ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come

ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


visible ufos—stealth mode mistakes or something else? © April, 2012

When the Civil War started, many generals were ineffective because they just could not adjust to the large numbers of casualties in the battles. Lincoln stated that they could not handle the arithmetic. After WWII, some people could not comprehend or believe that the holocaust occurred due to its pure evil and huge numbers of murders. Then we come to UFO abductions. I personally cannot adjust to the huge numbers of abductions that may be occurring, not only because it is a silent and invisible process, but because the estimate of 2% of the population is abductees that emerged from Hopkins’ and Jacobs’ research is just mind boggling. I, too, cannot handle the arithmetic. Even if these high numbers have to be significantly scaled back, say, by 80% or so, it still results in a lot more UFOs in our skies than the ones we see.

One realization that has slowly overtaken me in the last two years is that there must be many more UFOs here than we realize. My first clue that this might be true is the abduction phenomenon. Professionally done surveys have indicated that the numbers of abductions are staggering. When these abduction numbers are translated to an estimate of how many UFOs it takes to support the phenomenon, we find that the number of overflights of UFOs required greatly exceeds the numbers of visual sightings. How can this seemingly disparate data be reconciled? Read on.

An irritating peripheral question about UFOs is that they have a stealth mode, so why don’t they use it all the time? The late Budd Hopkins recognized this tough question too and had no answer. I do not think the question is IF they have a stealth mode, because there have been way too many sightings that instantaneously vanish, plus there have been many sightings where the stealth mode appeared to be compromised in some way such as an edge view or an occultation of stars in a triangle shape or just a partial see through of the UFO.

Here is some reasoning for you believers. We all agree that UFOs don’t wish to be seen. We all agree that there are several thousand visual sightings per year. We all agree that they have a stealth mode of both visual and radar invisibility. Then the logical question is why are there any sightings at all? The only way to tie all of this into a logical bundle is the following hypothesis: stealth mode is the principal operating mode of all UFOs. Occasionally, the UFO pilot encounters a reason to come out of stealth mode or else he/she/it forgets to turn on the cloaking device, and a visual sighting results. This means that the visuals of UFOs are only a small percentage of all UFOs due to possibly forgetfulness, so that the visual sightings are the exception and not the rule. If sightings are the exception and not the rule, this also means there are thousands more UFOs in our skies than we have ever conceived of. This conclusion is independent of whether one believes in abductions or not. If you buy into this, it means that we are infested with UFOs invisibly flying around in our skies, and we don’t even know about it.

But there could be a more technological reason than simple forgetfulness for why we see visible UFOs. Stealth mode may be the UFO’s preferred mode of operation only under certain “safe” operating conditions. Operating in stealth mode may impose a restriction on the pilot’s ability to gather information about the region surrounding his craft, so if he is operating in a relatively “unsafe” condition, such as very high speed, or high traffic, or complex maneuvering , he/she/it would prefer to not be in stealth mode. My belief is that stealth mode in UFOs is achieved by routing the surrounding electromagnetic energy (light, radar) around the craft so that there is no bouncing of that energy back from the craft, OR the craft’s hull can be made to absorb all electromagnetic energy that hits it (no reflections).* Now if, for example, all incoming light is being diverted around the craft, then what is the pilot going to use to “see” outside the craft? He/she/it would have to have probes or portals (“peepholes”) through the field which gather some outside energy so as to detect the outside world, and these peepholes would give only a restricted view of that world. This theory also inherently implies that there are imperfections (discontinuities) in stealth mode due to allowing for sensors to probe the outside world through the field that diverts the light. That said, we still occasionally see hovering UFOs, and hovering would certainly be a safe operational mode for the UFO. Therefore, the forgetfulness theory still remains feasible because hovering should be a completely safe operating condition during which stealth mode would be very desirable. We can deduce from this that aliens make mistakes just like we do, and sometimes they forget to turn on stealth mode. We can further deduce that stealth mode in UFO flight over earth must be a pilot’s choice, and not an automatic mode of travel for the aliens. That is, the default condition on visibility/invisibility for a UFO is visibility even though most flights require invisibility. Or the explanation could be something else entirely. Perhaps stealth mode is so complex that malfunctions occasionally occur which allow visibility. Or perhaps there is some other operational requirement imposed by stealth mode, such as using up energy that could otherwise be applied to acceleration, so if they have to accelerate fast, then they have to get out of stealth mode first. I don’t know—just speculating.

Getting back to what was claimed earlier—that there could be many, many more overflights of UFOs than we ever imagined. I will attempt to quantify what I’m talking about. Based on the work of Budd Hopkins and Dr. David Jacobs, I have extrapolated their work to estimate that several thousand UFO flights occur over the USA per DAY. (This is discussed in my book, “Alien Radix: The Shape of Things That Come”, in the chapter “Abductions: Negativity and Pessimism”.) Now compare that figure to my worldwide estimate of roughly 15,000 valid sightings per YEAR over the WORLD and you can see that there is a BIG discrepancy. If you take the numbers from that chapter of my book, you can calculate that good visual UFO sightings constitute only about 0.029% of the overflights of UFOs across the USA. The other 99.971% are overflights in stealth mode (and/or super high speed) which we never see. Putting this another way, only one UFO flight in 3448 flights has a pilot who forgets to turn on stealth mode, and this means that for every good sighting, then there are 3448 invisible non-sightings. Yikes! This small number of visuals certainly puts the forgetfulness theory into the realm of human possibility. Who knows? If a human could forget to do something that is routine and simple one out of 3500 times, then maybe a humanoid could forget to turn on his cloaking device too. I further believe that our government knows these numbers as well, and feels helpless and hopeless about it. They are effete in the face of all of this.

*Notice that I have speculated that the UFO can either divert electromagnetic energy around itself or absorb it. These are two separate modes of invisibility. Radar invisibility could work with either of these two methods, whereas sight invisibility would have to work with the diversion method; otherwise the UFO might appear as a black object. I emphasize the word “might” because I could not find a clear explanation of this, and yes, I know a little about blackbodies and black holes and the information available about them and their invisibility.

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