ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come

ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come
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Friday, November 30, 2012


The Undecided                                                                                     11/2012

Stories about actual alien contact and UFO functional operation are infrequent, but when they do get published, they are, as Martha Stewart might say, “a good thing”. On the other hand, the stories about humankind’s reactions to the phenomenon are a dime a dozen. Most of these stories document a sighting and that’s about all. Still other stories are always expressing frustration at the government’s obvious and successful coverup and the blocked attempts to get them to come clean, the news media’s ignorant coverage of the subject, and the attention given to obvious UFO charlatans, debunkers, and skeptics. When one is done reading one of these stories or hearing about it in the media, invariably nothing more is ever learned about the actual objects and beings. You wind up knowing no more about UFOs than when you started. I try to avoid writing this type of story as much as possible. Unfortunately for you readers, this is one of those stories.

As you all are painfully aware, we have just completed a presidential election. It was excruciating: 2 years of blather in which unimportant issues were being promoted as important, ignorant news coverage, lying pundits, flip flopping candidates, lying attack ads, state level cheater laws to disenfranchise legal voters, and debates where the candidates tried to avoid “gotchas” immediately followed by incorrect analyses by the pundits. Fact checker groups have sprung up out of necessity as the journalistic profession continued its abandonment of background research.  This two year process then wrapped up with a grand finale by our electoral college which itself is the unnecessary anachronism of an obsolete system that should have been discontinued 50 years ago, and which on rare occasions manages to elect a president in opposition to the popular vote. It was horrible. Starting a couple of months before the election itself, newsmen started saying that the “undecided” voters would carry the election. Others responded to the “undecided” voters by saying something like, “My goodness, if the undecided haven’t made up their minds by now after two years of this, then they must be stupid as hell.”

 So, too, do UFOs have blather that is unimportant, lying pundits in the role of debunkers, lying congressmen, ignorant news coverage, fact checkers in the roles of believers and skeptics, and bad debates where the wrong people are invited, but at least there is no UFO electoral college.

But listen to this, readers.  In the world of UFOs, we have myriads of people who are undecided about the phenomenon. They are still unwilling to commit to the extraterrestrial hypothesis.  Instead of 2 years to mull the matter over in order to decide, they have had 65 years! Are these people even stupider than hell? I don’t know.  I can’t criticize those who have made their decision one way or the other on the question, yes or no. But those who still can’t decide--why is that? (For those of you who have read any of my previous stuff, you might remember that I was in this category for about 40 years. Nyuk, nyuk.)

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