ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come

ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come
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Friday, December 28, 2012

UFO SHAPE by Charles Tromblee

UFO Shape                                                             Dec, 2012

One of the greatest UFO books ever written is Unconventional Flying Objects by Paul R. Hill. In fact, I think that it is the greatest one by far, but I have read only about 30-40 UFO books. There is a lot in this book and I strongly recommend that anyone interested in UFOs buy a copy.  Prof. Hill was an un-apologetic UFO believer.  I read my copy about 4 years ago, and thought that I did a pretty thorough job of reading it, but I scanned it a few days ago and realized that there is a lot more depth in it than my simple mind can handle so that I need to read it again. I consider it to be a book which someone should read 2 or 3 times in their lifetime. Prof. Hill’s book, which is over 400 pages long, is almost entirely a treatise on explaining how aliens probably have used gravity technology to design their crafts. In it, by using his mechanical and aeronautical engineering skills, he effectively reverse engineers the UFO based on evidence from close encounter reports of the first, second, and third kinds.

My own book, Alien Radix, has a secondary title which is The Shape of Things That Come. This title has been criticized as being stupid and misleading, but I make no apologies. I chose it to paraphrase the title of the old 1933 SciFi story by HG Wells, The Shape of Things To Come” (made into a 1936 movie, “Things To Come”), and I chose it because much of it deals with looking at the shapes of the aliens and UFOs that have been sighted over the recent years to extract as many logical suppositions as possible. Plus, “That Come” implies that “they” already are here, which they are. Because of Prof. Hill’s book, I am a staunch believer that UFO’s use field propulsion based on control of gravity. In his book, Dr. Hill posits many questions about UFO craft technology and answers many of them in a logical way under the assumption that field generators lie within the UFO. One of the many questions addressed by him is of UFO shape, and the shapes he analyzes in his book are the spherical, ellipsoid, and cigar shapes. For example, the ellipsoid shape can be analyzed as having a major axis along its length, and two minor axes which he chose in his book to be equal to simplify his development of his designs. Given that disc shaped UFOs usually are observed to fly edgewise in their direction of travel, I consider the saucer UFO to be an ellipsoid shape where the two minor axes are unequal, in which one of the minor axes is the thickness of the hull and the other is the width of the hull. For a circular disc, the major axis of the hull is also the width of the hull too. Thus, for the ellipsoid treatment in his book, Paul Hill shows the cross section of the UFO along it major axis as looking like a rounded end football, much like a disc UFO would look if it were cut in half. Although some triangles had been observed at the time he wrote his book (started collecting notes in the fifties; published 1995 posthumously by his daughter), he covers no triangles in it.

Prof. Hill says that Dr. Herman Oberth was the first person to state that the propulsion system of UFOs is based on gravity technology. Herman Oberth was one of those ex-Nazi rocket scientists who came to work for the USA’s rocketry program. UFO literature tells me that Oberth, von Braun, and Albert Einstein were all at least partially “in” on the fact that UFOs were real, were here, and were being kept secret from the public. They were “in” because they were among the leading edge scientists of their day whose opinions were consulted by the USA on many matters, and for sure, UFOs were among those matters. Oberth was as smart as they come, and I have read a story about a discussion between him and Einstein in which the latter expressed dissatisfaction with his (Einstein’s) understanding of inertia. Inertia, as you might know, obeys Newton’s laws, yet Einstein was unsure of where it comes from. Oberth gave his opinion on the question. He said that inertia, like gravity, was also a gravitational product created from the near infinite mass of the universe which surrounds any object in all directions. We know that the universe has a radius of about 13.77 billion light years (time from the big bang), and all the mass within it has its own contribution to gravitation and that its gravitational attraction decreases as 1 over r-squared with distance from that mass. He believed that inertia was the composite sum of all that gravitational attraction from all the mass in the universe in all directions surrounding an object, and inertia phenomenon is the resultant gravitational effect upon that object.  Thus gravity, as we experience it, is a mass-derived phenomenon from nearby large objects, whereas inertia is a mass-derived phenomenon from an almost infinite number of far away large objects in all directions (and space dust, of course.) This idea makes one wonder what will happen to inertia once the universe expands so much that all of this far away mass gets even farther: will inertia diminish to near zero?  But all this is just a side discussion, chosen to show that Oberth was very smart, even having advised the great Einstein on a question.

One of the characteristics of observed UFO motion on earth is lack of sonic booms at supersonic speeds. This article will concentrate pretty much solely on that one observation. Paul Hill explains how this is made possible via the strategic placement of force field generators within the 3 shapes mentioned above (sphere, ellipsoid, & cigar). These force field generators are none other than antigravity generators which can be set to provide attraction or repulsion of mass. It is also helpful to realize that when we talk gravity, we are really talking about the acceleration due to gravity, so that a gravity (or antigravity) generator can also be thought of as an acceleration force field generator. The purpose of these generators is to apply a force to the atmosphere just outside of the hull of the UFO, so the best place for their positioning would be just inside of the hull. Depending on the shape of the hull, they could also be placed along the major axis of the hull as well, but that could cause practical problems with what is inside of the hull, like a central support column, cargo, alien beings, or whatever.  The placement of these generators within the hull is chosen mathematically so that the superpositioning of all the fields contributed by the force field generators create a net field that smoothly lies just outside the hull. Some parts of the net field attract mass and other parts repel mass, depending on the individual field generator settings. Somewhere in the book is short statement that I can’t find anymore that says that it is important that the hull stay uniformly close to the net field “surface”, because if it isn’t close, the spot that is not close will cause turbulence resulting in vibration and heating under high speed operation.  Under high speed (supersonic: i.e. > than the speed of sound) operation the force field outside the UFO provides subsonic flow of air around the UFO, no shock wave during supersonic speeds (resulting in no sonic boom), etc.

Please realize that the reason for the shape of the UFO to be relatively simple (Hill calls the UFO shapes “bodies of revolution”, where there is symmetry of the shape around its major axis) is so that the field generators can provide a force field “surface” that lies close to the hull, something that would not be possible with shapes that have large projections, wings, and so forth. This field “surface” is what controls supersonic air flow around itself to result in no shock wave. Thus we see that the main UFO shapes (ellipsoid, cigar, sphere, egg, saturn, teardrop, saucer)  are those which can be described mathematically to allow for an analysis to predict where to put the force field generators. {Digression: Triangles: Prof. Hill did not address triangles even though they had been sighted as early as the fifties. Perhaps someone or something has figured out how a triangle might be dealt with mathematically as a teardrop with truncated sides. Just a guess.} So here is the point of this whole article: The UFO shapes that we have observed and filmed, particularly of really high speed UFOs, exist because those UFOs are designed for atmospheric travel!  I have to admit that there have been observed shapes with are not smooth at all, such as the old wedding cake shapes of Adamski and others. It would be next to impossible to tailor a force field around these shapes to allow for supersonic shockwave free operation. That some UFOs do indeed experience vibration and/or instability during atmospheric flight is proven by those sightings in which small stabilizers are observed or a stabilizing fin. For example, the famous McMinnville, Oregon UFO photos (believed by none other than Bruce Maccabee after extensive analysis to be real) show a UFO with what at first glance appears to me to be a fat antenna, but which is actually a big stabilizer fin as viewed from slightly off front and center. This fin undoubtedly would not be there unless it was needed to stabilize the UFO in flight. Its existence shows that perfect streamlines around that hull were not possible with its particular shape. “Unsmooth” UFO designs undoubtedly can exceed the sound barrier for short periods when they have to, but sustained supersonic flight for these shapes would not be advisable. Even so, all of the 5 or 6 videos that I have seen which show ultrahigh speed UFOs going so fast that no one observed them in real time because they were gone in an instant have always been smooth ellipsoid shapes.

This observation raises some interesting additional observations:

First: If UFO shapes are designed for travel in the atmosphere, then what about space flight? We know there is no chance of friction or a shock wave in outer space, so what shapes, if any, would a UFO have for that environment? Because shape does not matter in outer space, the atmospheric version of shape is just as suitable in a vacuum as it would be in the atmosphere.  But it is obvious that just about any shape would be permissible in outer space so long as it stays in space or travels “slowly” when in an atmosphere.

Second: What about motherships? The rare UFOs that have been observed that are so huge that they have given rise to speculation about motherships are just as streamlined looking as the smaller craft, so apparently mothership-sized UFOs are designed for atmospheric flight also. This is despite the major belief that they are primarily for non-atmospheric travel.

Third: The principle behind creating the controlled attraction/repulsion surface around the UFO renders it independent of whatever atmosphere it is operating in. A given hull design with the same generator placement can just as easily achieve the same or close to the same flight characteristics on Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, or Venus as it does on Earth. Prof. Hill develops equations for both compressible flow around the hull, and incompressible flow. Liquid, including water, is generally deemed to be incompressible.  On earth, the UFO can treat water as a super dense atmosphere. Paul R. Hill says, “If the UFO mission is stellar and interplanetary exploration, the high-g capability they demonstrate would enable them to explore giant planets with gravitational fields on the order of 100 times earth gravity. Exploring Earth is UFO play.”  In a dense atmosphere, I think the field generators would have to be reset to higher field strengths to offset the increased pressure and friction of the surrounding atmosphere, but I could be wrong about this. Water is about 750 times denser than air at STP. I have a hard time believing that UFOs can exceed the sound barrier in water because the speed of sound under water is about 4 times faster than in air. UFOs have been detected by radar going over 200 mph under water, so even though that is nowhere near the speed of underwater sound, the antigravity technology must be helping them out quite a bit nevertheless. But notice this: a given UFO shape suffices throughout a wide range of atmospheric conditions. If you took an airplane and tried to fly it on Mars, it would fall to the ground. If you took an airplane and tried to make a submarine out of it, the wings would break off. Not so with the UFO.

Fourth: Placement of several generators just within the hull of the craft so that the force field can be shaped accordingly (i.e. “shape fitted” to conform to the physical hull but just outside of it) implies miniaturization of these generators. To Hill, this is no problem because he shows in the book a few examples of alien being sightings where the beings must have had personal “anti-gravity” packs to explain the peculiarities of the sightings, most likely located in the soles of their boots or in belts or backpacks.

Fifth: The control of the atmosphere that surrounds the hull also results in still another interesting phenomenon: per Hill: “Drops of moisture or rain, dust, insects, or other low-velocity objects of any kind would follow the streamline paths around a high speed UFO rather than smash into it.” And “Even with sand in the air, the UFO surfaces would not be sandblasted.” To this I would add that underwater UFOs would not be killing marine organisms either, but I don’t know if an underwater UFO could deflect something as big as a shark or a whale. This same property will prevent hull erosion by space dust as well.

One last point should be addressed here. The same equations that Hill develops to show how these superimposed force fields can manipulate the flow of gas around the hull can also be shown to be the reason for relatively cool skin temperature of the UFO hull even after it has been observed in high speed flight. Our space shuttle developed a red hot glow due to atmospheric friction, and this necessitated developing special tiles to cover its hull. UFOs can go just as fast (and faster) as the shuttle without any significant change in hull temperature.

Monday, December 10, 2012

HIGGS-BOSONS AND UFOS by Charles Tromblee

Higgs-Bosons and UFOs                                                         by        12/2012

In Paul R. Hill’s great book, Unconventional Flying Objects   A Scientific Analysis, which was largely written in the 70’s and 80’s, there is a short 2 paragraph section which showed what a forward and broad thinker he was.  His whole book is based on the premise that gravity field control is the technology by which UFOs achieve some of their observed and exotic traits. In the book, he goes through as many possible technologies that he can imagine to see if they fit the observed behavior of these crafts and rejects all but one: gravity field control. He then goes on to show how this technology, if it were to exist, cleanly explains such traits as hovering, sharp turns, shock free supersonic travel (no sonic booms), and apparent frictionless flight.

In this section, he asks himself if there any other possible technology besides gravity field control which could possibly cause the traits listed previously. An excerpt from the paragraphs mentioned above says, ”If UFOs had the incredible ability to de-mass matter in their vicinity, including air, the answer would have to be yes, for if the UFO could neutralize the mass of the surrounding  air, the speed of sound would be raised to a high value while at the same time the deviations from atmospheric  pressure due to air dynamics would be negligible, and the air would follow the well known subsonic, shock-free flow patter illustrated elsewhere in this Section. However, there is next to nothing in this century’s science to indicate such a possibility.” (Emphasis is my own.)

Well, he was right because he wrote this in the 20th Century, and now that we are in the 21st Century, we have the Higgs-Boson “god” particle to think about. This particle imparts mass to other particles. Therefore, “de-massing” refers to controlling the flow of the Higgs-Boson particles. If aliens had the ability to manipulate the Higgs-Boson, then that could explain a lot. Back when Hill wrote his book, he included a lot of discussion about gravitons which are particles that impart gravity, not mass. The graviton still has not been discovered.  I tried to find out if the Higgs-Boson particle precludes the existence of the graviton particle, can they co-exist, etc.? Nothing was found. If gravitons exist, that would be the fundamental particle that the gravity field generators of the UFOs depend on to work, not the Higgs particle.

Does the Higgs particle have a future in explaining UFO operation?  I don’t know, but I doubt it and I am sticking with the anti-gravity hypothesis. Note the shaky ground that I am on: predicating the operation of something that many believe may not exist (UFOs) on the existence of something that many believe may not exist (gravitons), whereas the Higgs-Boson almost certainly does exist. But I personally believe that UFOs controlled by aliens visiting earth do exist. I wrote this article to show what a thinker Paul R. Hill was, and to show that as far as I know, I thought of applying the Higgs-Boson to UFOs first, with most of the real credit to Paul R. Hill of course.

Friday, November 30, 2012


The Undecided                                                                                     11/2012

Stories about actual alien contact and UFO functional operation are infrequent, but when they do get published, they are, as Martha Stewart might say, “a good thing”. On the other hand, the stories about humankind’s reactions to the phenomenon are a dime a dozen. Most of these stories document a sighting and that’s about all. Still other stories are always expressing frustration at the government’s obvious and successful coverup and the blocked attempts to get them to come clean, the news media’s ignorant coverage of the subject, and the attention given to obvious UFO charlatans, debunkers, and skeptics. When one is done reading one of these stories or hearing about it in the media, invariably nothing more is ever learned about the actual objects and beings. You wind up knowing no more about UFOs than when you started. I try to avoid writing this type of story as much as possible. Unfortunately for you readers, this is one of those stories.

As you all are painfully aware, we have just completed a presidential election. It was excruciating: 2 years of blather in which unimportant issues were being promoted as important, ignorant news coverage, lying pundits, flip flopping candidates, lying attack ads, state level cheater laws to disenfranchise legal voters, and debates where the candidates tried to avoid “gotchas” immediately followed by incorrect analyses by the pundits. Fact checker groups have sprung up out of necessity as the journalistic profession continued its abandonment of background research.  This two year process then wrapped up with a grand finale by our electoral college which itself is the unnecessary anachronism of an obsolete system that should have been discontinued 50 years ago, and which on rare occasions manages to elect a president in opposition to the popular vote. It was horrible. Starting a couple of months before the election itself, newsmen started saying that the “undecided” voters would carry the election. Others responded to the “undecided” voters by saying something like, “My goodness, if the undecided haven’t made up their minds by now after two years of this, then they must be stupid as hell.”

 So, too, do UFOs have blather that is unimportant, lying pundits in the role of debunkers, lying congressmen, ignorant news coverage, fact checkers in the roles of believers and skeptics, and bad debates where the wrong people are invited, but at least there is no UFO electoral college.

But listen to this, readers.  In the world of UFOs, we have myriads of people who are undecided about the phenomenon. They are still unwilling to commit to the extraterrestrial hypothesis.  Instead of 2 years to mull the matter over in order to decide, they have had 65 years! Are these people even stupider than hell? I don’t know.  I can’t criticize those who have made their decision one way or the other on the question, yes or no. But those who still can’t decide--why is that? (For those of you who have read any of my previous stuff, you might remember that I was in this category for about 40 years. Nyuk, nyuk.)

Monday, November 12, 2012

ELEMENT 115 OPINIONS by Charles Tromblee

ELEMENT 115  OPINIONS                                                        11/2012

One of the problematic areas of studying UFOs is judging information that has come from popular sources who have been found to be lying in at least some of their stories. We all know names of those who are or were prominent in ufology, and lots of them fall into this "lying" category. Does this mean that ALL of the information that they have ever provided on the subject of UFOs is false or is it just some of their information?  One of these people is George Adamski who made some simply ludicrous claims about UFOs, yet he does have at least a few stories which were witnessed by several people who have signed affidavits as to their veracity. Even Timothy Good has professed his belief in some of Adamski’s stories.  My own opinion on why some people lie is that they may originally start out with some great and truthful stories, and then down the line start lying about things.  They commit fraud to keep the ball rolling, make more money, and extend their 15 minutes of fame. Or whatever. I suppose that if you do not choose to reject everything they have ever said once they have been out-ed as a liar (this is probably the best approach), then the bottom line is that it takes a lot of effort just to decide which of their stories is fake and which is real.

This article deals with Bob Lazar’s decision to highlight the alleged role of Element 115 in UFO propulsion. I believe his story to be a fabrication. I will make assumptions about how his thinking process may have functioned in order to make this choice. Mr. Lazar would probably laugh at some of my conclusions, but here they are.

First, let me say some things about Bob Lazar. I am not a critic of Mr. Lazar, and actually am somewhat  impressed by him. We all should admit that the guy is intelligent and creative. He did indeed work at area 51 for a short time. He may even have been given the job titles he has claimed (physicist, electrical engineer) due to having been recognized as an undegreed, raw, natural talent. I doubt that, however. Furthermore, it does appear that the government has erased some of his records, so this means that he does have an important, or at least a secret, story to tell. Also, the videos taken from a distance of test flights at Area 51 on the exact schedule that Mr. Lazar predicted go a long way toward proving that the “being employed at Area 51” part of his story is true. Unfortunately his obvious evasions and lies about his education really detract from his story. I could care less about the prostitution stuff that his detractors usually use to discredit him. That stuff is irrelevant to UFOs (although others could argue that that reflects on his character).

One of the many side trips and anomalies of the UFO world is element 115, a topic introduced by the controversial Bob Lazar in 1989.  The story of element 115 has been an intriguing one for 23 years. Element 115 became a popular topic in the UFO world after Bob Lazar claimed in 1989 that it comprised the heart of the UFO propulsion system. He claims that now the US Government now has 500 pounds of it somewhere, presumably recovered from various UFO crashes. I do not believe what Lazar has claimed about element 115, but kudos to Mr. Lazar for coming up with a story that is so intriguing, and for even being aware in 1989 that superheavy elements yet undiscovered may indeed have an “island of stability” as they say in the physics field of heavy atom discovery.  Kudos, too, for inventing a story which for the last 23 years has remained un-provable as a truth or a lie.

To make an educated guess as to why Mr. Lazar picked a superheavy element to be the heart of an alien antigravity drive, we have to know a little about superheavy elements. We all know that from high school chemistry, electrons ”like” to fly around atomic nuclei in layers (shells) with a given amount of electrons for each shell. It is pretty organized. The total number of electrons for a neutral atom equals the number of protons in its nucleus. What was NOT taught in my high school or college chemistry classes is that protons and neutrons also “like” to be pretty organized in the nucleus in several fixed layers or shells. The nucleus is always “straining” within itself as its protons are trying to fly apart from one another due to electrostatic repulsion, but in a stable nucleus are kept in check by the strong force which binds the particles of the nucleus together. Neutrons help separate the protons from one another within the nucleus, thus moderating the maximum electrostatic repulsion that the protons experience. Thus a nucleus is inherently unstable, some more than others, depending on its mix of protons and neutrons. The bigger the nucleus, the more likely it will be unstable as measured by an element’s radioactive half life. Atoms greater in nucleus size than lead all have measureable half lives, and when you get into the superheavy atoms, the half lives are very short. However, there is high probability that there exists in superheavy atoms (like 50% heavier than lead) a few elements that are stable. The Nobel Prize winning nuclear scientist Glenn Seaborg postulated an “island of stability” for superheavy atoms while serving as chairman of the AEC from 1961-71. Then in 1969, a research paper [1] performed calculations that predicted the island of stability to be located at Z = 110 to Z = 114 (Z is the number of protons in the atom’s nucleus), with the best stability at Z = 110, N = 184. (N is the number of neutrons in the atom’s nucleus.) It is a fact that physicists now predict a possible island of stability located at about elements Z = 104 to Z = 116 and N = 176 to N = 186. The inexactness is because the predictions are usually done assuming a spherical nucleus, but now it is known that large nuclei can be deformed, and this changes the stability point of proton and neutron quantities. Those same physicists also hypothesize that a second such island of stability could also exist at around Z = 168, but since we can hardly build an atom that lands on the first island of stability, let’s forget about the second one.

Now let’s get back to Mr. Lazar. Why would he choose a superheavy element explanation to be the core principle behind antigravity propulsion?
            1. He had just read something about it?
2. He never did “choose” element 115 because he actually confirmed it empirically from the UFO reverse engineering?

 My opinion on question 1: In 1989 a scientific paper was published which discussed the possible “island of stability” for superheavy elements. 1989 was also the year in which Mr. Lazar spoke of element 115. One investigator of Mr. Lazar claims that he most likely had read this paper before he made his startling Area 51 claims. I believe this, but it is not essential, because, as previously mentioned in this article, Glenn Seaborg hypothesized the island of stability in the ’61-71 time frame, and a 1969 scientific paper also discussed it. So he could have read either of those earlier sources too.

My opinion on question 2:  As previously stated, I believe his story about element 115 to be false.  I grant that Mr. Lazar may have been working at Area 51 as a non-degreed engineer or as a technician. However, his duration of employment there was only about 10 visits to Area 51, hardly sufficient time in my opinion to draw all of his startling conclusions. But this could be explained by his story that he had replaced 3 engineers whom he claimed had perished in an explosion while doing an experiment on a UFO. That is, he, from studying their logbooks, simply is repeating the conclusions that they had already drawn.  However, one galling thing about his claims is that he says that the equipment provided to him to use in his investigation was an oscilloscope and a digital voltmeter.  If that was the case, then how in the world could he or his deceased predecessors have reached the astounding conclusions about gravity amplifiers, the nuclear strong force “leaking” past the outer boundary of element 115 and then distorting gravity nearby to be available then to be amplified by those doggone gravity amplifiers, the decay of Element 116 (created from 115) which releases an antimatter particle, super efficient thermal generators, and such?  I suppose that if you found a sample quantity of some 115, you could measure its volume and then weigh it to determine its density by which you could conclude that it is element 115, but how could you draw some of the other conclusions with only a voltmeter and oscilloscope? None of this adds up so it sounds unlikely.

Now why would Mr. Lazar have chosen element 115, and not, say, element 110, 112, or 114 as his favored element? After all, Z = 110-114 was the suspected range at the time for the island of stability.
            3. He actually had empirical data pointing to element 115?
            4. He chose outside the 110 to 114 range so as to make it look like he had not read the 1989    paper?
            5. He chose a number higher than 114 so as to push the likelihood of future discovery (of his fraud) further into the future?
            6. He chose a higher number than 114 because his explanation on how the UFO propulsion works depends on some instability (i.e. radioactive decay) so he chose outside the suspected stable range?
            7. He had another reason for choosing 115?

My opinion on question 3: This is doubtful based on the previous discussion.
My opinion on question 4: This is possible.
My opinion on question 5: This is possible but unlikely because he would have chosen a higher number such as 117 or 118 or even 126 to provide many more additional years of fraud discovery protection.
My opinion on question 6: This is possible.
My opinion on question 7: This is what I think is the explanation behind his choice of Element 115 and not any of the other superheavy elements. In 1921 an eminent scientist named Charles F. Brush published a paper which claimed that his experiments using bismuth and a few other metals showed that bismuth behaved differently than the others during tests of gravity. I could not find this paper. In 1922 someone named Harold Potter refuted Brush’s results. In 1923 Brush published another paper [2] which confirmed his bismuth results. This paper described precision Galileo-style drop tests of about 4 feet done against a brick wall using equal sized discs of bismuth, brass alloy and cadmium. The bismuth discs fell faster. I would not trust these results for two reasons: One is that the bismuth results were obtained over several test runs and the bismuth difference was always pronounced at the beginning of the run, and diminished during the run. This indicates a measurement problem to me, but it could have been due to a more subtle underlying cause [3]. Second, surprisingly there was no mention in the test setup description about bismuth’s known diamagnetism, and magnets and other metals were used as part of the test apparatus. Bismuth is the most diamagnetic element known. It could have interacted either with the magnetic field or other magnetized metals in the apparatus. Just guessing. There were no tabular results published in the source that I read nor was there much quantitative discussion. No one appears to have experimented with bismuth in this manner since 1923. Anyhow, it is my theory that Mr. Lazar knew of this experiment or else he had heard rumors about bismuth’s antigravity properties. Given that elements in each column of the periodic table have similar chemistry properties, it was a clever move of Mr. Lazar to choose Element 115 because it falls directly below bismuth in the periodic table. This means that if bismuth has weird and exotic peoperties, then an element right below it on the periodic table might have even more weird, exotic, and intense properties.

After all of this, it must be mentioned that Mr. Lazar could still be right about the stability of element 115. Even though it has now been successfully synthesized, the few atoms synthesized decayed in only 220 msec, and not in the days, months, or years implied by Mr. Lazar. One big problem in synthesizing superheavy elements is getting the neutron count up to a high enough quantity. If this problem is ever overcome, physicists expect the half life of the superheavy elements in and around the island of stability to go up astronomically. If it were synthesized in a stable configuration of protons and neutrons, then that would go a long way toward getting a sample to measure for residual antigravity properties.

[1] On the nuclear structure and stability of heavy and superheavy elements,  Nuclear Physics A  Volume 131, Issue 1, 23 June 1969, quote drawn from the abstract of this 66 page paper. The abstract is on the internet at:

Discussion of a Kinetic Theory of Gravitation II; and Some New Experiments in Gravitiation 4/20/1923 by Charles F Brush pgs 75-84

[3] T. Townsend Brown, while performing force measurements on his electrogravitic capacitors in the 1926 to 1930 time frame, noticed that the electrogravitic force would start out larger and then start to lessen over time as more measurements were performed. He discovered that a charge buildup in the capacitor’s dielectric was occurring which needed time for recovery. From “Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion” by Dr. Paul LaViolette, 2008.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Rest Stop Suspicions                                   by Charles Tromblee            ©July 10,2011

Did you ever notice how often superhighway rest stops undergo long term closings? It happens a lot, so much so, it seems disproportionate. Take a look at a rest stop: it’s a paved driveway, a parking lot, a concrete block building or two, and a toilet area. The toilet area is supported by running water and a waste disposal system. In rural areas, the running water and waste disposal are self-contained systems (i.e. well and septic) and should be low maintenance with a low failure rate. The point here is that they should not be closed for repairs as much as they are. Yes, I know the following:  During the continuing recession, many states closed their rest stops along the interstate highways to save money on maintenance, undoubtedly landscaping and janitorial work. Now that the recession is loosening its grip a bit on states’ finances, some are reopening.

There could be another reason for closing rest stops. I am beginning to wonder if some of them are portals for the alleged underground tunnel system that many people think honeycombs the nation, in particular the western  half of  the nation. After you stop laughing, please think about this. If underground tunnels link our underground bases, there has to be more ingress/egress than just military bases, and this includes along those long interconnecting tunnels. Furthermore, having a tunnel spur end at an interstate rest stop provides a very convenient point from which to secretly enter or leave the tunnel system and quickly travel on the public highway system. The secret users don’t have to go to a military base, the sub-basement of a large commercial building, or some remote mountain side to open the “garage door” to access the system.  A rural rest stop could quickly be closed for short term “repairs”, ingress or egress takes place from the great interstate highway system and the secret entrance, then the rest stop reopens. Fast, simple, convenient, and easy to use.

I live half a mile from an interstate rest stop.  It has been closed twice for long term septic repairs in the last 3 years. One would think that after decades of rest stop design, civil engineers would know how to design a waste system that can handle hundreds of people a day.  Well, late last year, “my” rest stop was closed for septic work and the closure lasted about 4 months . For comparison, it takes only a day or so to put in a septic field for a single family dwelling. Day after day, heavy machinery operated on that project, and back up whistles could be heard so often it was maddening. It took so unusually long that I formulated this theory about what was really going on because the stated reason didn’t add up. I called the state after about 3 months of this to double check the septic field explanation, and of course, I got the official storyline all over again that it was just a sewer project. 

This particular rest stop is in view of some of the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Besides being a tourist area, Sedona on occasion has had a military presence which simply does not fit into its image. Since the eighties, there have been a couple of dozen incidents in which hikers on its various trails and canyons have been blocked by armed, uniformed (but with no i.d. patches) military goons in threatening confrontations which are documented. In a few cases, the goons have actually pointed their rifles (sometimes with laser pointers) at the hikers telling them to turn back. These confrontations have taken place on trails in the middle of nowhere.  Now what and why is a military presence in Sedona’s back trails? In addition, in the late nineties, the US Government (Forest Service) purchased the local Bradshaw Ranch which has had a long history of paranormal events. Most nature lovers thought that this new ranch land would expand their hiking possibilities, but to this day, the ranch has not been reopened to tourists nor has it been developed for anything else (that the public knows of). It remains closed with very threatening signs on its entrance. It has just been sitting there for all these years.

The best theory on what is going on is that the underground tunnel system goes under Sedona (some believe it’s a base), and occasionally there is a need for a tunnel user to get out of that system via a secret entrance to do something or other. Guards are deployed outside while this occurs. Once finished, the entrance is closed back up again, and subsequent hikers don’t notice a thing and encounter no one.  At this juncture, one has to ask oneself why would a covert person have a need to perform some mission related secret activity on earth’s surface on a remote Sedona trail?  That makes no sense. It makes much more sense to me to put a portal at a rest stop instead.

My theory was that the septic improvement project on “my” rest stop included the construction of a tunnel access spur terminated by a secret entrance. That is why it took so long using such heavy machinery. I went over to the side of the highway that the work occurred on in order to walk around and take a look, looking for seams in dirt or rock faces, or ventilation shaft openings. I am glad to report that this rest particular stop is legitimate. The amount of grading and earth moving to put in the sewer system was really extensive, plus the rest stop sits on top of a steep bluff, which would necessitate an elevator system to bring people or vehicles up from the tunnel. Also, there were no tire tracks leading from the rest stop out to the countryside where a secret entrance would have been placed. So, although I think my theory is a good one, it was a mistake to apply it to this rest stop.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ALIEN METALLURGY by Charles Tromblee

Alien Metallurgy                                                10/2012

We all know the story of the Roswell memory metal that resisted attempts to wad and crinkle it up like tinfoil, only to regain its flat smooth shape on its own. Many might also know of the excellent articles written by Anthony Bragalia about how he traced the path of Battelle Memorial Institute’s research on the memory metal Nitinol (sounds like a sleeping pill, doesn’t it?) which began “coincidentally” a few months after the Roswell event. Nitinol is an alloy of titanium and nickel. Mr. Bragalia has gathered a very impressive array of evidence points which, when taken collectively, proves to me with only a shadow of a doubt that this is certainly a case of reverse engineering a piece of UFO crash technology. When one watches a YouTube video of Nitinol in action, it requires a high heat to be applied before it starts to regain its original shape. The Roswell stories state that the alien version of Nitinol regained its original shape at room temperature. What this means to me is that despite the best efforts of our scientists, there is still something unknown about the manufacture of Nitinol which resists our attempts to make it as good as the alien version. Apparently, aliens are master metallurgists who dwarf us in this technology just like they do in other fields as well, such as medical surgery (based on their abduction implantations), and fields and rays (based on their crafts’ operational evidence). I think the only area that we dwarf them is in the area of freedom of choice and social well being.

Years ago, I would not have been surprised to learn that the hull of a UFO was some sort of non-metallic composite material. Nowadays, after having read numerous accounts of trace evidence from UFOs, I believe that the hulls are metallic, and that these hulls are composed of elements that we all know about from high school. They are not composed of unknown, undiscovered elements simply because the whole universe is composed of elements from the familiar periodic table of elements. I recently read an article by a journalist who rejected an object’s alien-origin-hypothesis simply because it was composed of elements that we know about. His conclusion just simply was not logical. As Canadian Mr. Wilbert Smith said, while referring to UFO material samples that he had been furnished to analyze, “As a general thing they differ only in that they are much harder than our materials.”

Just as most UFO sighting stories turn out to have earthly origins, so too do the physical artifacts that are recovered. The provenance of the objects is almost never firm and reliable. The objects have to speak for themselves by having analysis results that are unusual and head scratching.

What remains unknown and undiscovered are the processes and metals’ characteristics that they (aliens) use which takes the common metallic elements that are spread throughout the galaxy and combines and operates on them to create characteristics which are unique and exotic. Sometimes the recovered UFO artifact is an element, but most of the time it is a combination of metallic elements into an alloy.

This article was inspired by an internet blurb that showed up around August 27, 2012.* This article announced the creation of a technique to predict what characteristics an alloy would have. It stated that the creation of alloys up until now has been empirical. Blind experimentation by mixing different quantities of metals together to see if the outcome has any unique properties has been the only way our present alloyed metals were invented. I was surprised to read this, so my own internet search on alloy prediction revealed that plenty of predictive tools for alloys exist, but they appear to apply only in a narrow range; i.e. for one known metal at a time in combination with another known metal. Nothing showed up that was broadly predictive, such as what two or three metals could be alloyed to create a hull with such and such properties? What percentages of each should be used and what processing temperatures are required? What will the eutectic points be? How will impurities affect its properties? Should the processing be done in any sort of electric or magnetic field, or even a zero gravity field? What catalysts could be used to aid the process? Does the metal have isotopes with unique properties dictating that the isotope be used? Not only do I think our alien visitors know all this, but also that they probably know how to predict all this. They appear to have delved deeper than we know how to on predicting how two or more metals might behave in a mixture. We humans would have moved on after testing two metals in combination, satisfied that we had extracted the important data with our empirical tests, while the aliens would have gone much deeper.

Following are a few examples of alien artifact analysis, presented with the caveat that possibly all could have earthly origins.

Ubatuba, Brazil, 9/14/1957: A UFO reportedly was seen to explode above the water near the beach in Ubatuba, near Sao Paulo. It then crashed in the ocean. Fragments from the explosion were found on the beach, collected, and sent to a newspaper reporter who subsequently wrote the story up in the local newspaper. These were then given to Brazilian ufologist who got them analyzed. They were shown to be magnesium, but of a purity that was beyond anything that earthly processes could achieve. Other tests were made, including density measurements. The density measurements showed that the magnesium was different in weight than pure magnesium should be, but for some reason, no one thought to follow up on this. The samples were then retested again by other labs including labs in the USA. Each time the chain of custody of the samples got more lengthy and less robust. Eventually, it was concluded that the magnesium was not nearly as pure as had originally been concluded by the Brazil lab. Reams of paper have been written about the different tests and purity levels that could be achieved during that era. Paul R. Hill, author of Unconventional Flying Objects, noted that the density measurements almost exactly coincided with measurements that would have occurred for pure Magnesium 26 which is a scarce isotope of normally occurring magnesium (which is magnesium 24). In his book Paul R. Hill exhibited quite a bit of frustration on the complete lack of attention to the obvious clue that this was not just ordinary magnesium.

In April, 1996, an anonymous person mailed to Art Bell’s “Coast to Coast” talk show some samples collected by his grandfather from the bottom of a wedge shaped UFO gathered at White Sands NM in 1947. He sent the samples in and Linda Moulton Howe, an investigative reporter of peculiar phenomena, subsequently had them tested. The test results were not remarkable. What was thought to be remarkable was the composition of the sample: it was 97-98% magnesium mixed with 2-3% zinc against a thin film of pure bismuth. There were 25 such layered pairs against one another, 100-200 microns Mg-Zn thick and 1-4 microns bismuth thick respectively. Although it was known that we can deposit such thin layers of these two materials, no one knew of what use such a combination would be or of any product or process that would “want to” produce such a combination. Therefore, given the UFO story that attended the sample’s origin, the peculiarity of the combination, and the reputation that bismuth has of being a very strange element that some scientists thought exhibited antigravity properties, the sample created quite a buzz. (I will touch upon bismuth’s antigravity reputation in a near future writeup in this blog. Bisumth is a lot weirder than just being an ingredient in Pepto Bismol.) Dr. Paul LaViolette in his book, Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, discusses one of bismuth’s peculiar properties that this sample could have been tested for but wasn’t. Bismuth exhibits a negative index of refraction, usually denoted by the Greek letter epsilon. He theorized that these layers could have been a waveguide for a 5,000 GHz microwave beam, with the magnesium being the waveguide walls. He wishes that the sample would have been tested by aiming the microwave beam at it to see if it exhibited any lift properties brought about by the bismuth, a test which was not done by the test lab. However, the whole story becomes less exciting when the test lab that did the tests for LMH revealed that their conclusion regarding their test results was that the material had nothing alien or unearthly about it, a conclusion that they claim that LMH refused to accept. Later the test lab found an earthly process for refining lead that would have resulted in scrap material of the composition of the samples; the process is known as the Betterton-Kroll process. Take your pick of these results, and I might add, what a mess.

Finally, there is no reason to assume that aliens’ superior expertise in metals does not also extend to most other substances as well. This next and final example is not about metal but is instead about an insulator. It deals with Wilbert Smith, previously mentioned, having been loaned a sample of a piece shot off of a UFO by the US government. In 1961, Dr. Smith revealed that the sample material was shot off of one of those saucers that buzzed Washington DC in 1952. The saucer was only 2 feet in diameter, so my best guess is that it was a drone. I say this because in my collection of 300 Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the smallest UFO that held an occupant was 3 feet in diameter, and the occupant was only 12”-18” tall. The pilot who shot the piece off of it must have had a lucky shot. Anyhow, the piece glowed or scintillated as it fell to the ground, so the pilot was able to watch it and note its location. It was recovered about an hour later, still scintillating. It was composed of magnesium orthosilicate, Mg2O4Si, which is a naturally occurring mineral here on earth, but it was very unusual in that it had 15 micron spheres spread throughout. He did not say what the spheres were composed of, nor did he report what he discovered, if anything, that the spheres did for the sample’s properties; i.e. did they make it harder or more flexible, or enhance the thermoluminescence that magnesium orthosilicate naturally has?  Mg2O4Si already is quite hard, being 7 on the Moh scale, so he easily could have determined if the spheres caused it to exceed that hardness. It is also an excellent electrical insulator. Mg2O4Si, also known as forsterite, is used as a semiprecious gemstone in its crystalline form known as peridot.

The two main points to take away from this article are as follows: First, aliens are using the same elements to build their items that we use to build our items, and second, they know a lot more about elements’ properties and how to combine them than we do.  The UFOs we see flying around in our sky are composed of familiar elements, but alloyed and combined in ways that we are completely unaware of.  They are not composed of unknown and unearthly atomic elements.

The propulsion system of the UFOs needs a special mention here. Propulsion systems usually have a “special ingredient” in them  that is key to their operation, such as gasoline for an automobile engine and uranium for a nuclear vessel. It is readily apparent that for UFOs, energy is either cheap or free and is in great abundance. So many of our pilots’ stories about chasing UFOs end with the pilot saying that he had to discontinue the chase due to low fuel. Clearly, we would like to reverse engineer their propulsion system and maybe already have done so. What I truly expect would come out of this is that their key to cheap and free energy is NOT based on discovery of some brand new element, such as Element 115 per the Bob Lazar story, di-lithium crystals per the Star Trek TV series, or unobtanium per the Avatar movie. What I do expect will emerge is that whatever reaction it is that provides the thrust for a UFO will be based on the presence of a material (the special ingredient) that is from the familiar periodic table of elements plus something else like rotational motion. Would a catalyst be needed to allow the UFO engine to tap into dark energy? It would be analogous to building more powerful dc motors using rare earth magnets or the use of a catalyst such as platinum or palladium to make catalytic converters work more efficiently. Whatever the key to propulsion is, it will be brand new to us, likely a new physics principle, and not simply an efficiency increase of a known process.

*Super Metal Alloys Achieved with Design Tool for Stable Nanocrystals, Aug 27, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012


SEDONA FLASH                                                       © by Charles Tromblee

I go to about one MUFON meeting a year.  Not being a member, I restrict myself to meetings where the speakers  might be the nuts-and –bolts type of ufologists.  The speaker on a night in May, 2011, was the locally popular Tom Dongo who I knew has written UFO books about Sedona.  Only about 20% of his talk was about UFOs, the rest being about orbs (maybe 40%), vortices (15%), and the rest on underground bases and tunnels that might be near Sedona.  I enjoyed it, and it was worth the ten bucks I paid to get in.

A strange event occurred in the second half of the presentation.  An orange light flashed near the ceiling.   It lasted only a fraction of a second, and was NOT ultra bright like a flash camera going off.  It was about the size and shape of a football and took place about 6-12 inches below the ceiling. The room had about 80-100 people in it, and I was sitting near the back. The venue was the meeting room of a church, and the ceiling is covered with glue-on ceiling tiles. I looked around to see if anyone else saw it too. The guy in front of me reacted to it so I tapped him on the shoulder and asked , “Did you see that?” He said he did, but that it was only a car light from the street. I have seen this guy at previous meetings, and he believes just about everything about UFOs so I was surprised that he dismissed what he saw as trivial.  I have many decades of seeing car lights indoors, and this was no car light. About 5-6 ladies on the other side of the room also showed a very visible reaction to it. The speaker did not notice it, nor did anyone in the front half of the audience as it was directly above or behind them. (Fifteen months after this event, I revisited the event’s site and did see a ceiling vent where I thought the flash occurred. I don’t know whether that is significant or not.)

My reaction to all of this is very unsatisfying because it reminds me of the story of a WWII military airplane encounter with a UFO. On board was a psychologist who refused to look at the UFO because he knew it violated his pre-established beliefs. I feel contempt for this person, and yet here I am putting my own event in the back of my mind and will not investigate further. Investigating UFOs for me is sufficient.

Just to set you straight, I do not find UFOs to be weird. They are unknown, complex, and mysterious, but not weird. Whatever paranormal behavior they exhibit is behavior that I attribute to much higher technology.  After all, what is weird about scientifically advanced beings visiting an alien planet?  Nothing, in my opinion. If they are capable of getting here, then go for it. It is perfectly natural to explore new things.

I left the meeting feeling kind of eerie. This kind of thing has nothing to do with UFOs, I’m sure, but it could have had something to do with the speaker’s wide experience with orbs. Unfortunately, I don’t believe in orbs. I am still wrestling with how to adjust my world view to accommodate a truly paranormal phenomenon like this seemed to be. I acknowledge at least 5 or 6 phenomena outside of UFOs that are unexplained about which I have few to no opinions, such as various earth lights (Marfa, Brown Mountain, etc.), crop circles, and remote viewing. Maybe I have to add orbs to the list, and maybe there’s something to this weird stuff after all.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


MY UFOLOGY HALL OF FAME/SHAME                    

Following is my UFO Hall of Fame/ Shame. In retrospect, I now realize that this list was compiled only with Disclosure in mind. It never dawned on me that I could have included a list of UFO fakers, charlatans, and liars too. Such a list would be more enjoyable to read than my list. I say this because there is such a list at I have read it with much enjoyment and agree with almost all of it. Unfortunately, it was discontinued in about 2008. Let me apologize in advance for leaving some noted people off of my lists. Obvious omissions surely will be due to my ignorance. In addition, I compiled my list about 3-4 years ago and at the time was ignorant of the many excellent foreign ufologists. These are my personal opinions only. I also apologize for the political rant feel of some of these statements, but I don’t wish to edit further.

Donald E. Keyhoe—this man was arguably the greatest ufologist ever. He was highly connected, active, and aggressive. He tried mightily to lift the curtain of secrecy imposed by our government. He instantly perceived that disclosure was extremely desirable and that the public deserves to know the truth. He was the leader of NICAP, and saw instantly that a huge coverup was occurring, unlike the leaders of NICAP’s “sister” group, APRO. He wrote 5 books on UFOs, all of them readable and informative.

Stanton Friedman—He is the greatest living ufologist. Mr. Friedman is a great debater, and an excellent representative for ufology in general. He comes out in public and unabashedly states his beliefs that UFOs are interstellar space machines.

Edward Ruppelt—This man wrote only one book, but it is this book that gets UFO fence riders off of that fence onto the side of the believers. It was that way with me. The book, “Report on Unidentified Flying Objects,“ is a must read for all serious UFO students. Late in his short life, he was forced into adding 3 additional chapters to his great book which debunked UFOs, but these chapters were a non sequitur as their conclusions did not follow along with the preceding chapters at all.

Leonard Stringfield—There is nothing like a UFO crash retrieval which excites the blood of all nuts and bolts UFO addicts, and Leonard Stringfield was the first ufologist to specialze in this area of research. He brought to light many such incidents, and honorably protected his sources in order to get them to reveal more. All of his publications are available in Linda Moulton Howe’s excellent website, “” (which costs money.) Most of his publications can be read for free on the web in the MUFON website’s archives.

Paul R. Hill—Here’s another controversial addition to the Ufologist Hall of Fame because this man, like Ruppelt, wrote only one book, “Unconventional Flying Objects” but unlike Ruppelt, most people have not read this book. I have and it is great. This book hypothesizes on the technical workings of UFOs and draws conclusions which I believe are mostly accurate. He worked at NACA/NASA, and was an aeronautical/mechanical engineer, well versed in all kinds of physics and math. UFOs were his hobby, and his notes were posthumously published in 1995 by his daughter.

James McDonald—I have to confess that I have not read any of his UFO works yet, but he is on my list because of the extreme praise and awe given to him by other ufologists. He must have been absolutely great. I look forward to reading his works.

Honorable Mention: Richard Dolan, Timothy Good, Grant Cameron, Stephen Bassett, Robert and Ryan Wood


Harry Truman—This guy should have stayed down on the farm. He just wasn’t big enough for the UFO issue, much less intelligence gathering. He created the fabulous CIA and MJ-12 organizations, and set the tone for the US policy of UFO secrecy. He probably wasn’t even aware that he had screwed up the whole issue of UFOs and intelligence gathering by giving away control to his secret keepers. He also turned the UFO investigation over to the USAF instead of scientific teams.

Dwight Eisenhower—This man gave us our interstate highway system as his most memorable accomplishment. The UFO issue was still new enough while he served as president for him to have wrested control back from the power elite that to this day enjoys owning this issue which greatly benefits their own power and enrichment. Instead, he let the secrecy established by Truman ride, even though as an ex general, one would think that he could have commanded that the issue be handled in a different way. Then at the end of his term in January, 1961, he made a speech warning against losing control to the the Military Industrial Complex. This shows that he was aware that he had lost out to the power elite. Imagine, he did nothing about the growing power of the elite during his presidency, and then at the end of his presidency, he “warns” the American public about them in such a vague and non-specific way that of course no one understood him.

USAF—The USAF over the years has done a dismal, ignorant, and disgraceful job of handling the the responsibility of the UFO situation. Their lies regarding UFO sightings always were ridiculous, and insulted the intelligence of the American public.They didn’t want the job to begin with, and subsequently did such a bad job with UFOs that the CIA took it over. The Air Force’s Project Blue Book was a joke during most of its seventeen year life.

CIA—This organization screws up a very large portion of their projects, and they never get better at them because they have no oversight. They keep making the same mistakes. They have done a good job at keeping UFO secrecy under control, but of course that is the wrong goal to begin with. They’re not ethical enough to realize that. Their beginning had Nazi underpinnings, and this still shows up in their work. Read about MK Ultra if you don’t believe this. They also probably played a leadership role in the assassination of JFK. A group with no moral compass whatsoever.

MJ-12—This group never had faith in the American public’s ability to handle the awareness of alien visitation. It is so radically, rabidly secretive that they will resort to anything to keep their secrets. It is evil. Imagine, this group was formed in Sept. 1947, and only 20 months later oversaw the murder of its first leader, James Forrestal (undoubtedly with assistance from the CIA.) It is unknown whether they still exist under the same name, but for sure a group like this must exist now and the present group has a continuous timeline back to the original MJ-12. It would have been better for the world if this group had never been formed.

The Media—What more can be said about this effete failure of an industry? They are the patsy stooge of the CIA. When it comes to UFOs, the CIA probably does not have to exercise much influence over the media anymore, because the well trained media will automatically invoke the giggle factor instead of pursuing a serious UFO story. But rest assured that they will continue to publish and spin any story that the CIA wants them to whenever needed.

Edward Condon—The Condon Report will live in infamy and its leader, Edward Condon, will forever be shamefully associated with this non-scientific whitewash. He had established quite a respected name for himself before he took on this UFO assignment, but no one remembers anything about him anymore except for this colossal terrible work. He deserves this too. What a fool. It is a shame when a learned person with many awards and intellectual accomplishments takes the side of lies and stupidity (like not only Condon but also Donald Menzel and H.P. Robertson of the Robertson panel) and this becomes their legacy.

Philip Klass—This cockroach of a man was never very good at debunking UFOs but somehow still had the ear of the media. He may have been secretly on the CIA payroll but this has never been proven. His main tools appear to have been cowardly letters of character assassination written behind his targets’ backs along with his bully pulpit as editor of “Aviation Week and Space Technology” magazine.

Dishonorable Mention: NASA, H.P Robertson

Notice that J. Allen Hynek is not on the list. If he were, he’d be on both lists. He must have known for years that UFOs were extraterrestrial or at the very least worthy of intense and broad study, yet he kept too quiet. Yet his was a delicate relationship as it was his employer, the Air Force, who was running the UFO coverup, and he did probably need the job, so it’s understandable that he kept a discrete silence. The silence went on so long that it became unacceptable and ultimately harmful to the UFO issue. It’s like the story of the double agent who compromised himself so often to maintain his secret identity that after many years he realized that he had become just like the people he was working secretly against. Therefore, he was no better than they were.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CIA REDACTIONS by Charles Tromblee

CIA REDACTIONS         9/2012

One of my favorite ufologists is Stanton Friedman. Part of his routine in speaking about UFOs is to show a couple of pages of government released documents on the subject, and these pages shows a shockingly small amount of readable words per page, the remainder being blacked out. In my opinion, this is one of the most powerful pieces of evidence that there is a UFO coverup, yet few people who argue the case for UFOs use this piece of evidence to any great extent. Shown below is an example of one of the UFO document’s redacted pages that I copied from Stanton Friedman’s web site. This page looks to be about 80-90% redacted. A few redaction-related quotes from Mr. Friedman are appended.* For another example, you will see Mr. Friedman paging through a redacted UFO document at the 3:18 mark at the following YouTube video:

Now, we all know that UFOs are supposed to be of no interest to our intelligence community, so what is the government’s reason for all of these redactions? The main excuse is that the agency does not want to reveal its “sources and methods.”  Obviously, even an idiot can qualitatively reason that this does not make sense; i.e. that sources and methods should not take up about 95% of any document. 

In 1972 the CIA learned that Victor Marchetti, a former high level employee of the CIA, intended to publish a book about the CIA, entitled The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence. It is not a UFO book. The CIA blocked its publication, citing a danger of “grave and irreparable harm to the United States.” Thus it became the first book ever to have been censored prior to its publication. Through extensive legal challenges, Marchetti got the CIA to point out what they did not like in the book, and then subsequently got the court system to allow its publication with 300 redactions. Subsequent legal work by the authors resulted in 157 of the redactions being allowed, and the book was published in 1974 **.The publication was done with all 300 of the CIA’s desired redactions highlighted in their original length, even though 143 of them were left blank. All the released redactions are highlighted in the book, and the remaining redactions are shown as the word “Deleted” in parentheses, and the size of the redaction is preserved. Therefore, if one measures the text on an average words per line basis, one can find out for the deleted portions how many words and lines were originally there and convert that to a percentage of the book’s page length. BTW, one page = 45 lines, 333 words avg.

Results of the study of this book are as follows: The median (50% above, 50% below) redaction in the book is 7.5% of a page, NOT 90% or so of a page as with a UFO document.  Now contrast this with the UFO examples that you have seen. “Normal” redactions pertaining to non-UFO subject matter apparently are much smaller than with UFO subject matter. If UFOs are not a matter of interest to the CIA, are not a security issue to the USA, and are not studied by the CIA, then what are all the FOIA extensive redactions pertaining to? Clearly, we have been and still are being lied to.

Out of the 300 total redactions, there were 8 redactions of >1 page in length, and only one redaction > 2 pages in length.

Of the 157 released redactions, 90 deal with sources and methods. The longest sources and methods redaction was 1 page, while the vast majority were 1 or 2 words each, because they were simply revealing a name or a place. Also, none of the 157 certainly could be considered as causing “grave and irreparable harm to the United States.”

Of the 143 redactions left blank, 7 were greater than one page, and the median length was 15% of a page.

Figures 1 and 2 show the frequency of page-percentage redaction lengths in 5 % increments.  I have drawn a “UFO line” at a redaction page % length of about 90-95% which is about the range that Stanton Friedman’s FOIA UFO documents (especially NSA releases) have been redacted. The intent of Figures 1 and 2 is to illustrate how ludicrous the explanation is that only sources and methods would be the reason for 90-95% redaction of a UFO released document.** Clearly, there is a UFO coverup.

At this point I will now move on to mention a few more things that I learned from The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence. Because this is a book about defining the CIA, there were some redactions which revealed the CIA’s size and organizational structure. There were also some that revealed various policies that they use and positions that they take on various matters. There were also some redactions that were clearly for CYA self protection and to avoid embarrassment. 57 of the 157 released redactions fell into these categories. When you think about these, you realize that in a normal CIA document, none of this type of information would be normally included because there would be no need by the CIA document’s author to define his organization to the readers of his document because they themselves would be fellow CIA employees. If I had “dis-included” these types of redactions, it still would not have changed the dramatic appearance of the “UFO line” versus the typical redaction distributions shown in Figures 1 and 2.

We know that the CIA has moles and employees embedded in universities, state governments, newspapers, etc. but what I did not know is that they also have control over various airlines that they use repeatedly to transport personnel and other mission related things. Air America and Continental Airlines were two of them. The CIA also tries to make money from some of its operations so that they can fill their coffers for mission related expenses without going to the government to ask for more. You can see why there were rumors about the CIA profiting from drug related activity. The CIA also has its own technology division, much like “Q” does in the 007 movies.

Incidentally, there is no mention of UFOs in the text, although I now find that Victor Marchetti did speak of the UFO issue with respect to the CIA in later years. Also, there is nothing much in his book about the Kennedy assassination either. Anybody who has read much of my stuff will know that I believe that the CIA murdered Kennedy. There is an interesting quote in the book by Harry Truman, the person under whom the CIA was (poorly) created: “For some time I have been disturbed by the way CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational arm and at times a policy-making arm of the Government.” President Truman said this in December, 1963 long after leaving office. Kennedy had been assassinated only 1 month prior. Do you think he had a suspicion that maybe his CIA creation, formed by copying a totalitarian, Gestapo secret police organizational model with no oversight, had done the job? Ironically, one of the criticisms of the CIA by the author is that it is too often used by the President as a personal tool. Clearly, they view the President as their Leader. But as we know from Roman history, many times the emperor was assassinated by his own guards. I suppose that if Marchetti did put anything about the assassination or UFOs in his book, it would never have been published at all, and maybe Mr. Marchetti would have gotten a pine box for his efforts.

*From Stanton Friedman’s website, article entitled “Debunkers At It Again”, published 2/3/2009: No credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public? Is he really unaware of the many TOP SECRET UMBRA CIA UFO documents that have been released so heavily redacted that many pages say “Deny in Toto” or that many others are blacked out except for fewer than eight words. Is he really unaware that because of a FOIA court case, the NSA has admitted finding 156 TOP SECRET UMBRA UFO documents. When finally released, one could read about one sentence per page with the  rest being whited out. The excuse for redaction was that it is illegal to release sources and methods information. It is absurd to suggest that more than 95% of these UFO documents consisted of sources and methods information. Federal Court Judge Gerhard Gesell agreed the documents should not be released. “The Public interest in disclosure is far outweighed by the potential danger to the security of the United States should this information be released,” he wrote."

5/4/12 UFO Chronicles “The UFO Bestiary: A Rebuttal By Stanton T. Friedman”: “Perhaps you can tell me what is under the whiteout used by the NSA on better than 95% of the material on 156 pages of old TOP SECRET UMBRA NSA UFO documents? All one can read is about one sentence per page. How about the many pages of TOP SECRET UMPRA CIA UFO documents; almost all of which are blacked out? No Cover-up?”

3/9/12 UFO Chronicles: “When finally more or less released, one could read several words per page in the CIA stuff with the rest being blacked out and about one sentence per page on the 156 NSA UFO documents with the rest being whited out.”

**This is clearly an old book (1974), but one must keep in mind that FOIA released UFO documents with all their redactions are of this period as well. Therefore, I think that it is legitimate to compare these redactions to UFO FOIA redactions.

***I am using my own redaction count in this paper because the book’s count is wrong. The book’s count is 339 redactions of which 168 were disallowed, and my own count is 300 of which 143 were disallowed. The publisher used a sloppy method of counting.