ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come

ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Vanishing UFOs? A Phoenix Lights UFO?
By Ufonalzyer 12/2009

Many good visual UFO sightings end when the UFO vanishes. It takes only an instant and suddenly it is gone from view. Consider the following case.

Mr and Mrs X were on their front porch in Chino Valley, Arizona around March, 1997. It was spring, early evening, getting dark, and a clear sky. Their porch faced west. The neighborhood was sparsely settled, with houses every few acres. Suddenly above their house right in front of them a large UFO appeared. It was a huge, oval shape object which suddenly was just there. It was totally silent and its sudden appearance was also silent. It was black in color, but the evening sky still was light enough to allow viewing it as a structured object, but it was too dark out to see if it had rivets or seams. They viewed it for about 2 minutes. Mr. X said, “It was three times bigger than a blimp.” Mr. X, currently age 60, has flown on a blimp, so he is familiar with how large they can be. When most people compare something to a blimp, they usually mean the Goodyear blimp even though many blimps are much smaller. The Goodyear blimp is 192 feet long, so 3 times bigger could mean almost 600 feet. It had two rows of lights or windows one above the other of about 15-20 windows per row. In addition, it had lights on the bottom. They could not make a more quantitative estimate of its dimensions, height, or distance. They stared at the hovering object for about 2 minutes after which it disappeared instantly. They did not report their sighting. The Ufonalyzer made a search to see if someone else reported this sighting, and no reference was found. Mr and Mrs X, however, claimed that it was on the news from Tucson to back east. However, the only Chino Valley sighting with wide news coverage was the the Phoenix Lights sighting in 1997 (not the alleged flares, but the boomerang shape that occurred a few hours before the flares.) It is possible that their sighting is totally independent of the Phoenix Lights which may have occurred within a few days of their own (meaning their memories incorrectly combined their sighting with the news of the Phoenix Lights) OR their sighting actually occurred on March 13, 1997 and is a previously unknown part of the Phoenix Lights famous sighting. Chino Valley was the second northernmost town in AZ that reported the boomerang object (Paulden being the farthest north, 10 miles farther), but no one has ever reported a huge oval UFO as part of that famous sighting. It is a mystery. Either way, their sighting is a completely unknown one to this time.

The above sketch of the UFO was done by Mrs X in about 20 seconds. Mr. and Mrs. X are hard working, solid citizens and are not wild eyed crazy nuts. They have no reason whatsoever to have invented this story. They are personally known to the Ufonalzyer.

Four theories exist for what might be occurring with vanishing UFOs:

The oldest theory is that the UFO takes off so fast that the human eye just can’t follow it. Paul R. Hill, author of “Unconventional Flying Objects”, was a proponent of that theory. UFOs have been tracked at well over 10,000 mph in our atmosphere, but whether or not they can accelerate in milliseconds so as to fool the human eye into believing they vanished is another thing altogether. A bullet coming out of a gun could be going about 1800 mph and it can’t be seen; everything seems instantaneous. However, if that bullet were a tracer bullet and the observer was somewhat behind the shooter or far away from the shooter, the observer and the shooter can see the (lit up) bullet traveling. Even a non illuminated bullet could be seen at conventional gun velocities if it were, say, as big as a car or even a basketball. A UFO is a pretty large machine and it is generally observed from a distance. Thus it probably could be seen to fly away even it it instantly accelerated to thousands of miles an hour.

Let’s do some estimates. The average diameter of the average sighted UFO is only about 15 feet. Most people think it’s about 40-50 feet, but please see Ufonalyzer’s writeup “Analysis of Historical Alien Close Encounters.” The human reaction time for a visual stimulus is an average of 20-40 milliseconds, so we will use 30 msec. (This is the time it takes for the nerve impulse to get to the brain from the eye and for the brain to notice the movement, and is NOT the time for muscles to react which would be on the order of 200 msec.) The human eye macula (the part of the eye that provides the clear vision area, as opposed to your peripheral vision) subtends an angle of about 16.7 degrees, average. Let’s further assume you are watching a UFO at a quarter mile distance. Let us further assume the impossible that the UFO instantly achieves its full speed from a standstill. How fast would that UFO have to move from a standstill for it to get out of your macula’s field of view within 30 milliseconds? Doing the math, one finds that the macula subtends an arc of 192 feet at a quarter mile. But because the UFO is centered in your vision, the UFO need only move 96 feet to be at the edge of your visual detection. If it moves 96 feet in 30 msec, then it’s traveling 2182 miles per hour. If the UFO were one half mile away, then the speed below which you could discern its travel away from you in a lateral direction would be 4364 mph. At a higher speed than that, it would look like it vanished. But here is a big BUT. BUT, human vision for detecting movement is even more acute outside of the macular area. We have all heard this and it’s true. This means that a human could detect that the UFO traveled away at an even faster speed than 2182 mph instead of vanishing because he would still be able to detect its movement over a wider arc as defined by his peripheral vision. Furthermore, the Ufonalyzer does not believe that UFOs can achieve instant final velocity with zero acceleration time. If this is the case, then the average velocity of the UFO in its first 30 milliseconds of acceleration would mean that the takeoff of the UFO from your field of vision is even more noticeable. This means that even if the quarter mile distant UFO were to achieve a final speed well over 2182, say, 20000 or 30000 miles an hour, once it really gets going, if its average speed within that 1st 30 milliseconds stays below 2182, you should still detect that it flew away, and that it did not vanish. Furthermore, when UFOs generally are seen to accelerate rapidly from a standstill, they often change color as their propulsion system “powers up” immediately prior to leaving or it may exhibit pre-acceleration tilt before it takes off. The vanishing UFOs don’t exhibit either of these traits.

Another theory is that the UFO enters another dimension, or goes into a wormhole, or enters “warp speed” mode of operation. This is how many people believe they got here because these hypothetical means of travel avoid the long slower than light voyages between stars. (A variation on these ideas is that the UFO dematerialized. The few UFO cases that have observed this say that a misty area slowly builds around the UFO and it then starts to lose visual clarity. This continues until the mist and visual clarity dissipates into nothingness. The reverse of this process is when the UFO first appears. The process takes several seconds. In this case, the Ufonalyzer believes that what you see is really what is happening: some UFOs have a mode of travel in which its atoms dissociate somehow and coalesce somewhere else.) One of these methods could very well be the means that UFOs use to go between stars. This means, however, might not be very safe to use so close to earth, or it may take large machinery to achieve it, hence the aliens’ use of motherships. After all, if it were easy or safe to use near earth, it would be used most of the time, yet it is not. The vast majority of sightings are of continuously traveling, moving UFOs, and not discontinuously traveling, vanishing, jumping UFOs. Another thing to consider is this: the dimensional and warp speed methods would be so fast as to leave a “hole” in our atmosphere. UFOs do control the atmosphere around them which prevents air friction and this also prevents sonic booms, but both of these features depend on the presence of the UFO to control its surroundings. When or if the UFO vanishes into another dimension, it just suddenly is not there anymore. The vanishing act would leave a vacuum hole in our atmosphere which would rapidly fill with inrushing air from all directions. When the air meets, one should expect to hear a loud pop or crack. It would be like breaking a UFO size light bulb. No one has reported this noise.

is an alleged project by the government to project huge holograms into the sky. This capability could be used for diversions in time of war or mass propaganda. Simply turning off the holographic projector will cause the image to vanish. It is doubtful that the Chino Valley sighting was a hologram because there would be no reason whatsoever to project a UFO over Chino Valley.

A fourth theory is that the UFO simply turns on its cloaking capability. This hypothesis for vanishing UFOs avoids the negatives of the other three hypotheses. UFOs seem to be cloaking themselves more these days than in the early UFO years of sightings. They can turn on either radar or visual invisibility separately. This writeup deals solely with visual invisibility. As you know, other UFOs have been videoed with a dual camera simultaneously in both the visible light spectrum and infrared with the result being that the UFO was visible in the infrared light video but invisible in the normal light video. This capability hints at the complete command of photon physics that aliens possess. This theory, by the way, is the one preferred by the Ufonalyzer.

CROP CIRCLE MUSINGS by Ufonalyzer 12/09

CROP CIRCLE MUSINGS by Ufonalyzer 12/09

Crop circles appear to have now been embraced as a branch of ufology. Ufonalyzer does not agree with this, but has to go along with it. The UFO field is huge and complicated, and adding this field muddies the waters even further. This one time writeup on crop circles will give his views on this phenomenon for what they are worth which is probably nothing.

Let us go back to basics to get one obvious thing out of the way. You probably recall Doug and Dave with their rope on a board which they used many times to press down the crop to make a hoax crop circle. Is this still going on? Is this the sole way crop circles are formed? This writer believes that the answers are yes and no. Certainly, hoaxers who tend to be unoriginal occasionally copy Doug and Dave’s efforts of the past. There is no way to prevent this. Present day crop circles are much more elaborate and complicated than those of Doug and Dave’s era. Plus, many of them now have the grain pressed down in different directions, further increasing the degree of difficulty of hoaxing a circle with a board. The board does not explain the growth and node anomalies in the grain stalks that Dr. Levengood first exposed. Also, what are those little lights that are occasionally seen near a new crop circle? There’s another problem too. Crop circle hoaxing contests have shown that the biggest and most complex circles just can’t be created in a 5 hour nighttime session even by a team of 3 hoaxers. It just takes too much time. Why 5 hours? Most crop circles are found in England which is very far north, about the same as Hudson Bay in Canada. This translates to summer nights that are about 5 hours long. Therefore there’s something else going on.

Many times investigators who arrive soon enough at a fresh crop circle observe a couple of interesting things.

First, military helicopters sometimes show up. This implies that whatever means created the circle is detectable by likely the same means that the military uses to detect UFOs. (See Ufonalyzer’s writeup on UFO Detection.) This fact alone is enough for most ufologists to place crop circles into the purview of ufology. Certainly the creation of the pattern should be detectable with an infrared satellite, providing it happened to be focused on the correct field of grain. If it were always human hoaxers, one would think that by now the government would have revealed that they detected human forms creating the pattern, but they have not. It is possible that a UFO created the crop circle while still using its cloaking capability, but this is probably not the case as is hypothesized by the second interesting thing, which is:

Second, many times small points of light are seen flying near and emerging from a fresh crop circle. These look like self illuminated mini UFOs about 3 to 4 inches size. If a UFO created the circle under stealth, then why would it leave behind smaller UFOs which are visually detectable? It would not. Where did this size estimate come from? The answer to this can be found in a two hour set of videos that the Ufonalzyer saw on a website like YouTube or These videos were of those crop circle lights that are often seen in daylight near a fresh crop circle. In one of the videos, a hawk (or whatever passes for a hawk in the UK (a kestrel?)) is seen to chase down one of these specks of light and catches up to it in mid air and then suddenly veers away and cuts off its chase. (It could also have been a mother bird chasing away a perceived threat.) It realized upon reaching the thing that it was not edible prey. The commentary on the video pointed out the bird chase as it occurred but the commentary was matter of fact, almost dismissive. To this viewer, it was hugely significant because it proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that this was not a hoax light or hoax video. It proved it was not a figment of the viewer’s imagination because an animal saw and reacted to the same thing. It proved it was an object viewable by a bird with eyesight far better than a human’s up to a couple of inches away, and it placed a size range on the light because a hawk would not chase down a big bird but would try to chase down something about as big as itself or smaller. It looked about as big or a bit smaller than the bird that chased it.

The intelligence behind these crop circles does not seem to be as secretive as those that operate UFOs. Crop circles are clearly attempts by the intelligence to openly express itself (as does an artist) or to communicate. UFOs do not do that. It is the Ufonalzyer’s theory that the creators of crop circles are yet another alien intelligence on earth, and this alien intelligence is totally different from those of the UFO operators. Most rational people believe that UFOs are machines operated by beings from technological societies, but the Ufonalzer thinks that the entities creating crop circles are about as alien to the aliens as the UFO operators are to humans. This could be why UFOs are seen on rare occasions near crop circles; they are simply investigating them as we do.

Furthermore, there is a chance that the lights flying around fresh crop circles are the physical manifestations of the entities themselves that created the circle. In other words, the lights are the beings.This implies that a crop circle light may very well be not an extraterrestrial biological entity, but an extraterrestrial non-biological entity; that is, a pure energy entity visible as a plasma ball or perhaps an electronic intelligence housed in a small 3 to 4 inch metal container that can fly.

UFO DETECTION by Ufonalyzer 12/09

UFO DETECTION by Ufonalyer        ©  12/09

Decades ago, the Ufonalzyer considered building a UFO detector that he saw in a magazine. It was based on the theory that UFOs somehow use magnetism as their means of propulsion. The detector was a magnet suspended at the end of a naked wire. Around the wire was a loop of another wire, not touching. The two wires were to be hooked to a battery and an alarm. The theory was that the magnetic field of a UFO passing over your house would disturb the magnet and move it. This would cause the wires to touch, sound the alarm, and then you could run outside and see the UFO.

We occasionally encounter weird, offbeat ways to detect various phenomena. Once the weird offbeat method is instrumentized, it then can become integrated into our mainstream society. Smoke and motion detectors are things that may have been considered offbeat decades ago, but now are part of our culture. Who would have guessed 70 years ago that smoke was cheaply detectable by means other than our eyes and noses? We know that polarized light is now used to reveal cracks and stress points in materials. A dog can sniff out cancer in humans, but this capability has not been built into a medical instrument as far as this writer knows, even though we now have chemical sniffers for airport use. We still rely on other means for cancer detection.

We know that UFOs have stealth technology, both for radar and visual invisibility. Videos exist of UFO’s which are invisible in normal videos, but completely visible when videod by an infrared camera. UFOs have the capability to turn their stealth on and off as they see fit. We have a radar detection network for satellites named SPASUR ( SPAce SURveillance ). It projects fanshaped radar beams into the air and outer space and waits for a satellite to go through the fence of energy. Once a satellite goes through, a detector (radar receiver) located a few hundred miles away detects the reflected energy. The radar transmitter and receiver are not co-located as in most radars. But given that UFOs can willfully make themselves invisible to radar, something else has been needed for a long time to get around their stealth technology, and maybe, just maybe, it already exists. [Digression: Most commercial radars do not detect UFOs because they are programmed to “paint” only those objects which return a transponded signal AND which are travelling at velocities which are “conventional”; i.e. the radar is designed to look only for expected human technology objects.] Scientists may have figured out an equally unusual way to detect UFOs which may be radar independent. This is hypothesized in this writeup due to the many times that a UFO is seen shortly followed by jet interceptors which never catch it but do succeed in chasing it away. Our military bases may receive word from some unknown detection network that their planes should be scrambled to go find a nearby UFO. Furthermore, this unknown means of detection may have additional capability to determine “signatures” of the signal which tell the US military if the UFO is benign or hostile. These signatures would be of some emission by the propulsion system that is peculiar to one UFO race or another. This network could be operating independent of but in addition to our already existing radar networks. The bases probably have a UFO officer and flight crews who have been taught procedures about this process, all of which would be secret. These crews and officers are probably strategically located on our bases across the country such that the mean time to go the distance to the UFO is minimized. Hundreds of civilian UFO reports indicate that this MTTU (mean time to UFO) for any spot in the country is on the order of several minutes, not hours. This, however, does not address the means by which the chased UFO was detected to begin with.

What if there were an outgrowth from particle beam weapon research which resulted in, say, a fanshaped transmission of quantum particles which could be detected by sensors of same. This would be a system of detection very much like the aforementioned SPASUR, but not reliant on reflected electromagnetic waves but instead reflected particles? Could that detect UFOs? Maybe. If there is such a system, the Ufonalyzer is betting on something that is based on quantum mechanics.

Instead of active systems of detection where we transmit something into the air and search for a bounceback, maybe UFOs can be detected passively, where their own emissions give them away? Who knows? We have all seen UFO photos which have a fuzziness distortion around the UFO, usually the bottom. Most believe that this is caused by the propulsion system and is believed by most to be a gravity phenomenon. We have ways to measure gravity anomalies, so could there be a way to scan the sky with a gravity anomaly detector? Could UFOs be detectable with polarized light? Is there a detector which can record ionization patches in the sky, where the ionization patch is where the UFO is located?

Human scientists can invent incredibly creative and offbeat means to accomplish an objective. Given that military high tech is decades ahead of what the public knows and uses, our scientists may have solved this one already. Otherwise, how else can the super fast response of our military be explained?

ALIEN EVOLUTION--A NEW TWIST by Ufonalyzer 12/09; updated 3/10

ALIEN EVOLUTION—A NEW TWIST by Ufonalyzer 12/09, updated 3/10

Recently the Ufonalyzer updated his spreadsheet* of Alien CE3 (close encounters of the third kind) incidents. This update brought the number of CE3 cases documented by top ufologists of the highest integrity to 298 over a 63 year time span. About 48 different alien races were estimated to have visited based on their different descriptions reported by the witnesses. This led the Ufonalzyer to speculate on why so many alien races seem to be enjoying the benefits of star travel technology while we have not even returned to our moon in 37 years. Maybe we are just too slow.

Modern man first appeared on the scene around 120,000-200,000 years ago. Of course we know he did not just abruptly appear, but evolved to his present state over a period of time. Civilization first appeared about 5,500 years ago, about 3,500BC. Throughout this whole time, mankind always had a struggle to survive against hostile animals, disease, climate, and hostile fellow humans. In addition, mankind always has had a strong belief in religion with its arguable benefit toward his happiness and well being. Animals, climate, hostile social groups, religion, and microbes have all served to impede technological progress. You must admit that we have not followed an efficient, linear path toward arriving at where we are now. Another impediment to progress, particularly toward civilization, was the lack of numbers in the human race. There were so few humans for so long that insufficient numbers to form a group of people large enough to develop social organization, art, government, labor specialization, etc (in other words, civilization) just was not possible, nor were these things even necessary given the sparseness of our numbers. Eventually, in recent millenia sufficient numbers became available that groupings large enough to trigger civilization occurred, resulting in Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and a few other civilizations which independently appeared within about 500 years of each other. But on the whole, one could say that man’s potential and attributes which have existed for 120,000 to 200,000 years have been wasted, resulting in a very low standard of living for most of that time**. We have had civilization for about 2%-4% of that time, and the civilized portion of our existence has not been much to brag about either.

It is likely that alien races can trace their own emergence into their current form and intelligence back to a certain time of beginning too, just as we have done. Most people believe that the reason they are so advanced compared to us is because their race is so much older than ours. After all, UFO sightings have been occurring for thousands of years.

It is just as likely that many alien races who have visited earth are much younger than ours, and that we are laggards, having shown poor progress toward high tech relative to the aliens. Believing that all these races are so much older than our own assuages the human ego, just as so many other of our beliefs are ego driven. Consider a hypothetical new alien race with few emotions which has evolved into its present form 120,000-200,000 years ago on a planet where worldwide benign climatic conditions with no ice ages have existed for eons, much as our dinosaurs used to enjoy. Also hypothesize an average IQ of, say, 140 (ours is 100), few lethal microbes, few natural predators, and a reasonablly low birth rate. It is very reasonable to expect that this alien race, due to its unemotional and unexcitable psyche plus optimal planetary environment, would not be overly aggressive toward one another and try to kill each other off, nor would they lock themselves into thousands of years of non-progress while they pursue dogmatic belief systems. Nor would they continuously tell themselves that they are something special and are top dog in the universe. This race could achieve the “threshold” population level necessary to start civilization in a fraction of the time that it took us humans, say 20,000 years. From that point, it could be a mostly smooth upward progression without dark ages, famine, wars of annihilation, and technical stagnation brought about by incorrect beliefs. It is conceivable that they could have achieved our own current level of technical sophistication after 1,000-2,000 years after their version of civilization began as compared to our own 5,500 years. Going onward from there, they achieve star travel by some means or in another 200-2,000 years, so that they could have started visiting neighboring stars in perhaps 25,000 years after emerging from whatever primordial environment that spawned them. This would give such a civilization about 95,000 to 175,000 years to explore and pull further ahead of us even though they emerged as a race at the same time we did.

Another couple of reasons exist for our slow progress compared to aliens. One is our own lifespan. We each have about 70-80 good mental years on our agendas. Aliens, due to their superior technology and simpler physiologies have anywhere from 150-500 years of mental acuity according to close encounter information. Our knowledge base is built by stacking one generation's learnings onto the previous generations' learnings. Each successive generation must relearn it's previous generations' knowledge before adding new knowledge. Aliens probably must go through this same process, but living two to eight times longer gives a huge boost in efficiency towards progress. Another possible reason is their mental telepathy. This ability probably helps in acquiring base learning so that our process of going through K-12 plus another 4 college years might actually be compressed into only a couple of years for telepathic variety aliens.

This hypothetical scenario is not really that far fetched. One can see that even a race that may have emerged even 50,000 years ago still would have had plenty of time (25,000 years based on the previous assumptions) to explore other solar systems and to appear as glyphs on our rocks and as UFO’s in our Renaissance paintings.

Of course we are doing the best we can given the script that we're given inherent in our makeup. But let's not cop out and use the excuse that they have had more time to develop. It just may not be true at all.

All of the previous has been about technology, and not about much else. Due to humanity’s long and rich history of tragedy, retrenchment, and fitful development, we have learned to appreciate things cast in the light of our past. We carry our past with us, in our surroundings, and in our behavior all of the time. Aliens do not seem to do this. Perhaps this means that they have not had the time to develop in the social area even though they are technically advanced.

After all is said and done, the Ufonalzyer still favors the theory that most of the alien visitors belong to races that are older than ours, but certainly one has to allow that quite a few could be younger.

*spreadsheet located at:

**This is not all mankind’s fault as can be shown by the near extinction of all mankind 60,000 to 2,000,000 years ago as revealed by DNA mutation rate studies. Many scientists believe that 74,000 years ago appears to be the most favored date for this population “bottleneck” and most believe this really almost happened. The prevailing belief for the cause is volcanism.

UFO CRASHING VIDEO by Ufonalyzer 12/09

UFO CRASHING VIDEO by Ufonalyzer 12/09

There is a short video that has been around for at least 4 to 5 years or more of a UFO crashing. It can be found at

and other internet locations as well. It is titled “UFO Crash”, but it does not seem to generating any buzz in spite of its clear portrayal of the event. The ufonalyzer has read a short sentence or two about the video in a couple of spots on the internet and these claim that it is a 1997 test missile crash at White Sands, NM. This storyline is probably misinformation to reduce the impact of what is being seen right before our very eyes. This video has never been portrayed as being a hoax, nor does it look like one. The problem with this video, then, is of how it is being protrayed, and NOT whether it has been faked. So it is either a UFO or a man made object crashing, and it really is probably crashing at White Sands.

Why is it a real UFO?

1. It appears to be a discoid shape, but a cylindrical missile could provide a side view that could possibly appear like this does in the video.
2. At the very beginning of the video, the object is plummeting to the earth at about a 45 degree angle, and then it tries to come out of its dive such that by the time first impact is made with the ground it hits at about a 30 degree angle. Thus it is retaining some type of flight capability until the last second and it is under some sort of control. To effect the change in its fall, its propulsion system must be providing power to make a sharp turn. If it were a missile, one could see the rocket exhaust as the engines are firing and there is no evidence of that. A UFO uses field propulsion whose only known indications of a high power turn on are as follows:
a. UFOs often exhibit an increase in self luminosity because they apparently ionize the air around them as they “power up.” This object is obviously pretty brightly self luminous.
b. Many videos of UFOs show visual distortion around the object, particularly at the bottom. This video shows this too, so that the thing looks a lot like a jellyfish with dangling tentacles, the tentacles being the distortion of the antigravity field in full operation. The Ufonalyzer saw this only when he went to look for it on full screen.
3. It is obviously self luminous. Missiles are not. Now, one could say that this aircraft is malfunctioning and is glowing due to heat perhaps caused by high speed. The speed of this UFO is pretty low. The video shows 3 telephone poles in the foreground being passed during the crash sequence (a 4th pole is estimated in the sequence.) They appear to be about 4 times closer to the camera than the UFO is. Standard AT&T telephone pole spacing practice in rural areas is 132 feet, so if the UFO is 4 times further away than the poles, it horizontally traverses 2100 feet in the 14 seconds until second impact. This is only 150 mph. Given the gross estimates being made, the speed could easily be twice as high, or even slower. Obviously its speed has been reduced at first impact and as it seeks to come out of its dive, but for sure this object is NOT glowing due atmospheric friction due to its slowness.
4. The bounce after first impact of the object is very impressive and indicative of high structural strength. What little is known of UFO crashes shows that it takes a lot of abuse to fragmentize a UFO.

Now, one may ask if this is UFO, then why didn’t it use its “instantaneous” turn, start, stop capability to come out of the crash? The Ufonalyzer’s response to this is that it is disabled due to some malfunction or to having been shot which is why it is crashing in the first place.

White Sands has a long UFO history, predating even the Roswell event. This UFO may have been snooping around and could have been shot down. Taken in their collective entirety, it is hoped that these observations make a convincing case that this video really is of a crashing UFO.


Monday, November 30, 2009


by Ufonalyzer November, 2009

A reader of Edward Ruppelt’s fine book on UFOs, “The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects”, will find it apparent that this man had been converted to the belief that UFOs were real even though the book is written from the perspective of a neutral investigator. One can tell that authors like Frank Scully and Frank Edwards were quick converts to believers. It did not take any of these guys that long to realize that here, right before our eyes, is a technological phenomenon that is almost certainly extraterrestrial AND that a coverup is in effect. It appears that historian Richard Dolan was converted after a few years of studying the matter.

But there is another breed of ufologist out there that just can’t seem to cross the threshold of making a statement on what their true opinions and theories are on the UFO subject (that is, if they have any). A few months ago the Steve Binnall radio show interviewed an excellent Swedish ufologist. This person has been investigating UFOs for over 40 years, and is very, very thorough. It was extremely surprising to hear him say things in the interview that indicated he is holding back in making a judgment on what UFOs may be. On the other hand there are people like Dr Paul R Hill, author of the excellent book, “Unconventional Flying Objects”, who knew instantly with his first sighting that these were technological machines not of this world. He then set about studying them from a scientific perspective.

But to study a phenomenon for 40 years and still not be willing to express your opinion on one side or the other is actually kind of strange. Talk about Analysis Paralysis and Investigation Constipation! Time to s--t or get off the pot.

This is not quite the same as those ufologists who might be interviewed by the national media on, say, the Larry King show. Surely most of them believe in the extraterrestrial and high tech nature of the phenomenon, yet when challenged in front of the mainstream TV audience, they usually defer to caution and won’t say that they are staunch believers. Instead what they say is, “All I’m saying is that this phenomenon deserves serious scientific study and should NOT be casually dismissed by the media and suppressed by the government” or something equivalent. One of the few ufologists who is brave enough to openly express his belief is Stanton Friedman. He unabashedly states the UFOs are extraterrestrial space machines. It is understandable why these other ufologists would pull back on making that statement about UFOs with such absolute conviction—it is to avoid the risk of alienating the audience with the appearance of dogmatic fanaticism. They obviously feel that taking a reserved, more scientific high road on the matter will alienate fewer folks and may even convert some disbelievers into becoming objective thinkers about the matter.

One ufologist who always took the high road was Allen Hynek. Dr. Hynek held any opinion in reserve, perhaps due to being worried about the dignity of his scientific profession or maybe due to his past obfuscation of the issue as an employee of the Air Force. He fits into the same category as the Swedish ufologist mentioned in the second paragraph. He, too, had Analysis Paralysis and Investigation Constipation. In Dr. Hynek’s introduction to Jacques Vallee’s book, “The UFO Enigma”, 1966, he states that he had been involved with the Air Force on UFOs for 18 years as of 1966. In his 1972 book, “The UFO Experience-A Scientific Inquiry”, he claims it was 20 years as of 1972. The math does not add up, so this writeup is going to say that he was deeply involved with studying UFOs for 24 years as of 1972. He was aware of criticism of his noncommittal stand on the subject as is proven in his 1966 intro to Vallee’s book: “Perhaps I should have spoken earlier; eighteen years is a long time. But it takes more evidence to get an idea accepted in a revolutionary field…” and “Nonetheless, I have of late been rebuked, in my correspondence with people whose integrity I respect, with the charge that I failed to call the importance of the air force data on UFO’s to the attention of my peers.” As far as the Ufonalyzer can tell, what he wished he had spoken about earlier was his belief that UFOs are deserving of serious scientific study! Yikes! One hundred per cent of people who are interested in UFOs believe this after maybe two weeks of involvement! Is that all he is willing to say after 24 years? He keeps talking about the scientific method in his writings. The Ufonalzyer thought that scientists, when confronted with a new, unknown phenomenon, would (1) study the information at hand about the phenomenon, and then (2) form a hypothesis, and then (3) devise ways to objectively prove or disprove that hypothesis. What was Dr. Hynek’s hypothesis? Did he ever get past (1)? In his 1972 book, “The UFO Experience-A Scientific Inquiry” he wrote that he actually recommended against the ETH hypothesis to the Condon committee because it could not be proven with the type of data that had been collected. What could be proven, he believed, was that the phenomenon still remained unexplainable. Not being a Hynek scholar, the Ufonalyzer had to search for something in his UFO opinions that was actually significant, but up to at least 1972, nothing was found. Finally, according to Wikipedia, in 1977 after 29 years in ufology’s mainstream, Dr. Hynek actually talked about 3 hypotheses that he considered for the phenomenon, but it was something like “maybe it’s this, it could be that, and have you considered this other one too?” Kind of useless. By the way, the 3 hypotheses were the Extraterrestrial Intelligence Hypothesis, the Extradimensional Intelligence Hypothesis, and the Material and the Mental Hypothesis. By then, this was kind of unoriginal and weakened by multiple choices, plus it was way too late to be helpful to ufology. One can tell from everything about him that he was a nice guy and a smart one at that. He just must have wanted bolder ufologists to lead the way.

With regard to upholding the scientific method when pursuing a UFO case, it is obvious that UFO investigators must be as scientific as possible.This helps get rid of the bad cases and it helps ward off the skeptics and the giggle factor people. However, constant lecturing about the scientific method and the dignity of science when discussing a phenomenon that does not easily conform to scientific investigation (no samples; rare, random events; science that is beyond our own; psychic content; secrecy and suppression) does not help advance the cause of ufology one bit.

UFO history has taught us the following important lesson: Saying that more scientific investigation is needed on UFOs is NOT going to convince any scientist or university to accept the challenge to start a truly open scientific investigation. It is time for the TV ufologists to strap on a pair like Stanton Friedman has done and give some opinions about what they truly believe based on their own objective study.


Thursday, October 29, 2009



Does America have s secret space program? This question is too broad, for it could simply be interpreted as: Do we have a lot of secret satellites performing secret functions up in space? Of course we do, so the anwer to the broad question is YES.

The “correct” question is really a series of questions, which are:
I. Does America have a secret space fleet of manned ships?
II. Are the crews of these ships garrisoned in outer space or here on earth?
III. Is the propulsion of this fleet based on field propulsion, or is it old fashioned rocketry?
IV. What does this fleet do?

The Ufonalyzer regrets to inform that he does not know the answer to any of I through IV. This is ironic because the existence of UFOs is a certainty and this whole website is written with that certainty as a basic premise, but when we come to a simple appearing set of questions about something as mundane as an earth created space fleet, the answer is not clear at all. All that exists are some scattered pieces of suggestive evidence. Another topic to be discussed is why America would love to have a secret manned space fleet as soon as possible; that is, if it does not have one already.

Before we launch into the clues and logic behind the secret space fleet question, let’s get one thing out of the way. Is there enough money floating around to pay for the waste of having two overlapping space programs? Yes, there’s plenty. Read the Ufonalyzer’s writeup on “How Many Black Budget UFO Workers Are There?”. In that writeup, the possible use on UFOs for some of the missing $2.3 TRILLION dollars announced by Rumsfeld on 9/10/2001 was discussed. It was assumed that the UFO coverup and its related reverse engineering projects were using 25% of that money. A separate space fleet would easily be paid for with some of the leftovers.

Another item to clear up is this. America already has two separate space programs operating right under our noses. The New York Times published an article “Pentagon Leaves the Shuttle Program”, on 8/7/1989 which explained that after a 20 year joint venture, our military was splitting its space efforts away from those of NASA [1]. The stated reason was that NASA continued to believe in the manned space shuttle, and its whole program was based around it. The Pentagon felt that the shuttle was unsafe and there were many dead astronauts to prove it. Due to the shuttle’s unreliability, military space launches were severely behind schedule as well. Therefore, the Pentagon decided that unmanned space flight was safer and less prone to shutdowns, so they parted ways with NASA and created their own program. This program is still going on as is witnessed by the 10/24/09 Fox News article about the X-37B space plane being developed independent of NASA [2]. You will notice that it is unmanned, thus continuing the Pentagon’s publicly revealed commitment to unmanned rocketry safety. During the years that the military was in league with NASA, they built billions of dollars worth of facilities to accommodate their secret military goals for space based upon the space shuttle. This building was done in great secrecy. The breakaway by the Pentagon from NASA’s shuttle caused many of the military’s secretly constructed space facilities to become obsolete. That is why in that New York Times article, it is revealed that a $3.3 Billion never-used spaceport at Vandenberg Air Force Base was closed as well as a $500 Million shuttle control center in Colorado [1]. The earthbound physical needs of the shuttle apparently are sufficiently different from the earthbound physical needs of an unmanned space program that these closings were deemed necessary. And, it must be pointed out these are just the closings that we know about. Therefore, this proves that we have burned money in the past on space program duplication. The main point, however, is that due to the physical differences between a shuttle program and a secrecy shrouded unmanned program, it is justifiable to claim that we have had two separate space programs since 1989.

And if that isn’t astounding enough, the Ufonalyzer wants to drop this one on you too: We already have had two secret astronaut programs!

The most recent one was was shut down in 1988 as an early part of the Pentagon’s 1989 decision to abandon the shuttle as its platform. Quoting from the NYT article, “In 1979, the Air Force Space Division in Los Angeles founded the Manned Spaceflight Engineer Program, an elite corps of military astronauts that was to specialize in deploying top-secret payloads. Mr. Cassutt said corps members were told they would fly in space at least once. The secret program, he added, eventually trained 32 engineers and had an annual budget of about $4 million.”[1]. This program was discontinued in 1988 as part of the future split away from NASA’s manned program.

The second secret astronaut program was described in a recent documentary on PBS’s NOVA entitled “Astrospies.” A website for this documentary is at [3]. This secret program was formed in the early days of the space race with the USSR, which had a similar program. It lasted from 1965 to 1969. In all, 17 US astronauts were trained to go up into satellites and spy down at strategic targets. Eventually, it was determined that unmanned satellites would do an adequate job of photographing the targets, so the program was abandoned.

All these astronauts in both programs were sworn to secrecy and did not get any publicity like our mainstream NASA astronauts.

It is possible that even earlier in history, there was still another secret space program somewhere on earth. Here are a couple of tidbits that might make you think that this older secret space program could have existed.
1. Have you ever seeen those Nazi UFO photos? They look so real that it boggles the mind. A search for the provenance of these photos did not turn anything up. Pretty soon a search will be made by the Ufonalyzer to see what the earliest date might be for some of these photos. If, for example, they are traced back to a book published in, say, 1970, then that would go a long way to verifying them, but not all the way of course. Why would this be true? Because a date like 1970 is pre PC and pre Photoshop. Richard Dolan, noted historian and author, wishes he would have delved more into the Nazi UFO story as part of his first book because he now realizes that they got farther than our government wants us to know about. The pathetic Avrocar of the fifties was allegedly based on Nazi UFO secrets and was contracted for by the United States. It appears as though the Nazi UFO program was much more advanced and sophisticated than the pathetic Avrocar would suggest. The Avrocar is believed by many to have been a smokescreen to induce the public to not believe in UFOs because it was a worthless piece of junk which never had a chance. It used ducted fans! One theory about the Avrocar is that the US knew it would be a disgrace so that’s why they hired a Canadian firm to build it, thereby saving a US company the embarrassment of being responsible for such an inept lemon. But consider this—if those Nazi UFOs were the real deal, their capture at the end of WWII would have given the US an instant space program. Consider the following story. On 10/10/1952 the Swedish newspaper, “Aftonbladet” carried a story that in 1944, Werner von Braun designed a test model of a 6 meter diameter UFO that operated under conventional propulsion. It was test flown, and the intent at the time was to design a 42 meter saucer based on this design. Its big problem was that it used too much fuel. Both the Russians and the Americans had the drawings for this saucer. Dr. von Braun always denied this story [4]. The Ufonalzyer remembers reading one of those soft cover science fiction books in the mid fifties such as Analog or Galaxy. One of them had a fiction story about just such a secret space program (not based on UFOs) which went to the moon and Mars and was later dismantled. This is the only story that the Ufonalyzer remembers from any of those magazines because it seemed so real it made a big impression.
2. In 1960 discovery and tracking of a mysterious satellite occurred. It was tracked so much that it was given the name of the Black Knight. This can be read about in Ufonalyzer’s article, “The Black Knight and Other Dark Satellites.” The amazing thing about this satellite is that was too big and heavy at the time for either Russia or the US to have launched it, and it was in a polar orbit which neither country had yet accomplished. It was only the 13th satellite known to be orbiting earth at the time. You have only two choices to figure out where this satellite came from: it was either an alien satellite or it was put up there by a country on earth with a secret space program. That’s it, there’s no more choices are there?

So here we are, having documented that the US has had one, possibly two, secret space programs and two, possibly three, secret astronaut programs. The question now is do we have a second, possibly third, secret space program going on right now? Well, if we do have one going on right now, we sure have the experience to run it, don’t we?

Internet’s YouTube has a bunch of videos about Apollo 20. One of them used to show an insignia uniform patch indicating Apollo 20 participation by the wearer. The trouble is that Apollo missions were cancelled after Apollo 17, and as far as public knowledge goes, an Apollo 20 never did occur. This means that the remaining scheduled Apollo missions of 18, 19, and 20 possibly took place as part of the secret space program. The reason they were made secret is because of all of the artifacts on the moon that the government does not want the public to know about. The YouTube videos show things that some people interpret to be space ships and buildings. It takes quite an imagination to buy into this, so this is the last time this will be mentioned.

Another clue is Gary McKinnon. As you are all aware, this poor stooge is being attacked viciously by the US government for hacking into their computer system, a crime Mr. McKinnon admits to. He has been fighting extradition for several years and it looks like he is going to lose. He’s a Brit, and his government needs to strap on a pair and protect their citizen, but they caved into the pressure from the US government. The US added up exaggerated damages from his cyber visits to our secret computer files and now wishes to prosecute him to the full extent of our law (70 years in prison max). He was using a 56k modem, for god’s sake! How much could have happened? The attack on him is so persistent, vicious, and relentless, that “the lady doth protest too much, methinks’” to quote Hamlet. It is obvious that the US government does not want him to talk. One amazing thing that our government has accomplished over the last few years while it pursued his extradition is that it has recharacterized his crime as cyber terrorism. The true nature of what this is all about has been swept under the carpet with the full cooperation of our disgraceful journalism community. You see, Mr. McKinnon wanted to know if UFOs are real so he hacked into the US’s computers. This case is not about UFOs though, because what Mr. McKinnon discovered points strongly to a secret space program run by the US. Don’t go to Wikipedia to find out more, however, because the writeup there is a piece of spin espousing the cyber terrorism line. (Read Unonalyzer’s writeup, “UFOs and Wikipedia” to learn more about how Wikipedia is used by spin groups, including our government, to slant and suppress information and perform revisionist history.) What Gary Mckinnon found that is so hush hush is a list of “non-terrestrial officers” names, plus another list of fleet to fleet transfers containing ships’ names that do not exist. His theory is that the reason he can’t find the ships’ names is because they are the names of space ships in the fleets. The non-terrestrial officers serve on those spaceships. He also found photos taken from space of cigar shaped ships floating in space. He is keeping his mouth shut now, hoping for leniency, so he hasn’t discussed his real findings in the last few years.

Most people who study UFOs now believe that the US has reverse engineered enough crashed UFOs to have created its own version of field propulsion, and they also believe that we have our version of the alien black triangle design UFO using that means of propulsion. Most ufologists believe that some of the black triangles sighted are alien and some are ours as well. No one knows where they are hangared; most believe underground. Our secret space fleet could be based on black triangles which are parked in space, not underground.

Here’s the final reason that we may have a secret space fleet: the Ufonalzyer is convinced that our military must want it and need it bad. Here’s why.

The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 forbade the deployment of weapons of mass destruction into space, but it did not forbid the deployment of conventional weapons. This is why the most threatening thing out there seems to be spy satellites. It would not be surprising, however, to learn that as more and more countries achieve space travel, some of them are sneaking offensive weapons of one sort or another into space. Here’s a quiz. A nuclear weapon is obviously a WMD. But what about a nuclear satellite that is designed to be detonated 60 miles up over a country to achieve an electromagnetic pulse? The recent documentary, “Space Wars” on the History Channel states that if a one megaton warhead were to be detonated 60 miles over Kansas, all of the electronics in the whole country would stop working. The Ufonalyzer has heard that our bombers presently have the capability to carry wing mounted pods which generate a non-nuclear EMP burst to disable electronics. (This is from unverified sources.) The question is this: given that EMP weapons already exist which obviously are not directly harmful to humans, does the possible existence of an EMP satellite break the treaty?

Satellite based weapons have only limited locomotion capability. Satellites have one big weakness which is that they are detectable due to their repetitive orbits. This renders them vulnerable to being shot down, not just from space if such a weapon existed up there, but also from the ground. Both the US and China each have shot down one of their own defective satellites from the ground to prevent it from hitting in a population center (and one would bet to prevent it from being analyzed once the wreckage is retrieved.) We know UFOs have cloaking capability, and we know that our scientists are working on radar and visual invisibility too. If they are successful, all sorts of things will be given this capability, satellites among them. Until then, we must assume that space satellites remain easily detectable and therefore vulnerable.What is needed, then, to prevent detection is a device that can move about freely in space to break up any repetitive pattern of orbit. A space ship would be ideal. The Pentagon must realize that now the time has come to return to manned space flight to counteract the satellite vulnerability. However, our flights have always been weight and fuel constrained. That is, this was the case until field propulsion came along (e.g. antigravity or electromagnetic propulsion). UFOs seemingly move about with little fuel, power, or weight constraints. So many UFO chase reports by piloted planes end because the plane needed to refuel. That is one great advantage of their propulsion system. With field propulsion, the ships could hide behind the far side of the moon to avoid detection if they had to without worrying about running out of gas. Furthermore, our astronauts have always suffered irreversible bone loss after a long tour of duty in space. No amount of exercise during the mission has prevented this. With a gravity based propulsion system, the ship’s gravity could be set to 1 g so that no bone loss occurs. This allows longer tours of duty in space and the garrisoning of our military men in space. Field propulsion also frees up the ship from using a launch pad, so now people who watch launches will never see the ship leave or arrive and thus never wonder what is going on.

More and more countries are achieving space travel. More and more countries are popping up where the whole government is insane. North Korea, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, the Taliban in Afghanistan, just to name a few, would be completely untrustworthy and irresponsible if they achieved a toehold in space. For the last 60 years, the major powers of the world have practiced a form of standoff to preserve peace called Mutually Assured Destruction, or MAD. The idea of MAD is to have so much first and second strike capability that any country who attacks knows that it would also be annihilated. It is the same as “If you kill me, I’ll kill you back.” This is not a pleasant way to maintain peace, but there are not many other, if any, clear alternatives. This means that the weaponizing of space is inevitable for self protection and peace. Many of you remember the Strategic Air Command, or SAC. In the fifties, one of SAC’s programs was to have nuclear armed bombers in the air 24/7. This was so that if an attack occurred, we’d still have second strike capability already in the air and ready to counterattack. It sure must have used a lot of fuel. A space fleet could provide the same deterrent as the SAC bombers did but without the fuel waste.

Just one last thought. We still might have that fleet up there already. There have been several instances over the years where a satellite went dead for a long period of time and then started operating again. It certainly confounds the scientists who have no idea how such “self repair” can happen. Maybe the space fleet repaired those satellites.

[1] “Pentagon Leaves the Shuttle Program”, by William Broad, New York Times, 8/7/1989
[4] “Hitler’s Flying Saucers”, by Henry Stevens, 2003, pp. 95-97



by Ufonalyzer October, 2009; Re-published 12/24/13

12/24/13: I wrote this over 4 years ago. Due to the recent revelations supplied by Edward Snowden, it has become relevant to our present status here in the USA. This article's emphasis on the use of satellites and its downplay of the use of drones is probably incorrect, but the statements about government surveillance are 100% accurate. Here it is again for your reading pleasure, unedited.

As of the year 2000 about 8000 satellites had been launched since the 1957 beginning of the space age. About 560 were still up there operating as of that year [1] and now (as of 10/01/09) there are 900 operating [2]. What happened to the thousands of missing satellites? They went dead, became so obsolete as to become not used anymore, or fell back to earth.

Satellites can be categorized into many different groups, depending on what you may wish to discuss. They can be categorized by orbit (Low Earth Orbit, Medium Earth Orbit, Elliptical, Geosynchronous (includes Geostationary)); by controlling organization (military, civil, commercial, government); or by function (imaging {includes spy}, scientific, communications). Groups of satellites that fulfill a particular function are called constellations. Therefore, they can also be categorized by constellation name (e.g. GPS, Iridium, Globalstar). Of the 900, the US has 435 operating satellites of which 111 are military. The Defense Support Program (DSP) satellites are military. Russia has 90 and China has 53 total satellites in operation now [2].

Some satellites may be so secret that they have not even been found yet. There are many launch facilities around the world from which a secret satellite could be sent into space. Furthermore, multiple satellites can be deployed into space from the same launch. Satellites can also be launched from a missile attached to a flying airplane. The original proposal for the Iridium system of global portable phones recommended this as the favored launch method to keep costs in control. If America were to have a secret space fleet, satellites could be launched from our spaceships. After all, they already have been launched from the space shuttle. Thus, monitoring of the US’s favorite launch facilities would do no good to determine if another satellite were to join the 900.

It is very likely that the 111 US military satellite quantity is understated. There is an organization of hobbyists who track satellites which in 2006 was tracking about 140 black American satellites [3]. At about this time, the website for the Union of Concerned Scientists [2] stated that there were 95 US military satellites. Thus we must conclude that we have extra satellites up there doing things that we haven’t a clue about.

Many of the military satellites are up there for spying purposes. The most publicized of the spy satellites are the KH satellites, nicknamed KeyHole, which have been evolving steadily for decades. The original Keyhole satellites launched in 1960 had 3 foot resolution, in 1990 they were rumored to have 6” resolution, and the current KH-12 series launched from 1995 to 2005 is rumored to have 2 cm resolution. Just consider this: in 35 years the resolution of the Keyhole series went from 36 inches to 0.8 inches. It would be a good bet to believe that now in 2009 resolution is good enough to read license plates and do facial recognition by satellite. We may even have satellites that can read an open book from 400 miles! We will come back to this later.

Of course, more types of spying than just visual and infrared imaging are being done from these satellites. In 1999, cellular switch (the stationary piece of a cellular telephone system that the handheld cellphones “talk to”) manufacturers were mandated by the government to provide “hooks”, i.e. access capability, of both hardware and software as necessary to allow easy phone call monitoring of cellular conversations in the next generation of switch designs. This was before 9/11/2001. It would be na├»ve to assume that communications satellites were not similarly mandated, even though these satellites, like cellular switches, are commercially owned.

In this day and age, a country has to have spy capability to maintain control of the radical elements of the world who wish to destroy whatever democracy we have left. The law allows monitoring of phone calls when one end of the call is outside the US. The problem is that it is just as easy to monitor any call, not just the ones with a foreign termination, using existing technology. Thus, the government is prevented from listening in on US to US conversations by using a “Chinese firewall” to avoid breaking the law. (A Chinese firewall is a protocol only barrier; only written rules prevent breaching it. Any unethical person who wishes to breach the firewall to find something out or do something wrong can do so because the barrier is set up only by rules and ethics.) Past history has proven that the government just cannot resist the temptation to spy on its citizens if it has the physical and technical means to do so. It never has and never will obey the Chinese firewall, and that is a problem. Now consider the use of spy satellites. Now that we have satellites that can really zero in on a person, is there a protocol where use of such imaging satellites is permitted only for foreign spying? How long will it take for visual satellite spying on US cititzens to start to occur? Just something to consider. {Digression: 4 star general Michael Hayden was the director of the NSA and later was appointed by Bush to become the Director of the CIA. This lasted until Obama replaced him. This is the same Michael Hayden who vigorously defended the use of secret prisons and questionable interrogation methods on suspected terrorists. This is the same Michael Hayden who as director of NSA, his job prior to the CIA directorship, said in a national press conference on May 31, 2006, that he was 100% sure that the 4th Amendment did not have a prohibition against searches and seizures without probable cause. NSA’s main job is to eavesdrop on communications and it illegally does this on American to American communications all the time which it denies. It is unforgiveable that the head of an eavesdropping organization like the NSA would not know that “upon probable cause” is literally part of the 4th amendment. It was a disgusting and disgraceful display of ignorance and arrogance. He should have been fired soon after this revelation. Instead Bush appoints him to a more prestigious position about a year later, the Directorship of the CIA. Unbelievable! Why was this guy a 4 star general? Why was he rewarded with high positions? Yikes!}

It is the Ufonalyzer’s belief that our satellite technology contributed greatly to the success of the “surge” in Iraq. Bob Woodward, in his book “The War Within”, writes the following long passage:
“Beginning in about May 2006, the U.S. military and the U.S. intelligence agencies launched a series of TOP SECRET operations that enabled them to locate, target, and kill key individuals in extremist groups such as al Qaeda, the Sunni insurgency and renegade Shia militias, or so-called special groups. The operations, which were either Special Access Programs (SAP) or part of Special Compartmented Information (SCI), incorporated some of the most highly classified techniques and information in the U.S. government.
Senior military officers and officials at the White House have asked me not to publish the details or the code word names associated with these groundbreaking programs. They argue that publication of the names alone might lead to unraveling of state secrets that have been so beneficial in Iraq. Because disclosing the details of such operations could compromise their ongoing use, I have chosen not to include more here. But a number of authoritative sources say these covert activities had a far-reaching effect on the violence and were very possibly the biggest factor in reducing it. Several said that 85 to 90 percent of the successful operations and “actionable intelligence” had come from these new sources, methods, and operations. Several others said that figure was exaggerated but acknowledged their significance. Once again, it was American innovation that provided and edge.”
[4] Bold type added by this writer for emphasis.

What this says is that the troop increase in Iraq known as the surge was not wholly responsible for the turn around in that conflict. In fact, some people thought that it may have contributed only a small portion of the improvement. Now there is talk of doing the surge again, this time in Afghanistan so these secret programs would be reused if there is an Afghan surge. What were these secret programs that Mr. Woodward is referring to in this passage that were so effective? For sure, one of the the secret programs was the hiring of Blackwater by the CIA to conduct assassinations as reported August 19, 2009, in the New York Times. {Digression: Ironically, at this same moment in time, the CIA’s website states the following in its FAQ section:
“FAQ #9: The CIA has been accused of conducting assassinations and engaging in drug trafficking. What are the facts?
Answer: The CIA does neither. Executive order 12333 of 1981 explicitly prohibits the CIA from engaging, either directly or indirectly, in assassinations. Internal safeguards and the congressional oversight process assure compliance.”
[5]} The font size and bold emphasis are the Ufonalyzer’s.

This is on the CIA website even as they admitted hiring Blackwater to perform assassinations. So much for the truth from the CIA. The Ufonalyzer is not against assassinating fanatical terrorists. He is against secrecy and lies.}

Woodward’s book implies that a combination of techniques was used as effective countermeasures against Al Qaeda. It mentions Special Access Programs which are almost always Black Budget highly technical developments. The hiring of assassins is NOT a highly technical development. They do the killing, but what did the locating and targeting? It is therefore highly likely that spy satellites were instrumental in locating and recognizing the targets to be assassinated. Drones could have been used also, but satellites would give far more coverage. This means that we know how to use these satellites against individual people and not just stationary targets.

Now, let’s take this one step further. In 1967, the Outer Space Treaty prohibited the deployment of weapons of mass destruction in space. Most people believe that there currently are no weapons in space, but this treaty did NOT forbid the deployment of conventional weapons. But what do you think would be the “jewel in the crown” of a future satellite weapon system? The Ufonalyzer believes that it would be a satellite which could be programmed with facial recognition software and which can assassinate a person from space with precision. It would be a sniper satellite. If that existed, there would be little need to hire a Blackwater or Wackenhut to do the job.

A totalitarian society with this kind of capability is a chilling thought. Now there are many countries where the state is supreme; it disallows any criticism of itself whatsoever, and freely uses torture and assassination of its own citizens to achieve its ends. Weapons like a laser assassination satellite would be a welcome addition to control the masses. The populace could become very paranoid, knowing that they could be struck down at any moment. Fashions might change where hats and facial hair become the norm, and glassene clothing to reflect away laser beams could be introduced.

In 1791, Jeremy Bentham conceived of a type of architecture which would allow a single person to watch over everyone else in the building. This concept would be of use in, say, a prison or a library. This type of architectural design is called a Panopticon. Everyone within it would realize they could be watched at any conceivable moment, and as a result would behave according to the rules. A totalitarian government would like to have a virtual panopticon, where any person knows that he/she is watchable and recordable into a monitored, central databank. Everyone in their country would realize that they had no privacy, and were subject to computerized eavesdropping of their phones and internet work by centralized supercomputers, and their outdoor activities via spy satellite. If they misbehaved, they could be taken out at any time on the street by a laser beam from above. What a horrible place that would be. To compensate, the government would have to supply “bread and circuses” as the Romans used to say. Free or cheap food and mindless entertainment would be served up as an opiate for the masses. This kind of society is within reach today—that’s the scary part. Elements of it are already in place, awaiting the tyrannical leader who will put it all together.

Fortunately, with regard to satellites being used as offensive weapons, there are some big drawbacks. Most satellite types these days are detectable mainly because their sightings are repeatable due to being in regular orbits. They are also easily detectable by radar. The US’s SPASUR system has been very effective in detecting satellites going over the US. Repetitive orbits allow predictive analysis on where they will be in the future. This makes them vulnerable. Both the US and China each have shot down one of their own defective satellites from the ground. They are not the ultimate weapon. A space fleet would not have the weaknesses of a satellite weapon. We know UFOs have cloaking capability, so it is likely our scientists are working on that too. If they are successful, all sorts of things will be given this capability, satellites among them. Until then, we must assume that space satellites remain easily detectable and therefore vulnerable. Please read Unfonalyzer’s writeup, “Does America Have a Secret Space Program?” to find out more about this possibility.

[4] “The War Within” by Bob Woodward, 2008, page 380




One nice thing about the 1950s is that there was so little space junk and satellites flying around. When sputnik was launched in 1957, followed 4 months later by USA’s own satellite, the whole world was notified of every satellite launch into the emptiness of space. Nowadays there are so many launches, both public and secret, that no one cares about individual launches anymore. There’s so much stuff up there that two satellites collided a year ago. But back in the fifties, space was a vast, three dimensional empty wilderness—or so we thought.

This writeup is about weird space satellites of our early space era. Some of these satellites appeared to travel around under their own power, so they really amount to UFOs by today’s standards. Most of the source material is from the internet, but the Ufonalyzer has attempted to bring in some other unique source material and ideas into this writeup. The internet and other sources are posted at the end.

In 1960 a mysterious satellite was discovered by radar. Actually it was discovered in 1959 and exposed in 1960. At this time of the space era, the USA had 11 satellites in orbit and the USSR had one. The Russian one weighed 2,925 pounds and the heaviest USA satellite weighed 1,700 pounds. The unknown object was estimated to weigh at least 30,000 pounds [1] and was 10’ by 70’ in two of its dimensions [5]. Another size estimate of it is from a NY Times article which said it was a little smaller than 19’ long and 5’ diameter [6]. This object was written up in newspapers across the country and was nicknamed The Black Knight. Photos were taken of the satellite which appear to be difficult to obtain. Furthermore, The Black Knight was in a polar orbit. Neither the USA nor USSR had achieved any polar orbit launches due to the higher launch velocity required. Some sources claim that the satellite moved from east to west (all satellites then moved from west to east as observed from the earth’s surface because they were launched in that direction to utilize earth’s rotational velocity), but the Ufonalyzer believes that is due to observing the polar orbit from below while the earth rotates west to east. One source, [3], states that the orbit’s inclination to the equator was 135 degrees, so this means that the satellite’s motion had both polar and equatorial components. Regardless of which is correct, the large polar component was not achievable by known earth space technology in 1960. The satellite was unresponsive to any communication, so it was deemed a dark satellite.

Now, what in the world could have put that thing up there? Of course it could have been an alien satellite for surveillance of earth. After all, there are many videos of vertical cylinders just sitting in the air presumably doing surveillance; this occurs often enough so that the UFO community has given the these the name “probes” Other writers speculate that it is an artifact left over from an ancient era when mankind had space travel as written in India’s epic mythological poems, the Mahabarata and Ramayana. The Ufonalyzer wishes to throw out another theory not mentioned in any of the other articles: it is evidence of a secret space program from here on earth. Maybe it was a leftover hulk of a Nazi UFO, or maybe it was a secret space program satellite, Russian or American. Who knows? The UFO disappeared a few weeks later. According to one article [1], a second such satellite was discovered later. Both objects were about the same size and both were in polar orbits.

One of Donald Keyhoe’s books first clued the Ufonalyzer onto this next oddity. In 1954, Keyhoe announced to the world that 2 huge satellites had parked themselves into equatorial orbits around earth. Keyhoe was later to report that his sources told him the satellites had originally been picked up in 1953 while testing new long-range radar. You can hear his actual radio broadcast of this at [2], but you can also read his announcement of it in one of his books. The two satellites were orbiting in low earth orbits 400 miles and 600 miles above the earth. The story finally leaked enough to be broken open by the press, but the government responded by claiming that the satellites were natural and had been captured by earth’s gravitational field. For these two satellites to have been captured by earth’s gravity in equatorial orbits only a few hundred miles from the surface of the earth is a ridiculous and obviously false story. Further cover was provided because the government had already hired Clyde Tombaugh, the noted astronomer who not only had seen and reported a UFO but who was the man who discovered Pluto in 1930. His alleged job was to investigate whether earth had captured small satellites that had been previously undiscovered in the history of mankind. The storyline was that if they existed, these natural satellites could be used as stepping stone platforms into space. The truth was that due to his knowledge and experience with UFOs and astronomy, the alarming discovery by radar in 1953 of those satellites was the reason for his hiring. Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, noted meteor expert, who worked for the government investigating various UFO related matters such as the green fireball UFOs in the Southwest, also was hired for the same project. LaPaz always claimed that he never worked on the natural satellite capture program, but many skeptics believe otherwise. Tombaugh always claimed that his study always was about the capture of natural satellites. In 1955, Popular Mechanics wrote a story which supported this claim. It is interesting to note that Popular Mechanics put forward a theory that these objects could be secret USA space satellites; in other words, it attempted to explain away a hypothetical UFO discovery by invoking a hypothetical secret space program. {Digression: Throughout the history of UFO debunking, Popular Mechanics appears to be a staunch propaganda conduit for the US government coverup. They pop up everywhere. Two years or so ago, the Ufonalyzer watched a 2 hour documentary about the Twin Towers collapse of 9/11, and Popular Mechanics had a spokesman on the show completely supporting the government storyline. It was a good, believable documentary, but whether the Ufonalyzer totally believed the documentary is not relevant. The point is that it seemed very odd that this magazine spokesman would be chosen for this role. The Ufonalyzer did not learn until later that Popular Mechanics frequently is trotted out when a debunking is needed.}

All the sources claimed that they were huge but never gave a dimension. However, one source [1] states that these objects were so big they were called “moonlets”. It further states that the 1953 discovery was actually of 10 objects, ranging from 2000 to 5000 feet in diameter. Then in 1954, the two objects described previous were discovered, but the implication were that these two were of the same type and size as the 10 1953 objects. Ufonalyzer recalls reading somewhere that in 1954 the government allegedly started Project Sigma whose purpose was to establish communications contact with UFOs, and it was this satellite incident which prompted the inception of the project. The project directed a beam of binary communications toward the UFO in hopes of getting a response. These large satellite UFOs would have been ideal because they were easy to find in the sky and followed normal orbits, unlike the usual UFOs which appear randomly and move around so quickly. Supposedly this project was successful in making contact with the aliens by 1959. By the way, although these large UFOs (satellites) were parked in orbit, they were said to occasionally move around, sometimes dipping down close to earth as they pursued their agenda.

The 1954 large satellites strangely parallel the premise of Morris Jessup’s 1955 book, “The Case for the UFO”. The main premise for this book is that beings are living in large vehicles above the earth. The book is a collection of fortean occurrences that Jessup believed supported this theory, such as falling ice blocks, raining fish, and appearances of large bodies in the sky. Jessup provides many examples of large objects which throughout history have transited the sun. (Def: transit: the passage of a heavenly body across a given location or through the field of a telescope.) Throughout history many astronomers have observed this sort of thing with great excitement, but when they rushed to gather further detail about these objects with their telescopes, they never could find them again; i.e. they were one time occurrences. Jessup’s theory was that these one time objects were really there and were huge alien ships which were close to earth, and NOT far out in outer space near the sun as the astronomers always assumed. Thus when they trained their telescopes toward where the objects were last seen, they never were there given the fact that the objects were much closer to earth than the astronomers thought so the objects had long since moved on. Jessup was no dumbass, as he almost had a doctorate in astrophysics himself, with the unusual distinction of having done his doctoral dissertation before, not after, his coursework which is not the norm to say the least. He never did complete his courses so he never got his doctorate. Jessup further theorized that the aliens would park their ships between earth and moon at the neutral gravity point, which is about 200k miles out, and not the 400 and 600 mile distances that the actual large satellites were parked.

The content of Jessup’s book, however, was overshadowed by a copy of it that showed up with colored ink strange commentaries in its margins written by 3 people who obviously believed, smugly and perhaps actually, that they had hidden and arcane knowledge about aliens, UFOs, and the ancient pre-history of man. They referred to themselves as gypsies. The story gets weirder. One of these 3 commentators was none other than Carl M. Allen, a.k.a. Carlos Miguel Allende, who provided the story of the Philadelphia Experiment. The comments in the margins so intrigued our government that they hired Varo Corporation, an aerospace military defense firm, to print about 100 copies of the book at government expense, including the colored ink comments in the margins. This book plus the colored annotations is available to be read free on the internet at [4]. Jessup committed suicide in 1959 by routing his car’s exhaust into his car while he was in it, although some conspiracy believers think he was assassinated for either his UFO beliefs or his connection to the Philadelphia Experiment.

Other unknown satellite discoveries are also detailed in some of the references below, particularly [1] and [7]. If they were documented here, it would just be plagiarizing other people’s good work, so please read about them at these references if you wish.

You may ask, then, what is the Ufonalyzer’s opinion of all of this? For sure, the 1953-1954 giant satellites and the 1960 Black Knight events were real, with sufficient public documentation and exposure plus follow on analysis to cut through the spin and lies of the time. The huge satellites parked in low earth orbits were clearly alien ships. Humanity still cannot build a structure of this size in outer space that flies around. The 1960 Black Knight may have been an alien satellite, but final judgment must be deferred in the Ufonalyzer’s opinion. Ufonalyzer still hopes to find a photo of this satellite (many were taken) to try to discern whether it is alien or earthly created. Human created satellites always seem to look like contraptions but with some symmetry about them. But it might be that if aliens built it, it would have a strangeness about it not seen in other satellite photos. This photo could sway the Ufonalyer to one side or the other. It was possible in 1960 to achieve a photo at, say, 400 miles where the shape could be resolved. If such a photo was too fuzzy, perhaps with modern enhancement techniques a pretty good picture of that satellite could now be obtained. But no photo seems to be available, and hope is fading that one will be found. This is starting to seem like one of those situations where once known/public information has been swept up and quarantined for secrecy. Grumman Corp. took a photo of it that is on the web but it is just a dot of light. So for now, the Ufonalyzer is of the opinion that the Black Knight was more likely a secret American or Russian satellite from a probable secret space program. If it was American, this secret space program is likely continuing to this day, although it undoubtedly has transformed as more technology discoveries (read reverse engineered alien technolgy) have been incorporated into the program. This is discussed further in the article, “Does America Have a Secret Space Program?” on Ufonalyzer’s blog.






[6] “A Mystery Polar Satellite, Believed Russian, Spotted” by John W. Finney, New York Times, February 11, 1960.



Thursday, September 10, 2009


APOCALYPTO II RANT by Ufonalyzer 9/9/09

Remember the final scene in the movie “Apocalypto”? The Mayan hero encounters a Spanish galleon that has just landed near the beach and the conquistadors are coming ashore. It’s a beautiful panoramic scene which is filled with ominous implications for the Mayans as we know from history. The hero and his family edge back into the jungle to get away from the newcomers. Within a few decades, Mayan subjugation occurred along with population reduction due to plagues.  Of course the Mayan civilization was already in steep decline at the time of European contact.

Of course you know where this is heading, don’t you? What if a UFO mass landing occurs? Replace that galleon with a UFO and the Mayan with a present day human. This could become Apocalypto II. Plus, like the Maya, our culture is already in decline as we devolve. The Ufonalyzer is 100% certain that we are dumber today than, say, 500-1000 years ago. Technology knowledge does not equate to intelligence and common sense. Our behavior at town hall meetings, our shallow interests, and other clues point to this fact. Keeping all the population living is a good thing, but an unintended consequence is that the gene pool that controls intellectual levels is devolving because natural selection has been reduced to zero for humans. It does not help that one of our popular pastimes is to watch irresponsible families have litters of babies and get rewarded for it. Other families will be influenced by this, thinking it’s cute and the thing to do. This obscures the root cause of many of our problems: overpopulation. Personal liberties disappear with each passing year as our population pressures force more legislation so that we can maneuver through our lives in ever closer proximity. The poor part of the population is growing; so is the rich; the people in between are squeezed from both sides. Our politicians don’t get anything done and can’t work together anymore. Each party wants to destroy the other and be the last man standing in a one party political system. The separate governments of the major nations are edging ever closer to a model where fairly free market economies are allowed to run while totalitarian control by the government is ascendant. No criticism whatsoever of the one party regime will be tolerated. We move closer to a police state. The US is approaching this end result from the democratic direction while China and Russia are approaching it from a dictatorial direction. We will meet as one but pretend we are still different for a while and then merge. Yikes!

What can be done? We need something to stop the downward spiral into the porcelain receptacle. This “something” preferably would be of huge interest to earth, non-negative, non-religious, and non-political (although once introduced, you can bet that fringe thinkers will make something negative, religious, or political of it.) This “something” could be somewhat scientific. It could be something that will inspire new curriculums in schools. Something like a new discovery to extend a person’s life to three or four hundred years. Something like a discovery that pushes mankind’s civilized history back 100,000 more years. Something like finding a way to trigger telepathic abilities. Something that will divert our thinking from the crap immersion that we go through everyday. Let’s see. What do we have in our hip pocket already that would just about fill the bill? Oh yes—Disclosure!

Clearly, an intervention such as Disclosure is needed to change our course. Disclosure would be like a mild form of intervention but it still could cause an apocalypse in world culture. A mass UFO landing would be an extreme form. If there’s such a thing as a mild apocalypse, then the Ufonalyzer votes for the mild form.

Most alien species avoid humans like the plague; they are clearly disinterested in us. One can see why. This is a good thing. We like to be left alone. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, one or two of these species seem to be taking an interest in us and none of us are certain why, but we have our suspicions. The government may know something about their motives, and if this is true then it is a bad thing because the government is hostile to them obviously due to its belief in what their motives are. Why not tell the people and let them decide? It certainly would add a new interest in our lives besides reality shows and other mindless rubbish. Could it be that the government likes the dumbing down of America because it makes the populace easier to manipulate? For sure the government is wrong about the coverup, but maybe it is right in its alien hostility. Just remember this: Always, always push for Disclosure. It is seriously needed. We are on a wild ride but we need to change direction. Disclosure will add to the excitement. Plus, those aliens don’t seem to be having any fun at all.