ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come

ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come
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Friday, February 8, 2013


Alien Spirituality                            ©   by Charles Tromblee            Feb/2013

As one reads the hundreds of stories describing close encounters of the 3rd kind, one cannot help but form opinions about aliens in general. For example, my current thinking is that despite my intense interest in their crafts, home culture, agenda, and physiology, I think that knowing one personally (as if it were even possible) would reveal a being that is pretty dull and uninteresting. Another opinion of mine is that they are quite dedicated to their “cause” or “mission”, whatever it may be, and that they are objective and unemotional. I also believe that they work under a centralized authority. 

Now for the crux of this blurb: Most, if not all, interstellar-capable species are completely non-spiritual. I think that as a species evolves, it passes through a phase of spirituality which may be partially both due to genetic tendencies and learning level. Eventually as the intelligence and acquired knowledge of the species evolves to a higher level, this tendency goes away.  The chart below gives a pictorial view of my opinion, which I am not going to try to justify or prove, except to say that the work of abduction researchers Jacobs and Hopkins found nothing spiritual at all in the alien stories that they heard.  The chart is just a way of saying that life starts out devoid of any spiritual beliefs, evolves to believe in mystical things as it seeks answers that it does not yet have, and then when it is intelligent and knowledgeable enough, abandons those mystical beliefs and adopts the spiritual nihilism state that it had in primordial times.