ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come

ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come
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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Rest Stop Suspicions                                   by Charles Tromblee            ©July 10,2011

Did you ever notice how often superhighway rest stops undergo long term closings? It happens a lot, so much so, it seems disproportionate. Take a look at a rest stop: it’s a paved driveway, a parking lot, a concrete block building or two, and a toilet area. The toilet area is supported by running water and a waste disposal system. In rural areas, the running water and waste disposal are self-contained systems (i.e. well and septic) and should be low maintenance with a low failure rate. The point here is that they should not be closed for repairs as much as they are. Yes, I know the following:  During the continuing recession, many states closed their rest stops along the interstate highways to save money on maintenance, undoubtedly landscaping and janitorial work. Now that the recession is loosening its grip a bit on states’ finances, some are reopening.

There could be another reason for closing rest stops. I am beginning to wonder if some of them are portals for the alleged underground tunnel system that many people think honeycombs the nation, in particular the western  half of  the nation. After you stop laughing, please think about this. If underground tunnels link our underground bases, there has to be more ingress/egress than just military bases, and this includes along those long interconnecting tunnels. Furthermore, having a tunnel spur end at an interstate rest stop provides a very convenient point from which to secretly enter or leave the tunnel system and quickly travel on the public highway system. The secret users don’t have to go to a military base, the sub-basement of a large commercial building, or some remote mountain side to open the “garage door” to access the system.  A rural rest stop could quickly be closed for short term “repairs”, ingress or egress takes place from the great interstate highway system and the secret entrance, then the rest stop reopens. Fast, simple, convenient, and easy to use.

I live half a mile from an interstate rest stop.  It has been closed twice for long term septic repairs in the last 3 years. One would think that after decades of rest stop design, civil engineers would know how to design a waste system that can handle hundreds of people a day.  Well, late last year, “my” rest stop was closed for septic work and the closure lasted about 4 months . For comparison, it takes only a day or so to put in a septic field for a single family dwelling. Day after day, heavy machinery operated on that project, and back up whistles could be heard so often it was maddening. It took so unusually long that I formulated this theory about what was really going on because the stated reason didn’t add up. I called the state after about 3 months of this to double check the septic field explanation, and of course, I got the official storyline all over again that it was just a sewer project. 

This particular rest stop is in view of some of the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Besides being a tourist area, Sedona on occasion has had a military presence which simply does not fit into its image. Since the eighties, there have been a couple of dozen incidents in which hikers on its various trails and canyons have been blocked by armed, uniformed (but with no i.d. patches) military goons in threatening confrontations which are documented. In a few cases, the goons have actually pointed their rifles (sometimes with laser pointers) at the hikers telling them to turn back. These confrontations have taken place on trails in the middle of nowhere.  Now what and why is a military presence in Sedona’s back trails? In addition, in the late nineties, the US Government (Forest Service) purchased the local Bradshaw Ranch which has had a long history of paranormal events. Most nature lovers thought that this new ranch land would expand their hiking possibilities, but to this day, the ranch has not been reopened to tourists nor has it been developed for anything else (that the public knows of). It remains closed with very threatening signs on its entrance. It has just been sitting there for all these years.

The best theory on what is going on is that the underground tunnel system goes under Sedona (some believe it’s a base), and occasionally there is a need for a tunnel user to get out of that system via a secret entrance to do something or other. Guards are deployed outside while this occurs. Once finished, the entrance is closed back up again, and subsequent hikers don’t notice a thing and encounter no one.  At this juncture, one has to ask oneself why would a covert person have a need to perform some mission related secret activity on earth’s surface on a remote Sedona trail?  That makes no sense. It makes much more sense to me to put a portal at a rest stop instead.

My theory was that the septic improvement project on “my” rest stop included the construction of a tunnel access spur terminated by a secret entrance. That is why it took so long using such heavy machinery. I went over to the side of the highway that the work occurred on in order to walk around and take a look, looking for seams in dirt or rock faces, or ventilation shaft openings. I am glad to report that this rest particular stop is legitimate. The amount of grading and earth moving to put in the sewer system was really extensive, plus the rest stop sits on top of a steep bluff, which would necessitate an elevator system to bring people or vehicles up from the tunnel. Also, there were no tire tracks leading from the rest stop out to the countryside where a secret entrance would have been placed. So, although I think my theory is a good one, it was a mistake to apply it to this rest stop.

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