra if you don’t believe this. They also probably played a leadership role in the assassination of JFK. A group with no moral compass whatsoever.

MJ-12—This group never had faith in the American public’s ability to handle the awareness of alien visitation. It is so radically, rabidly secretive that they will resort to anything to keep their secrets. It is evil. Imagine, this group was formed in Sept. 1947, and only 20 months later oversaw the murder of its first leader, James Forrestal (undoubtedly with assistance from the CIA.) It is unknown whether they still exist under the same name, but for sure a group like this must exist now and the present group has a continuous timeline back to the original MJ-12. It would have been better for the world if this group had never been formed.

The Media—What more can be said about this effete failure of an industry? They are the patsy stooge of the CIA. When it comes to UFOs, the CIA probably does not have to exercise much influence over the media anymore, because the well trained media will automatically invoke the giggle factor instead of pursuing a serious UFO story. But rest assured that they will continue to publish and spin any story that the CIA wants them to whenever needed.

Edward Condon—The Condon Report will live in infamy and its leader, Edward Condon, will forever be shamefully associated with this non-scientific whitewash. He had established quite a respected name for himself before he took on this UFO assignment, but no one remembers anything about him anymore except for this colossal terrible work. He deserves this too. What a fool. It is a shame when a learned person with many awards and intellectual accomplishments takes the side of lies and stupidity (like not only Condon but also Donald Menzel and H.P. Robertson of the Robertson panel) and this becomes their legacy.

Philip Klass—This cockroach of a man was never very good at debunking UFOs but somehow still had the ear of the media. He may have been secretly on the CIA payroll but this has never been proven. His main tools appear to have been cowardly letters of character assassination written behind his targets’ backs along with his bully pulpit as editor of “Aviation Week and Space Technology” magazine.

Dishonorable Mention: NASA, H.P Robertson

Notice that J. Allen Hynek is not on the list. If he were, he’d be on both lists. He must have known for years that UFOs were extraterrestrial or at the very least worthy of intense and broad study, yet he kept too quiet. Yet his was a delicate relationship as it was his employer, the Air Force, who was running the UFO coverup, and he did probably need the job, so it’s understandable that he kept a discrete silence. The silence went on so long that it became unacceptable and ultimately harmful to the UFO issue. It’s like the story of the double agent who compromised himself so often to maintain his secret identity that after many years he realized that he had become just like the people he was working secretly against. Therefore, he was no better than they were.