ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come

ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come
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Friday, April 26, 2013



 April 2013

Here are two observations about the work of Wilbert Smith, Canadian UFO scientist, 1910-1962.

One: In my book, Alien Radix, there is a sub-chapter that theorizes that the military must have some additional means over and above radar to detect UFOs. This is because 1) UFOs have the means to render themselves invisible to radar, and 2) the military has almost uncannily quick responses to UFO close encounter events. The sub-chapter was written before I was thoroughly aware of Grant Cameron’s “Presidential UFO” website*. This website contains confirmation of my theory about an additional technology(gies) to search the sky for UFOs. Radar is NOT the only means for UFO detection, and it is a100% sure thing that our government is using all technologies available to detect UFO incursions in our atmosphere.

In 1953, the Canadian scientist, Wilbert Smith, created a UFO detection project as part of his Project Magnet which detected one UFO (or perhaps something else), after which the project was cancelled two days later. The instruments used for this were a gravimeter imported from Sweden to measure the earth’s gravity, a magnetometer to record the variations in the earth’s magnetic field; a radio set running full volume at 530 kilocycles to pick up any radio noises, and a counter to detect atomic rays (gamma rays) from the outer atmosphere. There was also an ionospheric reactor(?) to determine the height, pattern, and conduct of the ionized layers of gases several hundred miles in the atmosphere. The equipment operated from October 1953 to August 10, 1954.
Prior to the largest and final reading that occurred on 8/8/1954, the equipment had reacted several times due to over-flying large aircraft. (my own emphasis added) The last and largest reading was of something different than a conventional aircraft, but when the equipment operator ran outside to see what caused the instruments to react, the cloud ceiling was down to 1000 feet, so nothing was seen. This could be explained by no known atmospheric phenomenon. Mr. Smith was on duty at the station when a set of alarm bells tripped by the deflection of the gravimeter rang. "I dashed over to look at the instrument," Smith said. "The deflection in the line (drawn by an electronically operated pen) was greater and more pronounced than we have seen seven(sic) when a large aircraft has passed overhead.” Smith pointed out that his station’s electronic devices would not detect meteors unless they were of "great mass" and passed very close. Smith later said, "I didn’t know then what caused that strange and fascinating instrumentation," he recounted, "and I don't know now...but the possibilities are interesting." Also, "We now are attempting to find out if there was a failure somewhere in the instrument," he said. “If it turns out that there was no failure then I don't know what it was that passed overhead." Mr. Smith said it is not possible for anyone to state that the gravimeter recorded the presence of a flying saucer.* 
Here are two main conclusions that can be drawn from Mr. Smith’s results:
1.     Wilbert Smith searched for anomalies in the sky using techniques other than radar, and he was successful in that he was able to detect mass flying in the sky (and the word “mass” would include apparent mass; i.e. artificial gravity sources.). Notice that the instruments used for this experiment were all passive, meaning that they did not project any sort of signal to look for bounceback like radar does. They were 1953 technology (!), repurposed for UFO detection, but probably unrefined. Also, notice that large airplanes were successfully detected by the gravimeter. What this mean is that it is an absolute certainty that UFO detection does not just depend on radar and visual sight and perhaps infrared; additional means of detection were proven to be possible by Project Magnet. It also means that using today’s technology, much more sensitive non-radar UFO detection instruments certainly exist so that even small UFOs could be detected. 
2.     The unknown object that was detected was larger than a large 1954 aircraft. Most UFOs are dimensionally smaller than a large aircraft, but their weight (mass) is open to question. There are many landing indentations that prove a very heavy weight, and at least one was calculated to give a weight of 30 tons for a football shape UFO that was 6 meters long and 3 meters in diameter (i.e. about the density of water and much denser than an airplane.) This is a dimensionally small UFO. On the other hand, there is the lightweight Roswell debris, plus the 100’ Aztec UFO which could be moved to a level position by a couple of men pushing on its outer rim. Certainly, the light weight is not needed for energy savings as their observed flight around our atmosphere indicates an almost unlimited supply of energy. Paul R. Hill speculated that mothership UFOs might be intentionally designed to be light weight so that as they travel between stars, they can get closer to light speed as their mass rises, so due to having lower mass than a dense and heavy UFO would, they can achieve a higher velocity as the mass rises thereby lowering the voyage time.

Two: The second Wilbert Smith story is equally interesting. He apparently developed a good understanding of how gravity works, and he attributed some of his knowledge to psychic contact with aliens. He designed a gravity experiment using a rotating disc at 18,000 rpm. He claimed to have received a psychic or telepathic message that he should shield the experiment, so he did. Shortly after this, the disc shattered under its high centrifugal forces and would have caused injury were it not for the shielding. In a series of recorded 2004 interviews with Evegeny Podkletnov available on YouTube**, Podkletnov reveals that in his own 1992 gravity experiments, the gravity shielding property of his experimental setup was discovered by accident. He too used a rotating a disc at high rpm (5000 rpm initially, later used 20000 rpm to 30000 rpm discs with special strengthening), such that he also became fearful of the shattering of the disc. What is interesting is the similarity of both of their the gravity experimental setups, the observation that both men made about the disc shattering due to high speed, and the startling ~35 year difference between Smith’s gravity experiment to Podkletnov’s initial setup. As far as the psychic contact between Smith and the aliens goes, you are free to draw your own conclusion.

*All of this info is from Grant Cameron’s Presidential UFO website:

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