ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come

ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come
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Friday, March 9, 2012


PHOENIX LIGHTS RENDEZVOUS                     March 9, 2012

In this writeup, I will speculate about a fantastic sighting covered in my book, Alien Radix. My book’s coverage was simply that the sighting occurred, gives a few salient facts about the sighting, and then uses it as a vehicle to introduce my theory about the probable causes of how and why UFOs frequently vanish right before the observer’s eyes. I thought that the Phoenix Lights part of the story woud have generated some buzz, but nothing happened and this has disappointed me. This time the story will be carried to a more speculative conclusion, completely unsupported by any evidence whatsoever, just like a UFO nut job would do. I am personally acquainted with the experiencers in this story for 6 years, and I am 100% convinced that this sighting actually did occur.

Mr. and Mrs. X were on their front porch in Chino Valley, Arizona around March, 1997. It was spring, early evening, getting dark, and a clear sky. Their porch faced west. The neighborhood was sparsely settled, with houses every few acres. Suddenly above their house right in front of them a large UFO appeared. It was a huge, oval shaped object which suddenly was just there. It was totally silent and its sudden appearance was also silent. It was black in color, but the evening sky still was light enough to allow viewing it as a structured object, but it was too dark out to see if it had rivets or seams. They viewed it for about 2 minutes. Mr. X said, “It was three times bigger than a blimp.” Mr. X, currently age 61, has flown on a blimp, so he is familiar with how large they can be. When most people compare something to a blimp, they usually mean the Goodyear blimp even though many blimps are much smaller. The Goodyear blimp is 192 feet long, so 3 times bigger could mean almost 600 feet. It had two rows of lights or windows one above the other of about 15-20 windows per row. In addition, it had lights on the bottom. They could not make a more quantitative estimate of its dimensions, height, or distance. They stared at the hovering object for about 2 minutes after which it disappeared instantly.

They did not report their sighting. Mr. and Mrs. X, however, claimed that it was on the news the next day from Tucson to back east, so this meant that they had no need to report their sighting because so many others already had. However, the only Chino Valley sighting with wide news coverage was the Phoenix Lights sighting in 1997 (not the alleged flares, but the boomerang shape that occurred a few hours before the flares.) I collected this story in a personal interview with Mr. and Mrs. X in 2009. Their initial recollection of when it occurred was about fall of ’93 or ’95. They could not remember better than that. After the interview, I went home and tried to find if there ever was a nationally broadcast UFO sighting in which Chino Valley was included. I searched to see if someone else reported this sighting, and no reference was found. The only one involving Chino was the Phoenix Lights incident which reported the boomerang object. This occurred in the spring of ’97. I re-contacted Mr. and Mrs. X to tell them my findings and ask for more exact date research. She remembered that they had been in this house for only a few months starting a few months before and they had just obtained their new dog which was with them. She had looked up her paperwork for both the house and dog. This research puts the sighting into March of 1997. No further refinement is possible to narrow the date to 3/13/97, the date of the Phoenix Lights.

It is possible that their sighting is totally independent of the Phoenix Lights which may have occurred within a few days of their own (meaning their memories incorrectly combined their sighting with the news of the Phoenix Lights) OR their sighting actually occurred on March 13, 1997, and is a previously unknown part of the Phoenix Lights famous sighting. Chino Valley was the second northernmost town in AZ that reported the boomerang object (Paulden being the farthest north, 10 miles farther), but no one has ever reported a huge oval UFO as part of that famous sighting. It is a mystery.

Either way, their sighting is a completely unknown one to this time.

Believe me when I say that this event, when coupled with the Phoenix Lights event of the same evening, was probably one of the most significant alien events of our whole modern UFO history. Here is a double decker 500-600’ disc or ellipsoid shaped craft which undoubtedly had a rendezvous with the mile wide chevron ufo. The rendezvous point was somewhere in the northern half of Arizona.

The Phoenix Lights event was really two events as you all probably know. There is the early evening sighting of the big chevron as it leisurely flew at low altitude from Paulden, AZ through Chino, Prescott, Phoenix, and so forth. This was followed about two hours later by some flares in the sky over Phoenix, allegedly as part of a military exercise. Many believe that the flares were deployed to provide a cover story to the fantastic chevron sighting. If so, it worked like a charm because the media swallowed it hook, line and sinker as they always do when confronted with government obfuscation. As far as I know, there is only one video of the chevron.

That this was a meeting of some importance in the alien world is evidenced by the huge sizes of the crafts. The radical design differences of the two craft suggest that at least two different alien races were involved. Using the ultra crude “alien estimator” in my book, I estimated that the disc held about 205 aliens and the chevron had 750 occupants. Huge mothership size UFO sightings are quite rare, and even the several hundred foot discs are pretty uncommon. Yet here are one of each sighted in the same evening over a small Arizona town.

What was this alien summit conference about? For sure, it must have been about earth and/or its dominant life form (that’s us). Were they deciding what to do with the planet? Were they worried about us? Were they dividing up our resources, including us, among themselves? Were they meeting to decide upon revealing themselves to us? Were they voting to include us in the Galactic Federation? We will never know. One last bit of speculation: this same craft may have visited Austin, Texas eleven years previously as you will see in the footnote below.*

*A few months after I interviewed Mr & Mrs X, I stumbled across the following sighting at the “UFO Chronicles” website and sent it to Mr & Mrs X. They both agreed it sounded like their sighting. Enjoy. By the way, I think it is kind of strange that this unreported sighting talks about kooks as I do in the paragraphs above, and also mentions the word “blimp” as well.

“"Reader Submitted Report

4-20-10 This is an old sighting I had when I lived in Austin in 1986. Moreover, its so incredible that if you were telling me I may not want to believe it either, but it has made such an impression in my belief system that I want to share some of it. Actually it is 2 odd sightings with one being a huge solid vessel several people saw in the bright almost cloudless after sky. I saw it from arrival to departure and only now after after seeing tons of vids on the net can I saw my sighting was truly awe inspiring.

This thing instantly, and I mean INSTANTLY appeared in front of me as I was looking out west from N. Austin. It stayed completely motionless just like it was a big rock sitting on a ledge. It was positioned above a tree (only the craft was several hundred feet away and higher up just at the lowest cloud level. I used the tree as a benchmark to see if this thing was swaying with the wind and it did not move at all. No noise either and Ive seen blimps at this height and you can still hear the engine motor. No wings, not props, no jets, no windows, no lights, no nothing that was recognizable. Well it did remind me of a submarine, about the same color too, dark grey-blue-charcoal shiny and reflecting the orange sun off its western edge.

I took no pics or vids and I never spoke to the other people in the parking lot around me about this. I'm just now getting financially able to stop working and attempt some type of investigation on this.

There was a military airbase in S. Austin, Berstrom AFB (now the Austin Int. Airport) I called the AFB back at the time but they said nothing of theirs was in the air at that time.

I must restate how significant this sighting was. No doubt there was a huge dark object, like a flattened-out jellybean. When it left, well it went just like you have heard so many times now. It just was gone in the blink of an eye, only I know I didn't blink and back then I totally could not accept this type of "flight". Only recently, in the last few years have I heard of other sightings describing this kind of flight. I only knew of star trek and star wars SFX and it was not like that at all, way less dramatic.

I did not report it as I told my most trusting co-worker the next day and he thought I was seeing things. I never told anyone until 2 years ago I told my parents, and they only believed me when my wife admitted she saw it too. Well thats it. Hope you found this interesting and please don't steer any kooks my way. I went to a MUFON meeting and I know this subject brings out the wackos. Sad but true. Thanks for your website I'll have a look over it now."

Mrs X’s response to this sighting is as follows:
Hi chuck,
Wow I read it to (husband’s name.). It does sound like what we saw except for windows. What we saw was dark same shape and came and went just like he described. It is strange how people are afraid to say anything or believe it. I think most people do believe but don't want to look stupid. Hope you are having a good week. Let XXXX know I will be around this weekend and will call.
Take care.

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