ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come

ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come
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Sunday, June 3, 2012

THE DEAL by Charles Tromblee

The Deal      

Most of you are probably aware of a story in the world of UFOs  about an Eisenhower meeting with aliens. This story claims that these aliens were of a species that had corn row hair much like ancient Sumerians and big noses. An allegedly real movie clip exists of several seconds of footage of their UFO landing at the air force base where the meeting took place.  Also, on 5/8/2010, retiring US New Hampshire State Representative, Henry McElroy Jr.,  made a video in which he revealed that he had seen a memo cross his desk many decades before which was informing Eisenhower that it was possible for our government to arrange a meeting between him and  aliens if he so desired. Mr. McElroy did not remember the date of the memo, but it should have been before or during 1954 when such a meeting allegedly occurred. You can easily find both video clips on YouTube. Eisenhower’s staff had set up a cover story for the pre-arranged meeting in which he went to the dentist so that the press and public would not be concerned with his whereabouts. I won’t go into more detail due to the wide dissemination of this story which you can find anywhere.

Less well known, however, is a variation of this same story in which Eisenhower met on separate occasions with two different species of aliens, neither of which were the big nosed “Sumerians.”  The first was with human appearing aliens (Nordics) followed by a meeting with the grays. This kind of thing happens all the time with UFO stories, in which several story variations follow the main story, and these variations are introduced as disinformation to confuse and reduce the believability of the main story. These variations are believed to be introduced by UFO debunkers such as the CIA to continue to maintain control of the UFO issue.

I have always felt something disturbing about this second story variation (the one with the two types of aliens).To me it shows a masterful disinformation genius at work. As the storyline goes, the Nordics promised to give humanity knowledge and a wonderful society if we would give up our weapons to them and avow peace. The stroke of genius in this story is that it is analogous to Satan’s temptation of Christ. (No, I am not religious.) Satan told Christ, “These things I will do for you if you will bow down to me.” The genius is how well the Nordics’ offer overlays Satan’s offer. My theory is that people subconsciously connect the two storylines. Just look at it: “These things (knowledge and peace) I will do for (give to) you if you will bow down (surrender your weapons) to me.” To his credit, Eisenhower refused the offer.

Instead, as the story goes, he then negotiated a wonderful deal with the rival grays to obtain their technology in exchange for permission to harmlessly abduct human beings for some kind of study of theirs (sarcasm intended). Allegedly, they were supposed to report the names of those abducted, but they never followed through with the agreement, and abducted way more people than what they originally promised to.  The abductions also inflicted psychological harm on most of the victims as well.

I do not know if either of these stories is true, but the first version has quite a few sources. Eisenhower, by the way, is in my UFO Hall of Shame, but not for the reasons of the preceding story.

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