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ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come
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Thursday, October 26, 2017



Sometimes a ufo story gets into one’s mind and demands further investigation. The investigation could be to add detail or to simply verify whether to believe it or not. UFO documentaries that deal with ancient/historical encounters have been shown on TV in great numbers, and do a good job of presenting plenty of evidence that this phenomenon has been around a lot longer than 1947. It is hard to imagine that some of those Renaissance paintings and Egyptian carvings could be anything BUT UFOs. In fact, the paintings show astonishing accuracy in their portrayal of the UFO forms, so much so that it invites one to believe that sightings in those days were more frequent and/or more prolonged than we realize today. These people were just as intelligent as we are (maybe more so because I think we have devolved in the last 200 years) but they were also less learned. One would have expected these ancient UFO portrayals to be very mythical and/or biblical-like, with horns and spewing flame and smoke, but this is not the case. The surprising thing to me is that they appear to be quite scientific and technological. This lends credence to both the reality of UFOs and the theory that they have been around a long time.

Many UFO believers are far too willing to believe any UFO story that comes along, and also think that every moving light in the sky is a UFO. One should not believe every UFO story that one hears, and conversely, one should decide for oneself that some cases that are generally regarded as hoaxes are not. An example is the Maury Island Incident. This sighting occurred June 21, 1947, which is about two weeks before Roswell and 3 days before Kenneth Arnold’s famous sighting, and is generally regarded as a hoax. One reason it is likely a real event is simply put into one word: slag. Yes, slag. One of the Maury Island UFOs was expelling slag. I have seen about 5 videos of UFOs dropping slag. A couple of striking examples are one from Italy and one from Gulf Breeze FL. There’s also a UFO witness documented on a TV UFO special who actually has a piece of solidified molten slag he picked up after he saw the UFO drop it. All these slag events are post 1947, with Maury Island being the very first. If Maury Island were a hoax, who in the world would have/could have conceived of the slag hoax story embellishment out of the blue back then? A good guess is that no one conceived of it because it actually occurred. If Maury Island were a hoax, than imagine the odds that the slag hoax embellishment invented in someone’s mind, say a CIA disinformation specialist, actually comes true decades later in several actual documented sightings, videos and trace evidence. The odds are zilch.

So there exist examples of UFO stories that were originally thought to be hoaxes, yet now are probably true. Another example is the Aztec, NM crash retrieval, documented by Frank Scully in his 1950 book, “Behind the Flying Saucers.” This book is a godawful mess in my opinion. The pseudo scientific baloney in it about magnetism is really bad. The quality of this book is likely what torpedoed this UFO story. Frank Scully should be given credit for one thing though. He must have been a very perceptive man because his book contains lots of statements about the UFO coverup and this was in 1950! Perhaps some of his complaints about the coverup caused some disinformation to be leaked about the crash, reducing the story’s believability down to near zero. This story was vilified for over 50 years, but now, due to the work of Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, it is gaining credence.

But then there are stories which are generally held to be true but which are probably false. The remainder of this writeup will deal with a case which appears on nearly 100% of the “ancient astronaut” and “ancient UFO” TV documentaries.

One story in almost all ancient, historical UFO documentaries that grabbed my imagination and would not let go is the story of Alexander the Great’s two encounters with UFOs. The mystique of UFOs combined with a flashy, larger than life historical figure like Alexander is a super attention grabber. The story is that a UFO shot an opening in the walls of Tyre while this ancient island city was under siege by Alexander’s army, and the army poured through the breach and conquered the city. The other event is that UFOs also were involved while Alexander’s forces were crossing a river in India, generally thought to be the Indus river. The documentaries always say that “Historians have written …..” and other vague references of this ilk. One of the documentaries also states that historians from both sides separately wrote of the miraculous event. It would be a help in making this story more believable if the alleged historian(s) were mentioned by name, so that is what I set out to do. It looked like it would be easy to get the historian’s name, and then record for the general public what name, chapter, etc. this reference actually occurred; in other words, the goal was to provide a footnote to help validate this alleged event to some extent. This would become a tiny contribution to ufology.

The first and simplest thing that could be done would be to find out who the Alexander scholars of the world are and then ask them the simple question, did Alexander encounter UFOs or not? The kind of scholar to look for would be an objective professor who works at a respected university teaching ancient Greek history, specializing in Alexander the Great. This kind of person certainly used to exist and probably still does, but an internet search did not yield any names worth following up on. A person who makes his living outside of academia lecturing and writing about Alexander the Great probably would not be sufficiently trustworthy. There was an excellent academic, Lionel Pearson, who died in 1970. In 1960, he wrote “The Lost Histories of Alexander the Great” which is his discussion on questionable and/or disputed events during Alexander’s campaigns based on the writings of people who were known to be actually in attendance with Alexander during his campaigns. His book shows that he has read most everything on Alexander, and he read it in the native language of the authors as well. Most impressive. Another was probably C.A. Robinson who was a professor in Auckland, NZ who retired in 1986 and may be deceased by now. Had he retired more recently, I would have written to his university to ask the question which one would hope he would have taken seriously and not disdain to answer. Asking the Alexander/UFO question to a scholar who has dedicated his life to the study of ancient Greece and perhaps Alexander the Great would be kind of a downer for that scholar, wouldn’t it? This kind of sounds like the Kurt Vonnegut story of the science fiction writer, Kilgore Trout, who wrote a story of a man who worked for years to build a time machine. He built it because he wanted to see how tall Jesus was. He finally succeeded and arrived at the crucifixtion. He took a ladder and went up to Jesus on the cross and measured his height. Per the story, “Jesus was 5 feet one inches long.” The point is that there are probably a lot more important questions to ask an Alexander scholar than whether Alexander was helped by a UFO or not.

From this point onward, this writeup will use “AtG” for “Alexander the Great” just to speed up the reading.

Without an Alexander scholar to ask a simple yes/no question to, the second and most obvious thing to do for a start was to search the internet to see if any valid looking sources could be found. What emerged was some names of people who were associated with this story plus one historian. The names were Alexander Donski, Bruno Mancusi, Frank Edwards, and Johannes Droysen, historian. Bruno Mancusi openly states on the web that he could not trace the origin of the Alexander UFO story. He mentions his correspondence with Donski on this subject, but still came up with no literary or historical reference, meaning that Donski did not know who the alleged historian was either. Mancusi’s treatment of this story on the web is very respectable, and concludes with the remark, “So this story remains very dubious.” Alexander Donski is a Macedonian who actively promotes anything Macedonian, such as Alexander the Great, and why not? People from Illinois really like and promote Abe Lincoln. Nothing wrong with that. Mr. Donski never did reveal his sources for his claim on AtG’s UFO encounters; in fact, he corresponded with Bruno Mancusi to try to find out more abut the original source of this story. Working together, the two ufologists (Mancusi and Donski) found 5 references to the AtG/UFO story.

1. The first is from Frank Edwards. Frank Edwards wrote of AtG’s UFO encounter(s) in 1963 (1st U.S. edition in 1959) in “Stranger than Science”. The quotation from Edwards’ work is copied here from Mancusi’s website: “Alexander the Great was not the first to see them nor was he the first to find them troublesome. He tells of two strange craft that dived repeatedly at his army until the war elephants, the men, and the horses all panicked and refused to cross the river where the incident occurred. What did the things look like? His historian describes them as great shining silvery shields, spitting fire around the rims... things that came from the skies and returned to the skies." No references are supplied by Mr. Edwards.
2. A quote from a work by Alberto Fenoglio, written in Italian in 1966, is supplied which is partially reproduced later in Mancusi’s website under Mancusi’s discussion of Drake which follows below. The part that is missing references the historian Droysen who Fenoglio claims found the UFO story but refused to put it into his book on AtG because it was just too fantastic to believe. Here is a computer translation (bold emphasis is my own) of that part of the quote:” During I besiege of Shooting in year 332 to C. they have been notices
you of the strange flying objects. Giovanni Gustavo Droysen in its
work “L' siege of Shooting During l' siege of Shooting nell' year 332 to C. they have been noticed of the strange flying objects. Giovanni Gustavo Droysen in its work " History of Alexander the Grande" intentionally it does not cite, thinking it delivery of fantasy of the macedoni soldiers. The fortress did not yield, its walls towards earth was high one fortnight of meters and constructed cos=EC solidly that nobody machine d' siege was in a position to damaging them. The tirii they had pi=F9 the great technicians and constructors of blot some from war of the time and intercepted for air the incendiarie arrows and he projects hurled them from the catapults on the citt=E0.” How Fenoglio knew about Droysen’s decision to leave that UFO story out of his history is not supplied (Please realize that Droysen wrote his history in 1833, and Fenoglio is referring to a piece of information that he claims Droysen refused to use in his history. Does this mean that Fenoglio had access to Droysen’s 133 year old discarded source material? Doubtful.) No other references are supplied.
3. The third reference is from Gordon Creighton who in 1970 wrote about UFOs harassing a river crossing being attempted by AtG’s troops and elephants. Frank Edwards is listed as the source, but again, no classical source is given.
4. W. Raymond Drake wrote about the UFO incident in 1976. He gives two sources for the story: one is Frank Edwards, and the second is a quotation of Droysen through Fenoglio (see #2). He then quotes both Edwards and Droysen. Edwards’ quote is accurately reproduced, while Droysen’s quote is completely false as we will see from my Droysen translation of the fall of Tyre. Mancusi criticizes Drake’s work as mistakenly interpreting the incident as two separate occurrences and that Fenoglio does not quote Droysen. First of all, Drake really does refer to two incidents. The first incident is Edward’s and it refers to a river crossing using elephants. Alexander did not acquire elephants until he defeated Porus in India in 326BC. Furthermore, the river being crossed is generally thought to be the Indus because that is in India. The siege of Tyre is the incident attributed to Droysen, but as we will see, Droysen did not mention UFOs which is what Drake’s supposed quote from Droysen contains. Therefore, Drake’s quote of Droysen through Fenoglio is completely incorrect; clearly, Drake did not translate Droysen but copied Fenoglio’s story about Droysen. Second, Mancusi is correct in saying Fenoglio does not quote Droysen, but Fenoglio certainly refers to Droysen in his (Fenoglio’s) work.
5. This reference is from a dead website. A quote from that website is given that the river crossing harassment incident occurred in 329BC while AtG’s elephants were crossing the Jaxartes River. First of all, if Alexander reached the Jaxartes river at all, it was around 327 BC, not 329 BC. Second of all, if Alexander used elephants at all it was not until he captured them from Porus in India in 326BC. This story only becomes consistent with known history when one shifts it to 326BC and to the Indus river. No references are supplied.

Mr. Mancusi’s website is at

The summary the 5 preceding sources shows that they are mostly derived from Frank Edwards’ 1963 book because his publication date of 1963 is first by 3 years (or 7 years if they used the first U.S. edition published in 1959). Since then his story has been picked up by other folks like Donski, etc, and it has been repeated ever since both to each other and everyone down the line, including those writers who put together the TV documentaries. At least, that is my current hypothesis. Second, they contain many errors which makes them of questionable accuracy if not truthfulness. The only tantalizing thing from them is the translation from Italian to English of Fenoglio’s claim that the respected historian, Droysen, knew of but refused to use the UFO story due to its fantastic nature. All five sources did not and probably could not cite a historical source for the UFO story.

A logical first step was look for Droysen, whose name appeared in Bruno Mancuso’s web page. Droysen’s historical work, “Geschichte Alexanders des Grosen” 1833, exists on the web. It has never been translated into English, but it is posted on Google Books and can be read in its entirety there. In Droysen’s coverage of the fall of Tyre, no UFOs are mentioned. Droysen is reputedly a good historian so one cannot imagine him deliberately leaving out something as important as UFO assistance at Tyre. Instead, if he wanted to maintain AtG’s credit for the Tyre seige, he would have explained away or minimized the UFO help instead of just leaving it out. The computer translation from Droysen, page 237, is reproduced here (the bold emphasis is my own) and it clearly shows that the Tyre wall breach was accomplished with conventional siege weapons of the period:

“…ballists, catapults, storm supports or like on board had, distributed themselves ring around the island to land with the instruction, either where it are possible to anchor or within range of fire under the walls and in such a way to fire at the Tyrier from all sides that they, irresolutely, would succumb where to most danger or protection was the more easily to the storm. The machines began to work, from all sides flew projectiles and stones against the Zinnen, at all points seemed the city endangered, when suddenly the part of the wall, on which it had foreseen Alexander, destroyed collapsed and a substantial breach opened. Immediately the two vehicles with armed ones attached the drop bridges in the place of the machine ships, were down-let, the Hypaspisten hurried over the bridge, Admetos were first on the wall, which first, which fell; by the death of its leader inflammation, under the eyes of the king, who already followed with the Agema, the Hypaspisten penetrated; soon the Tyrier from the breach was displaced, soon a tower, soon second conquered, the wall occupied, which embankment course after the king castle freely, the king let which take, because from there more easily into the city was to be down-come. Meanwhile the ships of Sidon, Byblos, into the south port, had penetrated Arados whose check chains had blown up them, had partly bored, on the bank had partly driven the ships lying there into the reason; likewise the zyprischen ships had run into the north port and the bulwark and the next points of the city had already occupied. [Pg 238] the Tyrier had everywhere withdrawn itself, before the Agenorion had collected themselves to sit down there closed to weirs. There the king with the Hypaspisten moved, these last heaps of the Tyrier regulatory from the port side Koinos with the Phalangiten against by the king castle; after short, most bloody fight also these were mastered and annihilated. Eight thousand Tyrier found death. The remainder of the inhabitants, so far it did not escape, at thirty thousand humans, into the slavery were not sold.”
So much for Droysen. He clearly is not the source of the UFO story, and even if he were, then which classical source did he use?

Over history, there have been dozens of AtG historians. Very many of these have never been translated into English. The quality of some of these histories is poor as well, as the so-called historians who wrote them sometimes aggrandize and even deify AtG. Indeed, even during AtG’s lifetime many people who wrote about him would invent false stories to get people to read their work or to prove his godliness. AtG may have actually believed himself to be a god so these stories really did not anger him but amused him. It is very possible that there may have been one “historian” who did write the UFO story and somehow Frank Edwards learned of it. Because the internet search failed to give results, a last resort was to survey the historic literature for the UFO information.

Fortunately, there’s a shortcut that can be taken that bypasses the need to read every single historian’s account of AtG’s exploits to get at the UFO story. The shortcut is this: every history ultimately boils down to gathering the accounts of those who were there and who wrote about it or dictated it plus any archeological evidence to corroborate those accounts. If no one leaves a record of their experiences, then the historian has to gather the writings of other historians before him to write his own history, weighing and judging as he goes to select what he thinks the truth may have been. Alexander left Greece with about 40,000 men and along his 11 year journey got reinforced with many more, such that when he decided to quit the expedition and leave India, his army numbered 100,000. At that time, most of his army was not Greek/Macedonian, but Persian and possibly some Indians. It is mainly from the Greek and Macedonaian returnees that a few eyewitness accounts have been recorded, although there are some references in “oriental sources” which I will address later. These few returnee writers are the source from whom all the fairly accurate histories about AtG have sprung. Because Alexander’s great deeds occurred so long ago, in some cases only fragments of these accounts survive, and in other cases no fragments have survived except as in discussions and direct quotations embedded in the works historians who wrote about AtG several hundred years later who had direct access to those original works which were subsequently lost after the historian wrote his own history. Further, there are fragments or literary references to events in AtG’s exploits by complete strangers who may or may not have been contemporaries of AtG, and who may or may not have been with AtG on his campaigns. The historian is left with the daunting job of not only sorting out fact from fiction, but also has to sort through the opinions of these prior sources as well.

By 100AD to 500AD, writers had written tons of material about ATG, and most of it was still available as source material to the historians of this time period. But nowadays, the only complete ancient writing about AtG that survives intact today is by Diodorus who wrote of AtG around 30AD. Even during AtG’s lifetime, many authors were writing about him, and a big percentage of this stuff was sheer flattery, aggrandizement, and deification. The early historians had the job of sorting through this material to select what they, as historians, concluded was factual. In the case of Alexander, there are only 20 sources known who accompanied AtG’s expedition or were of such an age that they might have done so; i.e. they were contemporaries of AtG. I’ve read that these 20 names are all available in Jacoby’s “Fragments der Griechischen Historiker”. Of these, about 9 wrote of their experiences on ATG’s expedition. All their writings are available only in fragments, and some of their writings are known only as direct quotes or detailed descriptions of later writers. These men are:

Onesicritus of Astypalaea—This man was educated in philosophy, and was a steersman on one of AtG’s ships. His writings show a taste for the strange and the marvelous. He is considered to be an exaggerator and not a reliable source.
Nearchus of Crete—This man is considered to be a reliable source but his work covers only the sea voyage home from India. Therefore, he cannot be the source for the alleged UFO stories.
Aristobulus—He was one of Alexander’s military engineers and considered to be a reliable, sober source of AtG’s deeds, especially the military engagements.
Ptolemy-- He was one of Alexander’s generals and considered to be a reliable, sober source of AtG’s deeds. He is considered to be the best source on AtG’s military engagements.
Cleitarchus—It is not even known that this man was with the expedition, but for sure he was the most popular writer about Alexander of his time. He lived at the time of AtG and would invent false stories about AtG for the sake of effect. He felt it was justifiable to “dramatize” the deeds of AtG to gain attention and readers. Not a reliable source.
Callisthenes of Olynthus—He was AtG’s public relations official whose job was to send news back to home. He got in trouble with AtG before the India campaign, and was either jailed or executed. He certainly cannot be the source of the India UFO story. He did not survive the expedition. He is the only person who wrote his surviving information while AtG’s expedition was occurring, unlike all the rest who wrote many years after the expedition was over. His work is considered to be that of a flatterer and exaggerator and is not considered reliable.
Chares—He was AtG’s chamberlain; i.e. he was the arranger of court affairs for AtG. He is used as a source for palace and court activity descriptions by historians.
Ephippus—This man was on the expedition and disliked AtG very much. Rarely used as a source. No job description.
Medeius—This man was the host of AtG’s final dinner where he became ill and later died. No job description.

This is only 9 names. The sources mentioned in this writeup contain about 4 more, and the remainder of the 20 I don’t know, but are available from Jacoby’s book which was not used as a source. The first 7 account for probably 90% of the original source information about AtG. The remainder of the 20 are known by historians only through a fleeting reference of other authors and a few fragments. By this time, it was becoming apparent that the mainstream AtG historians would not be the source for the UFO story; instead, historical fragments pertaining to AtG were looking more and more likely as the place where the UFO story would be if it existed at all.

Lionel Pearson’s book, “The Lost Histories of Alexander the Great”, 1960, and which discusses many fragments of AtG information was studied for any hint of the UFO story as well as 13 pages of fragments from C.A. Robinson’s book, “The History of Alexander the Great”, 1953. One of the most important works on AtG is by a very respected historian who was a military man. His name is Arrian and he wrote “The Campaigns of Alexander” in about 150 AD. His book was also studied for any reference to UFOs. None of these works mentions the UFO stories. Arrian, being a military man as well as a historian, used as his primary sources Ptolemy and Aristobulus because of their own military expertise. It must be emphasized that the Tyre UFO incident occurred during military conflict, yet it is not even mentioned in Arrian’s book. Pearson’s book, on the other hand, draws upon just about every AtG source known and is heavily footnoted. In it, he discusses the sources of AtG’s historical information (i.e. Ptolemy, Aristobulus, Cleitarchus, Callisthenes, Chares, Nearchus, Onesicritus, etc) and other historians of AtG, such as Plutarch, Arrian, Diodorus, Droysen, etc. The UFO incidents are not mentioned in his book either.

To give you an example of what these historians believe to be a fantastic claim in the life of AtG, here is a story that appears in all writers’ AtG histories The story is that the queen of the amazons came to his camp and asked to have his baby. Historians generally agree that this never happened. Wouldn’t you agree that the UFO story is just as fantastic, if not more so, yet all historians believe the amazon story as worthy of telling even though they then dispute it in their texts, yet none appear to mention the UFO story. It was at this point that it began to seem like the search effort was trying “to prove a negative” which is said to be impossible. In this case it would be possible if one read everything in existence about AtG and then found nothing about UFOs, but I could not do that.

Babylonian tablets have been discovered which discuss AtG. Most of them discuss the battle of Gaugamela, and say nothing of Tyre and India which is where the alleged UFO incidents occurred. My source for this tidbit is:
I could find no AtG information written by authors from India.

In the future, it is likely more and more AtG fragments will still be popping up from archaeological discoveries of near east clay tablets and papyri. Perhaps some more Greek and Roman lost history fragments will show up as well. While these future discoveries will be eagerly studied to refine our reconstructed life of AtG, my prediction is that they won’t mention the UFO story either. Based on the sources listed here, not even the writers of flattery and sensationalism mentioned the UFO story. And even if one of them did, none of the serious and sober historians would have believed it whether they lived in either ancient OR modern times. This is because if you are reading say 10 histories about a battle, and only one history out of the 10 mentions a highly spectacular occurrence during that battle that no other of those histories mentions, then that one history is probably false. This is very likely to be the case here. Let’s face it. If there really had been a UFO occurrence in AtG’s battles, that would be the talk of the age among the writers of that day, for that would have meant intervention by the gods for or against Alexander who had aspirations of his own about being a god. This means it would not be so hard now to find a reference to it. Plus there was no UFO coverup then to suppress it as there is now. Therefore, there was never a UFO incident during Alexander the Great’s campaigns.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

6/2010--NAZI UFO PHOTOS by Charles Tromblee

NAZI UFO PHOTOS by Ufonalyzer 6/2010

At the beginning of this writeup you can see a few pictures of Nazi UFOs. This writer is always fascinated by these pictures, especially the ones with the SS officers standing around. The big UFO is the Hannebu II and the middle picture has what appears to be a Panzer tank cannon mounted upside down on the hull. There are a lot of these types of pictures around, so the question this writer always had is “Are they real?”

The Ufonalzyer thought it would be informative to obtain the oldest books on Nazi UFOs that he could find and see if there were any pictures in them which would at least take these Nazi UFO photos back into earlier times of pre-Photoshop and pre-personal computer. The authors of these books wrote them at a time when WWII was only 3 decades past, and the authors were staunch believers in the Nazi UFO phenomenon. It was theorized that their research would have been able to uncover some photographic proof and they would have included this proof in their books to support their premise that UFOs are Nazi inventions. Some of their book’s photos may be the very ones that fascinate this writer even today (Author Henry Stevens’ book has one such photo which, as we will see, leaves questions). Books were searched out which were pre IBM PC (intro 1981), pre Apple I (kit) (intro1976), pre Apple II (intro 1977), pre Mircrosoft windows (intro 1983), and pre Adobe Photoshop (intro 1988). Therefore, any Nazi UFO book which was published before 1976 would suffice for this investigation. Of course, if someone had created an old photo of a Nazi UFO before 1976, it would have been either real or a photograph of a physical model of some size or other. The whole process of creating and then photographing a physical fake UFO model would take a lot more work than photoshopping a UFO fake photo. Therefore the reasoning is that if a good Nazi UFO photo with WWII humans in it exists in one of these older books, then that raises the likelihood of Nazi UFOs being a real thing. A couple of more modern books were read also because of two reasons: 1) the scholarship of these more modern books is superior to the older books and 2) Germany’s reunification and the collapse of the USSR in 1991 resulted in a period of openness and a release of WWII records held by East Germany and the former USSR which could have possibly shed more light on Nazi UFO history and possibly provided some photos.
The books for this study are as follows:

The German Saucer Story by Michael X. Barton, 1968

Intercept But Don’t Shoot by Renato Vesco, 1971*

UFO’s: Nazi Secret Weapon by Mattern Friedrich, 1974

German Secret Weapons of World War 2 by I.V. Hogg, 1970

Hitler’s Flying Saucers by Henry Stevens, 2003

Reich of the Black Sun by Joseph Farrell, 2004

About halfway through this project, the Ufonalzyer read Stanton Friedman’s book, Flying Saucers and Science. In it was one of his favorite sayings: “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” (attributed to Carl Sagan.) In other words, just because this project revealed no proof positive that there were Nazi UFOs (whoops, the beans were just spilled), it does not mean that proof does not exist at all and it still might turn up someday. It’s kind of like saying that you can’t prove a negative. When viewed in this light, the project of looking for old Nazi UFO photos appears pretty useless and probably should not have been done. But because it was halfway complete, it was decided to complete the search anyway. This study of the Nazi UFO literature resulted in two conclusions: one was about the UFO photos themselves and the other was about the likelihood of Nazi UFOs existing at all. Needless to say, all but one of the books used in the study took the position that UFOs of that era and beyond were completely of Nazi origin; i.e. the authors like the Nazi Hypothesis and do not believe the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. The lone exception book allowed that maybe some UFO sightings could be something else other than Nazi.
Here are the results of this study. The results are presented in three parts:

One: The photo results
Two: Short book reviews of the source material used
Three: An overall opinion of the whole Nazi UFO hypothesis

One: The photo results
The photo search did not reveal any photos whatsoever of UFOs during WWII. The closest thing to an actual UFO was a ball of light photographed by the French military. It was a foo fighter photo. The Mattern book showed a photo which purported to be a UFO being serviced by the Germans photographed during WWII, but upon close inspection, wheels were seen on its landing gear. It was clearly a pancake shaped prototype aircraft photographed from the front. The Stevens book (2003) used one of the photos that the Ufonalzyer is trying to investigate, and it is the one shown at the beginning of this writeup with the cannon on the bottom. The author Stevens has the good sense to use the word “alleged” in his presentation of this supposedly 1944 photo. Be reminded that the Stevens book is a modern book, created when there’s quite a few of the fake Nazi UFO photos floating around.
There was, however, an interesting photo in the 2003 Henry Stevens book which might be a very weak “smoking gun.” It is a photo of Stuart Nixon who was once the executive director of NICAP showing a photo undoubtedly excerpted from a Zanesville Ohio photo taken on Nov 13, 1966 which is the third photo at the beginning. On that date, a barber in Zanesville took the two photos shown of a UFO that appears to have a Panzer tank turret with cannon mounted on its underside. He put these photos in the window of his barbershop, but did not try to make any money from them. The book also presents one of the Nazi UFO photos which may be a fake of a UFO with a turret/cannon of a Hannebu type German saucer allegedly taken in 1944. This photo is the second one shown at the beginning of this writeup. It is one of the fascinating ones that is presented so often when present day Nazi UFO writeups occur. Stuart Nixon was high up in NICAP in its period when it was infiltrated by the CIA. Because the photo in Steven's book shows Stuart Nixon presenting this 1966 photo, this means he was showing it in the mid seventies which is before the advent of the quick fake photo technology of the pc era. Unfortunately, Stuart Nixon was very likely one of the many CIA plants in NICAP which ultimately destroyed the organization. In fact , he is even said to have held a press conference in which he presented to the press a whole collection of UFO photos that he claimed were fakes. This photo may have been from that press conference! (But we all know that if a CIA operative presents something as a fake, that may mean that it is real. The organization lies so pathologically that nothing that it says can be believed.) Furthermore, what would a Nazi UFO be doing over Ohio in 1966 anyway? Of course, what is any UFO doing in our skies? Yet, there they are. The author, Mr. Stevens, believes that the 1966 photo is a legitimate German UFOs on a 1966 mission to America from its base in either Antarctica or South America.

Two: Short Book Reviews of the Source Material

Review of Hitler’s Flying Saucers, by Henry Stevens 2003

This is a very good book with tons of footnotes and persuasive storyline that UFOs are totally earth based, created by Nazis who still have secret facilities here on earth leftover from or developed after WWII. The Ufonalzyer recommends it. One has to get beyond the font that looks like a 1940s typewriter was used to print the book plus numerous proofreading errors and spell checking errors—the content with its underlying research is what sells this book. As you know there is a faction in Ufology who believe totally in UFOs but who believe they are 100% Nazi products, not alien, and the author, Mr. Henry Stevens, is one of those.
From the data furnished by this book, all of the UFOs built by the Nazis through 1943-44 were directly propelled by jets, rockets, or ducted fans. If Nazis developed field propulsion at all, it emerged toward the end of the war. Could this be part of the reason why UFOs never were used or manufactured in a big way during the German war effort? Given the resource shortages of the time, another liquid fuel driven machine would have had to be pretty spectacular to divert those fuels away from the operating needs of the air force, tanks, etc.

Mr. Stevens does believe that the Nazis developed field propulsion for their UFOs until toward the end of the war. His reasons for this belief are as follows:

Reasons for field propulsion according to Stevens:

1. single unnamed witness German pilot saw 3-4 ufos in a hangar located in a remote, primitive facility. No support fuel tanks and washing equipment was around, indicating the UFOs flew not with liquid fuel but something else.
2. an FBI report by a single german witness in 1944 who saw a hovering object whIich could only be powered by field propulsion. The witness came to the FBI years later after he emigrated to America
3. a technical report written immediately after the war which contained information from a German scientist about “rearward impulse propulsion for vehs (vehicles) and aircraft.” This vague reference was according to the author Stevens purposely written in a non-specific manner to avoid undue scrutiny by other people reading the same information.

These reasons are not compelling in the least, as they are dependent on one witness each and one report. Admittedly, it probably takes a fuel driven engine to propel whatever it is that generates the gravity or electromagnetic field of a UFO, but if that type of propulsion were known about in time, it’s a good bet that the authorities in the Nazi hierarchy would have decided to divert the necessary materials and fuels toward this new type of flying machine, as well as the construction funding to build a large fleet. Nuclear fuel could be used also, but the Germans did not have that technology developed in time; it was experimental at best toward the end of the war. Regarding German nuclear development by the end of the war, the majority belief is that the Nazis did not fully understand the danger of nuclear radiation and also how little U235 it takes to make a bomb. This is about the only area in which the US was ahead of them thanks to our immigrant population and thanks to the Nazi disdain for “Jewish physics.” As you will notice later, the book written by Joseph Farrell totally refutes this and claims that the Nazis were very advanced in their quest for the A-Bomb. The Farrell book speculates that Heisenberg was used as a dupe to fool the Allies into believing that the Germans were way behind and on the wrong track in the race for a nuclear bomb.

This book, like many others read in this study, also contains mechanical drawings of UFOs. These are easily faked by just about anyone at any time throughout history, so these will not be given any mention in the rest of this writeup.

Review of UFO’s Nazi Secret Weapon? by Mattern Friedrich, 1974:

This book is a mess. The author, Mattern Friedrich, alias Ernst Zundel, alias Christof Friedrich, has collected a large display of news clippings, diagrams, and photos, almost all from the early 50’s and later, but little to nothing from the period of which he writes. On top of this, his love of Adolph Hitler is almost nauseating as you read the material. But seeing as how this paper is to look for and comment on old published Nazi UFO photos, this book turned out to be a big disappointment in that area too. It has only one photo which purports to be a Nazi UFO with people standing around it. It is a photo which shows the front or rear view of what must be an experimental flat bodied air vehicle with 4 or 5 people standing looking at it. It has the caption, “German U.F.O. being serviced.” It is very similar to that well known front view of the USA’s B1 or stealth bomber that looks so much like a UFO. The big giveaway that Mr. Friedrich’s photo is an airplane is that the landing gear is in the picture, and this landing gear has wheels. Of course, UFO landing gear does not have wheels because UFOs don’t need wheels. This writer showed his wife, who is not into UFOs at all, the photo and asked what could she see wrong about the photo? After 3 seconds, she said "It has wheels on the landing gear." Thus, this photo is of some sort of airplane that does not have hover capability. In summary, this vintage 1974 book does not contain any of the most viewed Nazi ufo photos. It does contain photos of UFO’s in flight and these are post-1950 and later and not even over Germany. None show SS officers standing around.

Review of The German Saucer Story by Michael X. Barton, 1968 by Futura Press, 88pgs.

This book has about 20 pages of photos, none of which is of a photo purporting to be a WWII photo, much less with a Nazi standing by a UFO. At least this author is willing to say that Nazi UFOs are only a part of the whole UFO picture , not 100% as with Henry Stevens, Mattern Friedrich, and Renato Vesco. Like Stevens, this book’s author believes that if Nazi UFOs existed that used field propulsion, they came along late in the game (Stevens believes 1944-45, and Barton believes 1947-1952.) He believes that UFO scientists and designs were taken to South America, probably Argentina, near the end of the Nazi defeat, and the field propulsion stuff was developed by them right after the war in secret labs. He gives little credence to Antarctica. Barton makes the point that those noisy, sometimes smoky UFOs are an entirely different propulsion system than the silent, trailless (no contrail) ones. Barton writes, “I am not claiming, nor need the reader infer, that the world-wide UFO riddle is solved on the basis of German secret devices. Pre-1947 sightings, many which date back to ancient history, make that position untenable.”

The books also brings up a discussion of invisibility which he attributes to something named “the Bateman Principle” about which nothing was found.

This must be a rare book because it was loaned out from the Library of Congress with the restriction that it could be read only at the receiving library and not withdrawn.

Review of Man – Made UFOs 1944-1994 50 Years of Suppression by Renato Vesco and David Hatcher Childress,1994.

This book is mainly Vesco’s book Intercept but Don’t Shoot, 1971 in English, 1969 in Italian, with some additional stuff of low quality added in by David Hatcher Childress at the end and an introduction by a man named William Harbinson. There is also what appears to be an excerpt of a 1982 article about Victor Schauberger in the middle. The local library system’s Vesco book was mysteriously missing, presumably stolen. The 1971 original Vesco book is still available used for about $100. This “padded” version with the extra stuff in it was purchased for $2.50, so you can see why this was the one obtained. Thankfully, this 1994 “Man-Made UFOs … ” book appears to have left Vesco’s original work intact and then had additional material added to it without destroying Vesco’s. This book was skimmed only, not read, due to its emphasis on other Nazi secret weapons and on war history which were not the focus of this research. Vesco’s original had 338 pages in paperback. This book has about 400 pages in a large paperback. The main thing is this: There are many photos, but not a one claiming to be a Nazi UFO. All the photos that included were from the 1950s and beyond. The bibliography goes well beyond 1971 plus there is something about Marconi secret bases in it too. A familiar photo said to be from a French WWII history file of two foo fighters which look like oval lights is in the book from the French WWII History file, and a photo of a Scandanavian “ghost rocket” (1946) also, which looks like a streak in the sky. No photo of a WWII era UFO is shown unless you count the foo fighter light photo. The second main thing about the Vesco portion of the book is that it does not mention the main UFO designers of Germany at all—i.e. no mention of Schauberger, Miethe, etc. There is a 2 page section in the book on Schauberger, but it has obviously been pasted in and written by another author. Also, Vesco does not mention the likelihood of field propulsion in UFO sightings. He prefers to believe that the hovering is due to directed jet engines, and their quick, starts and stops are due to superior airfoil design and control of the “boundary layer” around the UFO to eliminate friction and drag. Control of the boundary layer is also credited to the surface design. Vesco is also a believer that these German UFOs are totally responsible for all UFO sightings. No discussion of South America and Antarctica were found in the Vesco portion of the book, but there are two drawings of Antarctica, apparently inserted by the same source who included all of the other extra material. Many mechanical drawings of UFOs, like engineering design drawings, are in the book but these mean nothing. Vesco’s original book is probably much more readable than this Frankenstein’s monster of a book, which has taken parts from dead copyrights and broke authors and reattached them into a disharmonious mess. However, this book is much more readable than one of Childress’s other creations, The Antigravity Handbook, which is a collection of essays on levitation and antigravity, and is incoherent.

Review of Reich of the Black Sun by Joseph P. Farrell, 2004.

This is a very good book. Very readable. The first 160 pages of its 350 pages present very convincing evidence that Nazi Germany had the A-bomb before the US. It is heavily footnoted and its arguments are based on documented evidence. There was once a special on the Discovery channel (or History) about the race for the bomb. It stated that the reason the US got there first was because Werner Heisenberg’s team made some fundamental bad assumptions about the size of the critical mass necessary for an explosions and about shielding as well. This book directly attacks this and exposes this story as false. When you realize that those Nazis were ahead of the USA in quantum mechanics, aeronautical design, chemistry, heavy armaments, production methods and logistics, and science in general, it becomes easy to go along with the Nazis being equal if not ahead in the nuclear bomb competition. Documents are presented which attempt to prove this. This book even goes so far as to make a convincing argument that the nuclear material required for at least one of the USA’s Japan bombs was obtained from a captured Nazi submarine which was taking it to Japan to aid Japan in its own nuclear bomb program. Our own program was woefully short in providing refined nuclear metal for our bomb making goals so this capture came at a very opportune time to put the USA back on schedule. In fact this book says the Germany did indeed explode at least a test bomb well before the US and that Japan test exploded one as well on about the same day as the Hiroshima (or Nagasaki) explosion. The next 120 pages or so then discusses other weapons that were under development in Germany, many of which were thought to be myths until corroborative evidence came to light upon the reunification of Germany with its subsequent but short lived period of openness with respect to classified documents that occurred then. The last 75 pages attempts to present arguments, pro and con, that the UFOs we’ve experienced since Kenneth Arnold’s sighting are of Nazi origin. The book falls woefully short in this arena, however, because it bases its reasoning on several of the Majestic Documents, most of which specifically used for his reasoning process, but not all, are known to be fakes. You can’t base the majority of your whole “UFO-ET or Nazi?” argument on Majestic documents. Furthermore , he quotes Philip Corso’s book, The Day After Roswell, often in this section of the book. The Ufonalzyer tries to avoid naming and listing phonies in the ufology field, but this guy Corso makes his phony detecting radar go off with very strong signals. Sorry, Corso fans. Incidentally, this opinion on Corso was arrived at years ago and before Stanton Friedman came out with his own skeptical appraisal of Corso. Beyond that, no more will be said. Before this book was ever read, the Ufonalyzer was going to remark in this writeup that it was obvious that the US government was covering up the true extent and progress that the Nazis had made in the area of Ufology. Based on Farrell’s book, the Ufonalyzer now knows that Nazi UFO progress coverup was just part of a larger coverup which includes other scary weapons as well. The purpose of the coverup is to prevent the public from realizing just how close to disaster we all were during the war, so revealing this would make us upset and make our government look bad. But there’s more. Farrell goes on to discuss the Antarctica and South American enclaves of escaped Nazis theory. This information, is also very disquieting because, if true, the enemy was not eradicated and is planning a comeback, so this is included as part of the coverup up as well. He also allows that a captured UFO in the thirties in Italy could have been the impetus for many of Germany’s scientific advancements, especially in the UFO area.

This crashed Italian alien UFO is also documented in one of Timothy Good’s books and pictures of these same documents are offered up as its proof in Farrell’s book, perhaps even copied from Good's book. These documents are all in Italian. Timothy Good’s presentation of this same evidence does provide English translations of these documents, which if not for him could have been spaghetti recipes for all this writer knows. The Reich of the Black Sun’s UFO section also includes a comparison between the Nazi bell (“die Glock”) and the Kecksburg UFO. It discusses field propulsion very little, although it has the almost obligatory section on Schauberger. It appears that Farrell likes Renato Vesco’s idea of boundary layer control and T. Townsend Brown’s electrogravitics as explanations for UFO flight characterics better than he likes antigravity, although he presents a lot of Nick Cook’s findings on early antigravity work and its suppression too. Actually, Farrell does not make a firm choice as to which of these technologies as the favors as the source of hovering flight.

Photos: because this book is so new (2004), its photos were not the direct focus of this writeup. For this book, it is a moot point because it did not have any actual UFO photos, fake or otherwise. Furthermore, only 20% of the book addresses Nazi UFOs.

Update:  The Ufonalzyer read and wrote much of this paper many months ago. The Ufonalzyer’s review of Farrell’s 2004 book was written around early 2010 or late 2009. In early June, 2010, he saw a review by Stanton Friedman of a new 520 page book by Joseph Farrell. Mr. Friedman published the review on 3/30/2010 and the book’s title is Roswell and the Third Reich: The Nazi Connection. In this book, Mr. Farrell attempts to show that the Roswell UFO was in all probability a German UFO. The UFO coverup, contends Mr. Farrell, is due to the fact our government does not want people to know that the Nazis were alive and well after their WWII defeat and subsequently developed a functioning UFO program. The Ufonalzyer believes that if there were such a secret Nazi UFO post WWII program, then the US government would indeed keep it secret because that is exactly what they are doing with their knowledge of other Nazi secret weapons in development at the end of the war. The way we now know about these programs is through the efforts of individual private citizens and not government releases. The Ufonalzyer does not intend to read the new Farrell book because reading new theories about Roswell has now become a waste of time. This is because there might be as many as nine to eleven major theories about Roswell, three of which are lies published by the Air Force while all the rest are versions published by Ufologists. For example, James Carrion has some odd theory about it being a government disinformation program and Nick Redfern has written it may be retarded Japanese or something like that. Now add the Nazi hypothesis by Mr. Farrell to the mix. Yikes! Who has time to read all this white noise? Anyhow, moving onward, Mr. Friedman rejects Farrell’s hypothesis. Friedman points out many inaccuracies and omissions in Farrell’s book, as Farrell attempts to slant the facts toward his hypothesis. The Ufonalyzer also rejects the thesis that Roswell was a German UFO simply based on having read all these books for this paper. More on this in part Three which follows.

Review of German Secret Weapons of World War 2 by I.V. Hogg, 1970

The author, I.V. Hogg (1926-2002), was a master gunner instructor at the Royal Military college of Science in England. The book contains many photographs, but there are no UFO photos whatsoever. He deliberately left out all German WWII aircraft coverage from the book because he felt that this subject was adequately covered in other books. Even though this book is small (80 pages), it covers hundreds of weapons and has many photos. These weapons include rockets, rifles, artillery, fuzes, radar, and submarines. It also mentions the sound cannon. There is no mention in the book of UFOs, Germany’s A-bomb program, or foo fighters. Of course, the Amerika bomber was not covered as it was an aircraft.

Three: Discussion of Results

There were no sudden revelations of understanding in this study. It was like being a juror in a trial where the evidence from both sides is weighed and a decision made. In this case, the opposing side was the vast amount of material already learned and known about the UFO phenomenon in general.

It is readily apparent from reading these several books that “contamination” has occurred which permeates all Nazi UFO books. What this means is that the few early books on the subject offer little in the way of proof and even evidence for that matter, yet are then used as references over and over in subsequent publications. This gives those publications the appearance of authenticity and scholarship. The same problem was encountered in the Ufonalzyer’s investigation of the Alexander the Great UFO story (published in this blog), where one erroneous publication appeared to have seeded all subsequent references thereafter, including the references made in “Ancient UFO” TV shows.

One big problem that the Ufonalyzer has with a 100% Nazi explanation for UFOs is that there have been hundreds of alien sightings, and most of those were obviously not human either by appearance or by the need for breathing apparatus. The huge variety of shapes and sizes of the machines also works against the Nazi hypothesis. How or why would a relatively small and secret population of post war Nazis create such a large variety of models? They would not. Furthermore, Vallee’s book, Passport to Magonia, 1969, lists 7 sightings from 1908-1929, before there even were Nazis. This is not to mention the numerous glyph and renaissance painting evidence of same from even earlier history. What do we do with all of this? Throw it out? With only a few exceptions the 297 alien sightings which appear on the Ufonalzyer’s spreadsheet located at from 1933-1996 were gathered and investigated by none other than Coral Lorenzen, Jacques Vallee, Gordon Creighton, Timothy Good, and Richard Hall, all of whom are top UFO names in the ufology field. All would think twice before including a sloppily vetted CE3 case in their books

As we now know, there really was an ODESSA organization which survived the war and its purpose was to help escaped Nazis get re-established. There really was extensive Nazi wealth which survived the war and was invested to help the surviving Nazi organization. Were those survivors so smart that they could have created R&D and secret manufacturing organizations so that they could continue to fly around in those wondrous UFO machines? Furthermore, it is convenient to the overall UFO picture to have the Nazi Hypothesis explain a portion of UFO sightings. This is because Nazi UFOs offer convenient explanations for some bothersome facts regarding UFO sightings which are as follows:

a. Helps explain noisy, smoky UFOs; both are indicators of primitive technology (i.e. not field propulsion) in use.
b. Helps explain 1940’s type UFO shapes which are now rarely if ever seen any more, but have now apparently evolved into more sleek designs. If aliens operated these clunker shaped UFOs (e.g. the Adamski trilobular landing gear UFO and other “wedding cake” type shapes) and if they are far ahead of us in technology, one would not expect to see them become more streamlined before our eyes in a single generation. However, these clunker shapes persisted in sightings at least until the late ‘80s, with the Gulf Breeze, Florida UFO being in that category.
c. This could explain why South America has been and continues to be the hotbed of UFO activity.
d. Helps explain the odd 1947 Antarctic expedition by Admiral Byrd and the exploding of 3 A-bombs on and over the alleged Nazi region of Antarctica 12 years later. This has been very effectively rebutted by Colin Summerhayes in his 2006 paper, “Hitler’s Antarctic Base: the Myth and the Reality” which can be read at:
e. Helps explain a very few CE3 cases where the observed UFO pilot spoke with a German accent.

Let’s go further with this line of thought. If sufficient Nazis to populate a viable secret organization did escape at the end of the war, and if they did escape with a fortune, then what would they do next? It is this writer’s opinion that they would indeed plot their comeback. They would be smart enough to know that to achieve the level of power that they had before their downfall, they would have to create or takeover a large industrialized country in order to create the army and weaponry to start conquering all over again. They would know that the world would never allow this to happen again, overtly. Plus, it would take too long. So instead of using industrialization and military conquest, they would use their fortune as seed money to gradually assume economic control of several regions of the world, and forget about the military conquest approach. Just think about it. In the fascist form of government, people are allowed to own property and operate businesses and make a profit. But it is the state that is all powerful. The present form of government in China, which espouses to be communist, is really more fascist than communist. Same for present day Russia. Nazism is simply Fascism with a racial bias component and an occult component. What country comes closest today to be a Nazi country? Let’s see. You can own your own business and property. You can make a profit. You are anti-Semitic. You have a strong theocracy form of government which suffices quite well for the occult belief component. Yikes! It’s Iran. Has a secret Nazi organization taken over the likes of Iran? Probably not. It’s just a coincidence of convergent evolution that Iran is so much like Nazi Germany. Has such an organization taken over (or created) the likes of the Bilderberg Group? Maybe.

In the process of reading these Nazi UFO books, it became fairly apparent that the Nazis got farther along than our government wants us to know about. They probably did experiment with disc shaped flying craft. They did other things too. The Amerika bomber was designed exclusively to bomb New York which is something that this writer just learned about a couple of years ago. The German submarines which surrendered a few months after the war allegedly carried cargos which were highly suggestive of a joint effort with Japan for a nuclear bomb or at least a dirty bomb. We have put our government in place to protect us and make our lives better all around. Our government obviously believes that their role also includes the hiding of reality and the suppression of true history so as to prevent the citizens from feeling anxiety and emotional distress. In the case of Nazism, they want us to think that it was virtually obliterated during the war. This goes way too far, because it is mind control and propaganda which are clearly wrong. Rewriting history and hiding the truth does no one any good in the long run.

These books had numerous anecdotal stories about Nazi UFOs having been witnessed during the war. Almost all of these stories had sufficient detail to show that conventional engines and fuel were in use to power the craft. None had sufficient detail to indicate that field propulsion was in use. The very few stories suggestive of field propulsion hang precariously upon single witness testimony. Based on these stories, this writer believes that some of these stories might be true, and that the Nazis did indeed experiment with disc shaped craft. However, it has to be pointed out that the photo survey done as the main theme of this writeup did not find a single photo of even a combustion engine driven hovering disc, much less a field propulsion driven disc. Most of these UFO stories were of little interest to the Ufonalzyer because it is his opinion that the propulsion system is key to being called a UFO. If it acts like it has field propulsion, then it belongs as a UFO, but if it uses ducted fans, rockets, or jets to achieve flight, forget about it. Without field propulsion, it then just becomes another of the myriad of interesting airfoil shapes in the history of airplanes. Just about any shape can be gotten to fly; it’s the propulsion that matters because from that springs the speed, the lack of friction in our atmosphere, the sharp turn and acceleration capability, the hovering, and the infrequent need to refuel, if any.

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by Ufonalyzer 8/4/2009

The Ufonalyzer is not the first to note that so many of the alien sighting close encounters describe the eyes of the beings as “Oriental.” He recalls that one of Timothy Good’s books addresses this subject. Ufonalyzer’s alien encounter spreadsheet at:
lists data from 234 alien close encounters from 1933 to 1996. Of the 53 sightings where the witness got a good enough view of an alien to describe its eyes, 13 used words like slanted, oriental, chinese, asian, narrow, oblique, and slit. 3 of the 13 used the word “oriental”. Thirteen (13) of 53 is 25%. This might not seem like a disproportionately large percentage because the percentage on earth for this characteristic is at least that high. However, this IS a high percentage considering that these are aliens, not humans, so their eyes could be red, violet with no pupils, vertical almonds, hemispherical bumps like a spider’s, and so forth. But read on.

This writeup was triggered by a couple of events. While reading one of the Majestic documents to be found at, a document was found describing the dead aliens from Roswell. The document is entitled, “Twining’s ‘White Hot’ Report”, dated 9/19/1947. A blacked out word was encountered in the following sentence: “Autopsy information obtained so far suggests that the occupants mimic the featuers (sic) associated with blacked out.” Someone had written the word “Orientals” in the margin by the blacked out patch. Ufonalyzer’s theory is that the original word may have either been ‘orientals’ or it could have been ‘mongoloid’ which is a synonym that someone decided to put in the margin to elucidate the blacked out typed word. The blackout clerk subsequently missed blacking out the margin. It was kind of a weird choice of a word to black out because this “fact” about eye shape was not important at all compared to the national secrets in the rest of the document which were not blacked out.

A second event which triggered this writeup occurred during the Binnall radio show. Binnall recently had a Season IV guest named Bruce Rux talking about a subject he (Rux) knows well as a former actor. Mr Rux authored a large book some years ago entitled “Hollywood vs the Aliens.” He made that claim that Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond 007 books, was in a position to know UK government inside information about top secret issues, and Mr. Rux gives a supporting fact about a code device which was a top secret during WWII and which Ian Fleming was quite knowledgeable about. This code device later appeared under a different name in “From Russia with Love.” This means that Ian Fleming was willing to take things he learned as a secret agent and put them into his books. Mr Rux went on to claim that in Fleming’s 1958 book, “Dr. No” (not the movie), Dr. No was a grey. This so intrigued the Ufonalyzer that he got a copy of that book from the library. Alas, he does not buy into Mr. Rux’s claim. Dr. No was an Asian oriental. He was 6’ tall, and he did have a hairless, eyebrowless, tear drop shaped head as a grey would. However, his head was not oversized and neither were his eyes. It's possible that Mr. Fleming got cold feet while writing the book and held back on all the details that he knew about greys. But what Ian Fleming did put out there in his book does not cross the line toward convincing this writer that Dr. No was a grey.

The final example of the strange connections between aliens and orientals is the book by respected Australian ufologist, Bill Chalker. This book is the “Hair of the Alien”, 2005. The Ufonalyzer has not read this book yet, but has read the synopsis of it. The story is told by a man named Peter Khoury about his experience on July 23,1992, in Sydney, Australia. This is basically an abduction story which later has some hypnotic memory recovery in it. The events which follow were remembered unassisted; the hypnosis came later. On that night, he found two women seated on a bed in his home, one blond and the other dark haired and oriental looking. The blond had a very long face, a long nose, and protruding, very high cheeks. Her eyes were two or three times bigger than a normal human’s eyes. Mouth and lips were normal size. She was naked and well proportioned. Her chin was pointier than a human’s, like a movie witch’s long chin. Her eyes were light colored, maybe bluish. She seemed very tall, well over 6 feet. The Asian woman was about 5’8”, also with the oversized eyes but very black eyes and black hair. Her cheekbones were very pronounced and the cheeks were very puffy. He could tell that neither were human. Mr. Khoury is six feet tall and worked in the building trades, yet the blond grabbed him and pulled him to her. He could tell she was stronger than he was. The blond seemed to be instructing the Oriental looking alien, although no words were spoken. Their communication apparently was telepathic. Mr. Khoury claims that he resisted her advances, and the next day he found two blond hairs wrapped around part of his anatomy which he kept in a plastic bag for a few years. Anyhow, the bottom line is that a DNA analysis was made of the blond’s hair. It turned out to be closely genetically linked to Chinese DNA but with some startling differences. Anyhow, that’s the partial story. The physical description of the blond closely matches two spreadsheet alien descriptions of male aliens: (1) 2/5/1978 in Algora, Spain. The male was human size, blue eyes which were double human size, with huge parietal bones (our blond in this story did not have the large parietals.)He had a very long pointed chin, no eyebrows, eyelashes, or hair. (2) 7/31/1975 in Loxton, South Africa. The male had slanted eyes, fair hair, and sharp pointed chin. His height was estimated to be 1.5 meters.

Mr Chalker’s book is still available.

Can some species of aliens be more closely linked to Asians than to Caucasians and Negroes for example? Are Asians the latest genetic experiment by certain aliens? What can one make of all this? Probably nothing, but it makes interesting reading.


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Alien Conflict: Earth versus the Aliens

July 15,2011    ©

Alien Conflict: Earth versus the Aliens

Originally published July, 2011:  My book, “Alien Radix: The Shape of Things That Come” has a chapter in it entitled, “Alien Conflict” which is a compilation of reports of alien-on-alien hostilities. This article deals with the other side of the picture, which would be alien-on-human hostilities.
 I have read and watched many scifi books and movies over the years and can attest to the large quantities of fiction that have been created to cover the possible alien invasion and takeover of earth.  Then it dawned on me, almost startling me, that none of the UFO books that I’ve read have ever covered the scenario of such a thing. Sure there might be a mention of it, but no reasoned out scenario. Of course, there is probably something that has been done that I do not know about, but I have read a lot of these UFO books and there has been nothing about it so far. It is pretty obvious that this is one of those psychological avoidance issues so common in the UFO field. This is a very unpleasant thing to think about and so maybe that is why no one has covered it yet, until now. For sure, our government has generated lots of reports and studies on this very subject because it is their job to look for threats, and this would be a threat of the highest priority.   But in the public domain, there is hardly anything about what such a takeover attempt might be like.
After giving this some thought, it became clear that most of the bullet points that will be developed in this paper will state what the conflict will not be like, instead of what it will be like. In many cases the bullet points will state what may not occur which is weaker but the best I can do. Along the way, I will also give my opinion on alien-human warfare as well.
So let me begin my bullet points of the type of war we would have with aliens who wish to take over the earth.

An asymmetric war is a lopsided war, where one side has disproportionate resources or uses a weapon or tactic that the other side is not ready for. Wikipedia has a good treatment of asymmetric war, so I will not go deeply into it. Our armed forces are mainly structured for large scale confrontations with similarly equipped hostile forces. We have an army, navy and air force, but so does every other major power in the world. A guerilla war allows a weaker force to hassle a more powerful one, and if it lasts long enough, the major power might give up the conflict in frustration. So an asymmetric war can sometimes be won by a weaker power simply due to the asymmetry involved.  In my opinion, the end of WWII became asymmetric when we deployed our super weapon, the A-bomb, which the enemy was not ready for. We were not the weaker power, but used asymmetry to our advantage nevertheless. Nowadays, wars can have an asymmetric component that works in harmony with the conventional components. Cyber warfare departments exist in the USA, China, USSR, North Korea, and several other places. A physical attack from a hostile country which also has the cyber warfare department would occur with that department hacking and destroying what they can of our military command and control structure. They would also disrupt the power grid to deny electricity to big parts of the country.  They will do their best to deter and disrupt military and domestic operations through electronic means, thereby reducing the effectiveness of any response. A quote from the book, “Cyber War”, by Richard A. Clarke* and Robert Knake follows: “In the case of cyber war, the power of the offense is largely secret...” You may remember Richard A. Clarke. He is the guy who warned Condoleezza Rice that a terror attack might occur soon against the USA about 8 months before 9/11/2001. Now, we are discussing alien war here, so substitute the word “alien” for the word “cyber” and you get the main crux of the problem with alien warfare: “In the case of alien war, the power of the offense is largely secret...” We simply don’t have a clue what weapons of offense the aliens have. In the movie, “Independence Day”, the aliens had a primary weapon which would somehow cause an explosion to radiate outward from the targeted center of every major city. In the remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, the aliens had an undefensible weapon like a cloud of insects or nano-technology particles that would eat everything in sight. In the book, “Battlefield Earth” by L. Ron Hubbard, the aliens simply put a lot of poison gas into a single rocket which traveled a few hundred miles an hour around the globe for several weeks, killing almost all life. Attempts to destroy it were ineffective because the outer hull of the rocket existed partially in another dimension so an A-bomb exploded against it had no effect. And so forth.  Needless to say, in all of these works, the fictional earthlings were caught by surprise at the nature of the alien weaponry, and so it would be in real life.

Our wars are now mainly kinetic, meaning they depend largely on kinetic energy weapons, such as exploding bombs and high velocity projectiles. Sure, other forms of weapons exist also, such as biological (diseases), and chemical (gas), and we really hate it when other countries use them. Aliens might use not only these types of weapons, but they also could use far out things as well. For example, they could project powerful telepathic commands to the humans, or deploy their antigravity technology to crush and destroy.  In the movie, “The Arrival”, they used weather wrecking apparatus to heat up the world more to their liking. Of course, we will attempt to make our resistance as kinetic as possible, but the aliens will not. As far as I know, there has never been a case where a UFO is seen dropping a bomb or firing a projectile. They only are known to use fields and rays, so that is what I expect their weapons to be based on.  It is known that they do have heat rays, and that is very kinetic, but I am restricting my definition of kinetic weapons to be explosives and projectiles.

 Civilians will be treated about the same as military.  After all, when we steal honey from a hive, we do not distinguish between their soldier bees and any other bees.

There are many true reports reaching back decades (and still continuing) of UFOs hovering around our nuclear plants, military nuclear powered ships, and military and missile bases where nuclear weapons are stored. They are quite interested in our nuclear items, but that does not mean that they would use weapons of nuclear fusion or fission. Throughout their short public history here, their focus has been on the planet, its fauna and flora, and when discussing the grays, ourselves. They will not use weapons which scar and pollute this place, or so I believe. Their past behavior as gleaned from Close Encounters of the Third Kind show no tendency to destroy this place. There is even a report that a UFO aimed a ray at the newly destroyed Chernobyl reactor and lessened its radiation by a significant percentage.  I do not know how true that report is, but that, plus the CE3 report history, plus the fact that only a few UFO reports mention atomic radiation leads me to believe that the thermonuclear scenario is not going to happen.

At long last, if no other alternatives are available for us, the USA would finally deploy its weapons based on ET captured technology. Our own black triangles, our directed energy weapons from our Star Wars program, and our weaponized space installations would be brought into action. Our secret underground bases would become less secret as more and more use is made of them.  Even during an alien war, the USA would still try to keep this stuff under wraps as much as possible because they know repercussions would occur if the war ever ended favorably.

Did you ever consider that we may be in a war with aliens right now? Why do our jets chase them?  Is the abduction program evidence of a slow, long term attempt at takeover by infiltration? Infiltration aimed at takeover is a slow war. Abductions are now into their 6th decade or so. Would we even notice an alien takeover program that lasts 60 years? 600 years? It would be especially hard to notice because both our government and the aliens themselves do not want us to notice anything out of the ordinary.

There are almost 200 countries on this planet, and “over twenty nations’ militaries and intelligence services have created offensive cyber war units …” according to authors Clarke and Knake in their book, “Cyber War”, c2010. Cyber warfare capability is now a very big deal in military strategy and intelligence gathering these days.  These 20 countries include the biggest and most powerful nations in the world plus some rogue nations. The problem for these cyber departments in an alien war is simply what would they connect to? There appears to be nothing. The best form of cyber war defense is to disconnect from the internet. Conversely, if we cannot connect to the alien computer system at all, then our cyber expertise will be useless against them. In the movie, “Independence Day”, cyber war was used to upload a virus into the alien mothership.  I think that this is pretty far fetched, and that it is safe to say that during an alien war, these cyber departments would not have anything to do directly against the aliens. There is also another reason that I say this which will be addressed in number 9 following.

One last item of interest regarding cyber war against aliens might be that in an entirely telepathic culture as many aliens are thought to be from, there probably would not be any beings who would purposely put viruses onto their computer network as there are in our human culture. That is because telepathy would reveal their guilt pretty quickly. Therefore, if their network were available to our human hackers, it might be completely wide open to implantation of human computer viruses.

The history of UFOs snooping around military installations has already been mentioned. The amazing thing about this is that the aliens appear to have the capability to analyze what is secretly stored at these bases. They have the capability to detect, activate, or control items that are behind solid, closed, opaque barriers. You may recall the UFO at Rendlesham forest in the UK in 1980. It was not publicly revealed until well after the incident that this base was storing nuclear weapons. Apparently the aliens knew what the public did not. Now add to this the persistent stories about human looking aliens among us, some of whom are naturally human appearing and others who may be alien hybrids created by the abduction program who are bred to be human appearing, and who probably have 99+% human DNA after several generational cycles of breeding. These “people” will have espionage on their agenda, for sure, if there is to be an alien conflict. Now take a look at our own infiltration of the aliens. There isn’t any. We cannot plant a human spy into their ranks. They have telepathy which would reveal our spy even if we could find someone who could act and speak the part. It would have to be a turncoat alien, and I bet we have none of those. When we do catch a live alien, we pump it for all it’s worth trying to extract information. That’s not really espionage even though it is bonafide intelligence gathering. I also doubt very highly that we can insert data into their communication stream (if we even have found any such streams) or even interpret their data streams so as to snoop, deter, and disrupt like hackers do.

The main espionage that we may have to use against aliens is our remote viewing program, allegedly cancelled by our CIA in 1995, but it is undoubtedly still in use if and only if it was deemed effective. And yes, it probably was deemed effective because the CIA kept it for 20 years before they cancelled it. Also, our remote viewers kept bumping into UFOs and aliens while they worked, and this was irritating and a distraction. Why did they cancel remote viewing? Because it leaked, so they had to avoid embarrassment while it was taken further into blackness.

How could a war not have any conflict? By this I mean a large amount of physical conflict. Here is my opinion on the likelihood of physical conflict in an alien war. In the scifi book, “The Alien Years” by Robert Silverberg, he relates how beings come to earth and conquer the planet by simply stopping the operation of electricity, and that includes battery stoppage. The result was that there was no meaningful resistance whatsoever against the invasion. We know that UFOs are strongly associated with stoppage of electricity, plus there are many stories of UFOs having been observed before electrical power grid failure.  We know that humans can stop electricity too, albeit crudely, through the use of electromagnetic pulses (EMP). My opinion regarding electricity stoppage is that it is a natural outgrowth of being near the fields generated by the craft’s propulsion system, and that it is NOT a deliberate goal imposed by the aliens on our electrical grid and machinery. UFOs also appear to have the capability to suck power from our power grid. These field effects from the UFOs are not weapons; however, they certainly could be weaponized by them and maybe already have been. Another example of a war-stopper secret weapon could be a biological weapon like a virus that attacks and kills humans in just a few hours.  But here is the main point of this section: aliens might have a weapon so universal, so thorough, so quick, and so dominant,  that in just a few hours after its deployment there would be no opposition at all. And that is what I think will be most likely.

I have used a lot of movies and books to illustrate some of my points. I had to do this because I know of no UFO books that do. A few of the other invasion/takeover movies that I did not use in this writeup are ”Invasion of the Bodysnatchers”,  “War of the Worlds”, “Plan 9 from Outer  Space” (thought by some to be the worst movie ever made), "Transformers”, and “Skyline.” I could go on. Of recent movies, the one that violates most of the points in this writeup is “Battle: LA”. It was horrible, packed with clichés, and simply showed an alien force using conventional earth tactics such as a command and control center which was controlling an alien infantry and aircraft, all shooting projectile weapons. One could just as well have substituted a human invasion force doing pretty much the same things as the aliens. It also mentioned that they are here to steal our liquid water, when everyone knows that there is plenty of frozen water in outer space.  No originality whatsoever.

* I thought it would be interesting to include the following footnote although it has nothing to do with aliens. This book, Cyber War, released in April, 2010, states that bin Laden is hiding in a villa and not a cave. I presume that if it were released in 2010, then it may have been written in 2009. Furthermore, Christiane Amanpour on October 3, 2008, stated that bin Laden was hiding in a villa in Pakistan. A YouTube video of this is at: Here are two serious public figures whose careers depend on their credibility making these declarative statements.  It makes one wonder.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

by Ufonalyzer October, 2009; Re-published 12/24/13

12/24/13: I wrote this over 4 years ago. Due to the recent revelations supplied by Edward Snowden, it has become relevant to our present status here in the USA. This article's emphasis on the use of satellites and its downplay of the use of drones is probably incorrect, but the statements about government surveillance are 100% accurate. Here it is again for your reading pleasure, unedited.

As of the year 2000 about 8000 satellites had been launched since the 1957 beginning of the space age. About 560 were still up there operating as of that year [1] and now (as of 10/01/09) there are 900 operating [2]. What happened to the thousands of missing satellites? They went dead, became so obsolete as to become not used anymore, or fell back to earth.

Satellites can be categorized into many different groups, depending on what you may wish to discuss. They can be categorized by orbit (Low Earth Orbit, Medium Earth Orbit, Elliptical, Geosynchronous (includes Geostationary)); by controlling organization (military, civil, commercial, government); or by function (imaging {includes spy}, scientific, communications). Groups of satellites that fulfill a particular function are called constellations. Therefore, they can also be categorized by constellation name (e.g. GPS, Iridium, Globalstar). Of the 900, the US has 435 operating satellites of which 111 are military. The Defense Support Program (DSP) satellites are military. Russia has 90 and China has 53 total satellites in operation now [2].

Some satellites may be so secret that they have not even been found yet. There are many launch facilities around the world from which a secret satellite could be sent into space. Furthermore, multiple satellites can be deployed into space from the same launch. Satellites can also be launched from a missile attached to a flying airplane. The original proposal for the Iridium system of global portable phones recommended this as the favored launch method to keep costs in control. If America were to have a secret space fleet, satellites could be launched from our spaceships. After all, they already have been launched from the space shuttle. Thus, monitoring of the US’s favorite launch facilities would do no good to determine if another satellite were to join the 900.

It is very likely that the 111 US military satellite quantity is understated. There is an organization of hobbyists who track satellites which in 2006 was tracking about 140 black American satellites [3]. At about this time, the website for the Union of Concerned Scientists [2] stated that there were 95 US military satellites. Thus we must conclude that we have extra satellites up there doing things that we haven’t a clue about.

Many of the military satellites are up there for spying purposes. The most publicized of the spy satellites are the KH satellites, nicknamed KeyHole, which have been evolving steadily for decades. The original Keyhole satellites launched in 1960 had 3 foot resolution, in 1990 they were rumored to have 6” resolution, and the current KH-12 series launched from 1995 to 2005 is rumored to have 2 cm resolution. Just consider this: in 35 years the resolution of the Keyhole series went from 36 inches to 0.8 inches. It would be a good bet to believe that now in 2009 resolution is good enough to read license plates and do facial recognition by satellite. We may even have satellites that can read an open book from 400 miles! We will come back to this later.

Of course, more types of spying than just visual and infrared imaging are being done from these satellites. In 1999, cellular switch (the stationary piece of a cellular telephone system that the handheld cellphones “talk to”) manufacturers were mandated by the government to provide “hooks”, i.e. access capability, of both hardware and software as necessary to allow easy phone call monitoring of cellular conversations in the next generation of switch designs. This was before 9/11/2001. It would be naïve to assume that communications satellites were not similarly mandated, even though these satellites, like cellular switches, are commercially owned.

In this day and age, a country has to have spy capability to maintain control of the radical elements of the world who wish to destroy whatever democracy we have left. The law allows monitoring of phone calls when one end of the call is outside the US. The problem is that it is just as easy to monitor any call, not just the ones with a foreign termination, using existing technology. Thus, the government is prevented from listening in on US to US conversations by using a “Chinese firewall” to avoid breaking the law. (A Chinese firewall is a protocol only barrier; only written rules prevent breaching it. Any unethical person who wishes to breach the firewall to find something out or do something wrong can do so because the barrier is set up only by rules and ethics.) Past history has proven that the government just cannot resist the temptation to spy on its citizens if it has the physical and technical means to do so. It never has and never will obey the Chinese firewall, and that is a problem. Now consider the use of spy satellites. Now that we have satellites that can really zero in on a person, is there a protocol where use of such imaging satellites is permitted only for foreign spying? How long will it take for visual satellite spying on US cititzens to start to occur? Just something to consider. {Digression: 4 star general Michael Hayden was the director of the NSA and later was appointed by Bush to become the Director of the CIA. This lasted until Obama replaced him. This is the same Michael Hayden who vigorously defended the use of secret prisons and questionable interrogation methods on suspected terrorists. This is the same Michael Hayden who as director of NSA, his job prior to the CIA directorship, said in a national press conference on May 31, 2006, that he was 100% sure that the 4th Amendment did not have a prohibition against searches and seizures without probable cause. NSA’s main job is to eavesdrop on communications and it illegally does this on American to American communications all the time which it denies. It is unforgiveable that the head of an eavesdropping organization like the NSA would not know that “upon probable cause” is literally part of the 4th amendment. It was a disgusting and disgraceful display of ignorance and arrogance. He should have been fired soon after this revelation. Instead Bush appoints him to a more prestigious position about a year later, the Directorship of the CIA. Unbelievable! Why was this guy a 4 star general? Why was he rewarded with high positions? Yikes!}

It is the Ufonalyzer’s belief that our satellite technology contributed greatly to the success of the “surge” in Iraq. Bob Woodward, in his book “The War Within”, writes the following long passage:
“Beginning in about May 2006, the U.S. military and the U.S. intelligence agencies launched a series of TOP SECRET operations that enabled them to locate, target, and kill key individuals in extremist groups such as al Qaeda, the Sunni insurgency and renegade Shia militias, or so-called special groups. The operations, which were either Special Access Programs (SAP) or part of Special Compartmented Information (SCI), incorporated some of the most highly classified techniques and information in the U.S. government.
Senior military officers and officials at the White House have asked me not to publish the details or the code word names associated with these groundbreaking programs. They argue that publication of the names alone might lead to unraveling of state secrets that have been so beneficial in Iraq. Because disclosing the details of such operations could compromise their ongoing use, I have chosen not to include more here. But a number of authoritative sources say these covert activities had a far-reaching effect on the violence and were very possibly the biggest factor in reducing it. Several said that 85 to 90 percent of the successful operations and “actionable intelligence” had come from these new sources, methods, and operations. Several others said that figure was exaggerated but acknowledged their significance. Once again, it was American innovation that provided and edge.”
 [4] Bold type added by this writer for emphasis.

What this says is that the troop increase in Iraq known as the surge was not wholly responsible for the turn around in that conflict. In fact, some people thought that it may have contributed only a small portion of the improvement. Now there is talk of doing the surge again, this time in Afghanistan so these secret programs would be reused if there is an Afghan surge. What were these secret programs that Mr. Woodward is referring to in this passage that were so effective? For sure, one of the the secret programs was the hiring of Blackwater by the CIA to conduct assassinations as reported August 19, 2009, in the New York Times. {Digression: Ironically, at this same moment in time, the CIA’s website states the following in its FAQ section:
“FAQ #9: The CIA has been accused of conducting assassinations and engaging in drug trafficking. What are the facts?
Answer: The CIA does neither. Executive order 12333 of 1981 explicitly prohibits the CIA from engaging, either directly or indirectly, in assassinations. Internal safeguards and the congressional oversight process assure compliance.” 
[5]} The font size and bold emphasis are the Ufonalyzer’s.

This is on the CIA website even as they admitted hiring Blackwater to perform assassinations. So much for the truth from the CIA. The Ufonalyzer is not against assassinating fanatical terrorists. He is against secrecy and lies.}

Woodward’s book implies that a combination of techniques was used as effective countermeasures against Al Qaeda. It mentions Special Access Programs which are almost always Black Budget highly technical developments. The hiring of assassins is NOT a highly technical development. They do the killing, but what did the locating and targeting? It is therefore highly likely that spy satellites were instrumental in locating and recognizing the targets to be assassinated. Drones could have been used also, but satellites would give far more coverage. This means that we know how to use these satellites against individual people and not just stationary targets.

Now, let’s take this one step further. In 1967, the Outer Space Treaty prohibited the deployment of weapons of mass destruction in space. Most people believe that there currently are no weapons in space, but this treaty did NOT forbid the deployment of conventional weapons. But what do you think would be the “jewel in the crown” of a future satellite weapon system? The Ufonalyzer believes that it would be a satellite which could be programmed with facial recognition software and which can assassinate a person from space with precision. It would be a sniper satellite. If that existed, there would be little need to hire a Blackwater or Wackenhut to do the job.

A totalitarian society with this kind of capability is a chilling thought. Now there are many countries where the state is supreme; it disallows any criticism of itself whatsoever, and freely uses torture and assassination of its own citizens to achieve its ends. Weapons like a laser assassination satellite would be a welcome addition to control the masses. The populace could become very paranoid, knowing that they could be struck down at any moment. Fashions might change where hats and facial hair become the norm, and glassene clothing to reflect away laser beams could be introduced.

In 1791, Jeremy Bentham conceived of a type of architecture which would allow a single person to watch over everyone else in the building. This concept would be of use in, say, a prison or a library. This type of architectural design is called a Panopticon. Everyone within it would realize they could be watched at any conceivable moment, and as a result would behave according to the rules. A totalitarian government would like to have a virtual panopticon, where any person knows that he/she is watchable and recordable into a monitored, central databank. Everyone in their country would realize that they had no privacy, and were subject to computerized eavesdropping of their phones and internet work by centralized supercomputers, and their outdoor activities via spy satellite. If they misbehaved, they could be taken out at any time on the street by a laser beam from above. What a horrible place that would be. To compensate, the government would have to supply “bread and circuses” as the Romans used to say. Free or cheap food and mindless entertainment would be served up as an opiate for the masses. This kind of society is within reach today—that’s the scary part. Elements of it are already in place, awaiting the tyrannical leader who will put it all together.

Fortunately, with regard to satellites being used as offensive weapons, there are some big drawbacks. Most satellite types these days are detectable mainly because their sightings are repeatable due to being in regular orbits. They are also easily detectable by radar. The US’s SPASUR system has been very effective in detecting satellites going over the US. Repetitive orbits allow predictive analysis on where they will be in the future. This makes them vulnerable. Both the US and China each have shot down one of their own defective satellites from the ground. They are not the ultimate weapon. A space fleet would not have the weaknesses of a satellite weapon. We know UFOs have cloaking capability, so it is likely our scientists are working on that too. If they are successful, all sorts of things will be given this capability, satellites among them. Until then, we must assume that space satellites remain easily detectable and therefore vulnerable. Please read Unfonalyzer’s writeup, “Does America Have a Secret Space Program?” to find out more about this possibility.

[4] “The War Within” by Bob Woodward, 2008, page 380