ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come

ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

HIGH SPEED UFOS by Charles Tromblee

High Speed UFOs: A Couple of Thoughts on Why UFOs Aren’t Noticed Until Photo/Video Viewing

There are many apparently non-hoaxed shots of UFOs in the sky where the camera person never noticed the object until his/her photos/videos were developed. What are some reasons why the UFOs were not noticed in real time as the event was being recorded?
There are a few prevailing reasons for this, and all are probably true. Here are a couple of reasons why humans did not notice the object in real time.
1.     The Recording Instrument captures a broader range of radiation frequencies than the human eye can see.  The easiest to explain example of this theory is that if, say, the UFO is in its stealth mode yet is heated up (i.e. emanating infrared), then an infrared camera would capture the presence of it on film even though it was invisible to the human eye. UFO stealth technology may be so advanced that it can control ALL of the craft’s radiation absorptions and emissions. This would explain why some encounters appear to exhibit both controllable radar invisibility and sight invisibility.   UFO stealth technology may be more than “simply” re-routing light rays to go around the craft (I say “simply” even though we cannot do that yet). Instead, it could be a controllable absorption of the energy impacting the UFO with a subsequent controllable re-emanation of that energy at any frequency so desired by the pilot. He/she/it could choose ultraviolet, normal light, infrared, or none at all (invisibility.) Controllable absorption ties in nicely with those UFOs sighted above power companies which are apparently absorbing the plant’s energy.

2.     This next reason is obvious. High speed UFOs are in many videos in which the UFO is going so fast that it was not noticed until the video was viewed.  I have seen about five or six of these videos. This writeup was inspired by a recent YouTube high speed UFO video shot from inside a car.  A decade or two ago, there were a couple of documentary videos showing the same thing: one was a UFO emerging from a cloud and the other was a UFO zipping by the top of a farm windmill. When the videos are slowed down to frame by frame viewing, it is always an ellipsoid shape that emerges. Of course, still photographs can also accidentally capture a high speed UFO as well. The impression that I get from these videos is that the UFO is at a much lower altitude than a commercial airplane which normally fly around 30,000 to 40,000 feet. I think these UFOs are only a mile or two in altitude at most. I go into this kind of stuff more deeply in my book, “Alien Radix”, but what follows is a hypothetical example that is not contained in that book.                                                                                                                    

Consider, for example, a six foot tall person standing on a featureless plain which is flat as a pancake as far as the eye can see. Lots of places in this country are like that such as central Illinois, Kansas, the Dakotas, and so forth. On this type of terrain, one has a 180 degree view of the arc of the sky. Now consider a high speed, 30,000 mph UFO approaching that person at a mile height. How long would it take that UFO to fly from true horizon to true horizon, thus going completely into and out of the man’s view? Would it be so brief a time that you would all agree that he almost certainly wouldn’t notice it?
Take a look at the diagram below. Shown is a man stick figure whose eye level is 6’ above the ground looking toward the true horizon, which is designated by ‘T’, the tangent point. How far away is that man from ‘T’? That is, let’s calculate distance ‘a’. As you can see, the line of sight from the man to the tangent point makes a right triangle to the radius of the earth. Therefore we have a right triangle, and our job is to calculate distance ‘a’ of a right triangle whose hypotenuse is the radius of the earth plus 6 feet, and the other leg of the triangle is simply earth’s radius, 4000 miles. You all learned this Pythagorean calculation in grade or high school, and there are charts on the internet which gives the answers to this. A 6’ eye level is 1.829 meters, and the calculation for this is about 5 km. So ‘a’ equals 5 km. A 30,000 mph UFO would take only 0.375 seconds to traverse that 5 km from the true horizon , and it would take another 0.375 seconds to disappear behind him. So the UFO would be visible only for 2 x 0.375 = 0.75 seconds. The man, even if he noticed the UFO from its initial appearance, probably would not even have time to turn around to see it leave. Three fourths of a second goes by pretty fast. In the real world, most people do not have expansive views of the sky, so the chance of noticing any high speed UFO in a portion of the sky gets even lower because the viewing time opportunity gets even smaller.

But there’s more to consider. The hypothetical UFO is a mile up above the earth, so the man could theoretically see the UFO just as it comes into view beyond the true horizon point ‘T’. Under this consideration, the UFO is viewable for a considerably longer distance, and therefore, time. Thus we can use the right triangle approach used previously and now calculate the distance ‘b’ in the diagram. For 1 mile altitude, ‘b’ equals 89.4 miles. I doubt that even a large UFO would be “seeable” by the human eye right at the horizon for from a distance of 92.5 miles (89.4mi + 5 km) because a large UFO at such a long distance would look like a dot at best, and also due to near earth atmospheric conditions (shimmer, haze, dust, etc.).  Just to finish the calculation, though, it would take a 30,000 mph UFO 22.2 seconds to go the distance twice (a+b).  If a person had the vision of an eagle, he could watch that fast UFO for more than enough time to record it, consider it, whatever.
For the critical reader, these are crude calculations, and they could have been made more accurate by considering the increase in time due to horizontal light rays tending to bend toward the earth due to increasing atomospheric density close to earth, and calculating for the curvature of the earth instead of calculating straight line distances. Also, Earth’s radius is not exactly 4000 miles. Doing these corrections would not have changed the result more than 20%, while the general results regarding time would remain the same.
3.     We have mistaken bugs/birds for a UFO. I wrote this a couple of months ago and at that time there was a popular video going around about some high speed ufos in Chile shown in the following video:
I had intended to use this video to illustrate a high speed UFO. I am ashamed to admit that I was taken in by it due to the provenance of the video because it came from a Chilean government organization whose job it is to be Chile’s official group for the study of UFOs. It is known as the Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA). Shortly after its release, a UFO skeptic came forward and pointed out that there are bugs in the foreground of the UFO which, if you follow their flight paths, show that the objects zipping along that were shot against the blue sky are bugs also. Another warning sign about this video that is just as disturbing is that it has already been pre-processed for our consumption, with carefully chosen stop frames and such. It is as though we are being guided toward the UFO conclusion.  Supposedly the CEFAA has gone back and is restudying their early conclusions about this video and its subsequent release. Recall that years ago, the USA had a government sponsored committee charged with investigating UFOs, just like CEFAA. However, our committee, which was Project Blue Book, was really formed to debunk them. The behavior of the CEFAA appears like it wishes to do just the opposite! I wish to thank the UFO skeptic who discovered this (this is the first time I have ever been grateful to a UFO skeptic.) As far as I know, the CEFAA still has not issued any explanation for their probable error regarding this video. The major conclusion that we must take away from this video is that even official sources who are supposed to be open minded about UFOs can still be tempted to be too pro-UFO, and that bugs and possibly hummingbirds can still be mistaken for high speed UFOs. Prior to this video, I was of the opinion that a video of a bug/hummingbird would turn out to be a “rod”, which is a video of a bug shot at too slow of a speed such that the body of the bug apprears elongated, and its wings make a wavy, rippling line down the axis of the elongated body.  
For your viewing pleasure here are a couple of more UFO videos: the first two are moderately high speed UFOs and the third is just a neat video of a really big UFO.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

THE DEAL by Charles Tromblee

The Deal      

Most of you are probably aware of a story in the world of UFOs  about an Eisenhower meeting with aliens. This story claims that these aliens were of a species that had corn row hair much like ancient Sumerians and big noses. An allegedly real movie clip exists of several seconds of footage of their UFO landing at the air force base where the meeting took place.  Also, on 5/8/2010, retiring US New Hampshire State Representative, Henry McElroy Jr.,  made a video in which he revealed that he had seen a memo cross his desk many decades before which was informing Eisenhower that it was possible for our government to arrange a meeting between him and  aliens if he so desired. Mr. McElroy did not remember the date of the memo, but it should have been before or during 1954 when such a meeting allegedly occurred. You can easily find both video clips on YouTube. Eisenhower’s staff had set up a cover story for the pre-arranged meeting in which he went to the dentist so that the press and public would not be concerned with his whereabouts. I won’t go into more detail due to the wide dissemination of this story which you can find anywhere.

Less well known, however, is a variation of this same story in which Eisenhower met on separate occasions with two different species of aliens, neither of which were the big nosed “Sumerians.”  The first was with human appearing aliens (Nordics) followed by a meeting with the grays. This kind of thing happens all the time with UFO stories, in which several story variations follow the main story, and these variations are introduced as disinformation to confuse and reduce the believability of the main story. These variations are believed to be introduced by UFO debunkers such as the CIA to continue to maintain control of the UFO issue.

I have always felt something disturbing about this second story variation (the one with the two types of aliens).To me it shows a masterful disinformation genius at work. As the storyline goes, the Nordics promised to give humanity knowledge and a wonderful society if we would give up our weapons to them and avow peace. The stroke of genius in this story is that it is analogous to Satan’s temptation of Christ. (No, I am not religious.) Satan told Christ, “These things I will do for you if you will bow down to me.” The genius is how well the Nordics’ offer overlays Satan’s offer. My theory is that people subconsciously connect the two storylines. Just look at it: “These things (knowledge and peace) I will do for (give to) you if you will bow down (surrender your weapons) to me.” To his credit, Eisenhower refused the offer.

Instead, as the story goes, he then negotiated a wonderful deal with the rival grays to obtain their technology in exchange for permission to harmlessly abduct human beings for some kind of study of theirs (sarcasm intended). Allegedly, they were supposed to report the names of those abducted, but they never followed through with the agreement, and abducted way more people than what they originally promised to.  The abductions also inflicted psychological harm on most of the victims as well.

I do not know if either of these stories is true, but the first version has quite a few sources. Eisenhower, by the way, is in my UFO Hall of Shame, but not for the reasons of the preceding story.