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ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

THE WORLDWIDE UFO COVERUP by Charles Tromblee 6/13

The Worldwide UFO Coverup

(Also see the companion article published simultaneously with this one in this blog: “Is Our Government Preparing Us for Disclosure?” It is a discussion on what strategy might be occurring which keeps the UFO Disclosure phenomenon from completely escaping the public awareness but which at the same time prevents it from rising to a high level of attention.)

It is easy to find many government released documents which address the UFO phenomenon in enough detail to show that the phenomenon is very real. It is not a well kept secret. Just read Richard Dolan’s excellent essay on the matter, “Twelve Government Documents.”* If this does not convince someone that the phenomenon is real, then there are myriads of other released documents that one can read from other sources which have punched through the veil of secrecy. Timothy Good’s books on UFOs are full of them. Even though UFOs are not a well kept secret anymore, there have been and continues to be other obfuscation activities which have been enacted to maintain the coverup of UFOs. It is not worth arguing whether there is a coverup anymore because it is so obvious. It is a coverup of extreme sophistication. To make it successful, the coverup requires more than just secrecy, which is imperfect. It contains misinformation, disinformation, intimidation, lies, bribes, propaganda, exploitation of ignorance, financial reprisals, misdirection, trained recovery teams, quick response strategies, management, organized discipline and processes, and even murders.
The success of the coverup is stunning. The coverup does have a secrecy component, but its main success stems from getting a gullible, malleable and otherwise uninformed public to disrespect the phenomenon. Hence, the giggle factor coverage given to it by the media. Hence, the continued skepticism applied to it even in the face of thousands of sightings per year. It is so successful that even intelligent people ridicule the phenomenon. Take astrophysicist Neal deGrasse Tyson for example. He is a smart and fascinating guy, but when it comes to UFOs, his opinions are simply ignorant, hiding behind the lack of physical proof and the speed of light/distance limitation. Maybe he should read about UFOs a bit more and then maybe he would change his mind. What causes the lack of physical proof? The coverup does. But, like in a trial by jury, there has to come a point where the cumulative evidence forces one to make the “real or not?” decision in favor of “real”.

Our government probably likes the position that they have put the UFO phenomenon into. It is now the “anti-religion” of humanity. This means that UFOs are disbelieved by most people despite there being plenty of evidence. Religion is believed in by most people despite there being no evidence. UFOs make people uncomfortable; religion comforts people.

But here is the main point of this blog opinion piece: To make the coverup successful, all of the activities described in the first paragraph above have to be applied to the whole world, not just the USA and a few other countries. Although it is not worth arguing about whether there is a coverup in the USA (and the UK, and Russia), it is worth arguing that there is a worldwide coverup, and that is the purpose of this writeup.

The coverup of the reality of UFOs is much more global than we realize.  I have never seen a leaked document that even hints at a worldwide coverup, yet I believe that the coverup must exist. When we think about the coverup, we always deal with evidence that shows its existence here in the USA and to a lesser extent, the UK. The evidence always points to countrywide coverups only. The USA constitutes only 7% of the habitable land area of the earth and 5% of the world population. There are about 196 countries in the world, and during the heyday of UFOs (say, 1947 to about 1980) there were many fewer than there are today. In 1990, there were 35 fewer countries than now, due to the spawning of 16 countries from the USSR in 1991, Yugoslavia generated 5 more in 1992, Czechoslovakia generated two more, and several countries dropped their colonial possession status and/or outright successfully declared their independence. We all know that these other places have had plenty of UFO encounters and sightings, and some are even are greater hotspots than the United States, such as Mexico and Argentina. One has to admit that the silence and denials by these other 190+ countries goes a long way toward making one think that the phenomenon is not real at all. But overriding this doubt should be the continued radar and visual sightings, some trace evidence, and those released documents. So what is going on? Why are these 190+ country governments silent?

The main reason for their silence is that UFOs are a non-issue for these countries. Most countries have never had a UFO crash or spectacular event. Some are so small that their whole government is about the size of the board of directors of a corporation or subdivision. They would not be sufficiently interested or able to invest in their own UFO apparatus to “control” the phenomenon. The bulk of the world’s countries fall into this category.

But what about the remaining  countries of the world; i.e. the ones which are large enough or “fortunate” enough to have experienced several UFO significant phenomena? Why are they silent? From the perspective of those who say that UFOs are real, there is only one possible answer and it is this: the coverup is worldwide. Timothy Good realized this by 1988 when he published his book, Above Top Secret: The Worldwide UFO Cover-Up.  Timothy Good is a great researcher, but even this book does not present any documentation that even hints about such a unified, organized, global coverup despite its secondary title which is ‘The Worldwide UFO Cover-Up’. Such documentation just does not exist, and if it does, it has not leaked.  But wait, you might say, what about those several DEFCON alert incidents where the USA military went on high alert as a UFO fleet flew from the USSR toward the USA (and vice versa)? Both enemies knew that mistaken identity could trigger a nuclear war. The end result was that both countries signed a bilateral agreement (a treaty) in September of 1971 to communicate whenever an “unidentified object” would be detected flying from one country toward the other.** The agreement further stated that such communication would be invoked also when , “…in the event of signs of interference with these systems or with related communications facilities, if such occurrences could create a risk of outbreak of nuclear war…”. This last phrase indicates that both sides also knew of UFO interest in their defense facilities and their capability to interfere with the electronic control systems of those facilities. This agreement certainly showed that both countries acknowledged the truth of the phenomenon (although the term “unidentified objects” was also meant to include off-course airplanes and other harmless airborne bodies), and it was intended to avoid an accidental mutually assured destruction scenario. But it did not show that there is a worldwide coverup. This agreement was meant to last for all time even though both countries remained enemies after the treaty. The saying, “Politics makes strange bedfellows” applies here, but it could be modified to say, “UFO politics makes even stranger bedfellows, some of whom may not even be human.” This treaty is certainly not proof of a worldwide coverup, nor is it even evidence of such. I prefer to look at it as an indicator of about when the worldwide coverup started to solidify and recruit all countries of the earth into its purview; i.e. the 1965-1975 time frame or even sooner.

Despite the complete lack of documented evidence that there is a worldwide coverup, let us reason as to why no countries have come forward with their own UFO proof. For this thought exercise, let us divide the earth’s countries into small, medium, and large sizes.  Let us also admit to ourselves the following fact: to convert the whole world to a belief in UFOs (or to have your country believe a government “UFOs are real” announcement, a craft or alien body will have to be produced and announced to the world through official channels by a government. (This means that it is unlikely the aliens will do this themselves.) However, there are about 3 exceptions to the need to provide physical proof. These 3 exceptions are the leaders of Russia, China, and the United States. If any one of these people announced to the world that UFOs are extraterrestrial, they would be believed even without any physical proof being presented. No other world leaders would be believed even if they made the identical announcement without providing the physical proof.

At this point, let us take a look at the kind of people that run the coverup by telling two stories. In the early fifties, Eisenhower was trying to learn more about the UFO phenomenon and heard that Area 51 had captured saucers and alien beings. He called Area 51 and was told that he did not have the clearance needed to be given the answers he was seeking. You do not tell a 5 star general who is president that he does not have sufficient clearance! He told the coverup personnel at Area 51 that he was sending his representatives to the gates of Area 51 and that he expected them to let his representatives in and reveal their secrets to them. Otherwise, he said, he would invade the military base. Just imagine: here is the commander in chief of all US military having to threaten the arrogant coverup people that he was ready to invade his own base to wrest UFO secrets from them. You can see how in just a few short years from the formation of MJ-12 in 1947 how independent the MJ-12 cabal had become. Eisenhower had to take control of the UFO secrecy back to the presidency. Did he maintain that control? No, he did not. As an ex-general, he liked secrecy himself, so he missed an opportunity to reveal the truth to the world, and for that reason he belongs in every UFO Hall of Shame ever conceived.

The second story deals with the death of James Forrestal and what follows are simply opinions on what happened. Forrestal was the appointed leader of the first MJ-12 group. Only 20 months after his appointment to this position, he was murdered by agents who threw him out the window of a psychiatric ward. He was a patient in this facility due to his erratic behavior, and it is believed that he could not handle the UFO reality, so he had to be silenced. Undoubtedly, CIA agents did the murdering, but it was at the order of the MJ-12. They murdered their own leader after 20 months in order to keep the UFO secret! Clearly, the secret keepers are a despicable group who are willing to do anything it takes to maintain silence. I often wonder what would be done if a UFO crashed in an isolated town of about 5000 people. To preserve the secret, would they be memory erased or simply machine gunned, blaming something like a chemical spill? Or would this cause Disclosure?

It is probable that most of the people who are leading the worldwide coverup are not politicians. Clearly, the coverup is meant to be permanent, and we know that politicians are not. They are subject to elections and overthrows, so their jobs are short lived compared to the needs of the coverup. A consortium of rich dynasty families definitely seems more appropriate and logical to be the leaders of the worldwide coverup because they are well connected to corporations and to government officials.  The money from the reverse engineering part of the coverup helps maintain the family fortunes to perpetuate their dynasties. But even these people need the respective world governments to agree to their choices for receiving foreign aid and to provide military assistance during a UFO cleanup operation, to provide muscle for intimidation, spying, and to chase UFOs around in the sky so that aliens do not get the idea that we are getting friendlier to them and so induce them to land, reveal themselves, and negotiate.

Now let’s talk about why almost all countries in the world have no recovered crashes or alien bodies stored away which could assist in proving to the world that the phenomenon is extraterrestrial.

In a video presentation on You Tube a few years back, noted Brazilian ufologist A. J. Gevaerd was speaking about the Varginha incident of 1996, in which some strange aliens appeared in the town of Varginha, Brazil. This was well covered by Brazilian ufologists. Rumors about the story indicate that the United States officials visited Brazil and the wreckage and bodies were taken back to the United States. When Gevaerd addressed this rumor as to why Brazil let this happen, he speculated that it could have been that Brazil receives foreign aid from the United States. In other words, threats of its removal could have prompted Brazil to surrender its alien proof to the USA. Grant Cameron, noted Canadian ufologist, has heard that Brazil traded the Varginha evidence to the USA for a promise to include a Brazilian astronaut on an upcoming space shuttle mission, a promise which was kept. In a recent podcast by Grant Cameron, he told the story of a possible Canada UFO crash just above the USA border. When Canadian authorities arrived at the crash site, they were forcibly turned away at gunpoint by the US Military who had gotten there first. Cameron now believes that his country, the second largest in the world by land area, simply lets the USA do what it wants to/with the Canadians about UFOs. There have been about two or three UFO crashes just south of the US border in Mexico. In all of these crashes, it was the USA who got there uninvited onto foreign soil to move the wreckage back to its laboratories. In one of the crashes known as Mexico’s Roswell which occurred in 1974 in the state of Chihuahua, the Mexican recovery team had arrived first and then died under mysterious circumstances, and the USA wound up with the prize. Certainly, if these stories have merit, Canadian and Mexican high government officials must have been aware of these incidents. Therefore, a good reason that no countries can come forward with the truth and then prove it with physical evidence is that they have given away their proof, both willingly and otherwise.  But to whom? The obvious answers are the USA, Russia, and China.  They are the “800 pound gorillas” in the UFO knowledge and proof arena.

Regarding foreign aid, in 2012 the USA gave out 50 billion dollars in foreign aid to specifically named countries.  This includes both military (37%) and civilian (63%) “assistance”. (The actual number is higher because of broad regional aid projects which can cross borders.)  Such foreign aid is not given out altruistically. There are strings attached. It would make sense that a country receiving such aid would have to first agree to, say, “cooperate fully in dealing with matters of national and global security”, or some such broad and vague agreement under which could include surrendering one’s crashed UFOs and alien bodies. Notable countries receiving USA’s aid in 2012 were Brazil $17.25 million, Russia $63 million, Argentina $1.35 million, India $108 million, Chile $1.1 million, Mexico $330 million, Cuba $20 million, and Venezuela $5 million, and so forth. Not receiving any aid from the USA were UK, Ireland, France, All Scandinavia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, North Korea and South Korea. In 2010, Russia gave out only $472 million in foreign aid, but back in 1986 they gave $26 billion away. The UK gives about 11.2 billion pounds away in foreign aid, and China gives aid to Vietnam, North Korea, and African countries. But you see the point being made here: Foreign aid by the “800 pound UFO gorillas” could serve as a very persuasive cudgel in maintaining UFO secrecy by draining most of the world of its proof of UFOs. (I included the UK in the discussion because they allegedly have had a couple of crashes, yet it is widely known they are in a UFO coverup partnership with the USA.) It should be emphasized that outside of the big 3 or 4 foreign aid-supplying countries, the vast majority of the remaining other countries in the world are recipients of their aid. And last but not least, if the foreign aid temptation does not work, there are reprisal threats that can be made to achieve cooperation.

Based on existing UFO literature, better sightings and more crashes were known and leaked back in the earlier days of the phenomenon than what occurs today. This could be simply because the coverup still had not solidified into the near perfect veil that exists now, or it could simply be that there really were better sightings and more crashes than now.  Back in those earlier days, a UFO crash recovery by a small country was like finding a treasure. In those days, there were only a few large countries that had the technical and military capability to deal efficiently with a crash, and those same countries had the scientific expertise to attempt to analyze the wreckage and the bodies. The (lack of) development of almost all smaller countries at that time meant that if they had tried to keep the crash for themselves, then they would not have been able to do much with it, such as develop high technology from it. If they kept it, it would have been a “white elephant” possession. Naturally, with this type of scenario, the most logical thing an underdeveloped nation would do in the circumstance of a crash recovery would be to deal it to one of the 3 or 4 dominant nations of the world to reap a financial reward. It is obvious, however, that most small countries would have no physical UFO proof simply due to the lack of surface area in which to have a crash. Or, to put it another way, most countries in the world are of the small to intermediate size range so it is likely that nothing UFO-physical ever happened there.

 Most small to intermediate size countries have no influence either. On 9/9/1977, Eric Gairy who was the Prime Minister of the small Caribbean island nation of Grenada and also a fervent UFO believer, met with President Jimmy Carter to announce that he intended to address the U.N. to get them to formally commit to a study of UFOs. Details of the meeting have been suppressed, but it is known that Carter gave Gairy a copy of the 1969 Condon report to take with him. A roll of toilet paper would have been more valuable. Gairy addressed the U.N. on 10/7/77 with a UFO speech that Leonard Stringfield had helped write. Nothing came of Gairy’s efforts. No one seemed to care. He had tried to use the only process available then and to the present to call attention at the world level to the UFO question, and it completely failed. The USA did its best to suppress his efforts. It is tempting to think of this failed attempt as another indicator that the worldwide coverup was in effect by 1977. If a big country like, say, Germany, Brazil, or Argentina had tried the identical tactic, the result might have been much more successful.

There is another process going on in the world which is lessening the attention that countries pay to UFOs, and it is a very important but unstudied phenomenon regarding UFOs. It is also a natural process. The importance of this process cannot be over emphasized. This process is the loss of UFO historical knowledge that naturally has been occurring over the years because the coverup is so successful and because the early experiencers have been dying off. I have read somewhere that back in the heyday of UFOs, every single country in the world knew of UFOs and of the concern that they were causing. Every single world government had been contacted about the “threat” that they might pose. Nowadays, things have calmed down and it is generally agreed that they do not pose a threat, so why maintain any paid personnel to deal with the issue at all anymore?  The point attempting to be made here is that UFO knowledge and dedicated personnel within a government will inevitably diminish, and this I have called the “loss of UFO heritage” (addressed in my book, Alien Radix.) Over a time span of decades, some agencies/governments will forget that they ever knew about UFOs at all. As author Howard Blum states at the end of his book, Out There, “Even the government doesn’t know what it knows.” Maybe a country still has an old forgotten file cabinet somewhere with information about an old UFO coverup visit from the United States, or maybe all records have been destroyed over the years. No significant UFO documents have been released in the United States for over 20 years. A recent MUFON meeting that I attended had no one there below the age of 40. This loss of UFO heritage and interest in the subject is adversely affecting any possibility of Disclosure and scientific study. Another generation of this decline will find UFOs relegated to a footnote in history books. When taken to the limit, the loss of UFO heritage within a government (and its constituents) will inevitably cause that government to not know anything about UFOs, so there would be no need to deeply involve them in a worldwide coverup.

This writeup attempts to make a case for a worldwide coverup of UFOs based simply on the strange and complete silence from almost all countries of the world about the very real UFO phenomenon.  Grant Cameron has noticed that none of these countries has any UFO leaks, unlike the USA which has experienced several. He is one of the top ufologists in the world, and if he says that this is true, I tend to believe it. However, he also says something else that I partly disagree with. It is that the CIA is releasing information about UFOs ( i.e. the CIA is the source of the leaks) to keep up the awareness level in the minds of the general public. He believes that this awareness level is maintained in order to prepare the public for disclosure in case an uncontrollable UFO event was to occur, such as a revelation by a rogue country that UFOs are real and that they have the proof to back it up, a big crash in a populated area, a mass landing, etc. It would minimize any panic that would occur when the public learns the truth. {Digression: It is my opinion that no panic would have ever occurred due to leaking the secret, and this applies from the 1940’s to the present day. The present day coverup exists for the power and money that are derived from reverse engineering of alien technology. Other lesser possibilities for the coverup could be an out of control abduction program by some of the alien races, cattle mutilations, the rumors of finding human body parts on some UFO crashes, and military aircraft that went missing after chasing a UFO. Even if any of these negative possibilities is true, the truth should still be revealed.}

However, it is my belief that the leaks are to maintain the coverup! Yes, this seems non-sensical, but here is the reasoning. These leaks contain truth and disinformation chosen make the phenomenon appear ridiculous and to cause divisive factions to arise within the “believers”.*** This causes the coverup to maintain itself with a minimum of effort/cost despite the fact that sightings are occurring across the world all of the time. It continues to generate the disrespect for the phenomenon on which the coverup over most of the world depends. Other countries maintain their part of the coverup with less sophisticated techniques. For example, in a dictator-led totalitarian country, a UFO organization or pro-UFO newspaper could be suppressed with a law or some assassinations, but here in the USA, the appearance of democracy must be maintained so the UFO organization would be infiltrated by a secret agent who would try to destroy it from within (this has already happened several times.) Rest assured that the USA will resort to brutality whenever needed to maintain the coverup even though it has developed many new and equally effective ways to deal with unauthorized leakers, such as economic reprisals and memory erasure. It does not have to threaten families and assassinate its own citizens anymore to continue its program.

There is now something happening in the world which has to be making the keepers of the worldwide coverup nervous. Take Brazil for example. It is an emerging nation with its own sophisticated military and well educated scientific community. Plus they really do not need foreign aid anymore. They want to be recognized as important world leaders. Do you think that they would willingly give up another UFO crash to the bully nations if a crash happened tomorrow? Probably not. Recently, Brazilian ufologists met with their own government officials who seemed open to the idea of releasing its files. Time will tell. Brazil has had about four major UFO events and projects which are still classified, and if these still remain classified, then the government only gave lip service to disclosure. Two of these UFO events were the Night of the UFOs in 1986 and the Varginha incident in 1996. But the main point here is that there are quite a few nations in this emerging category, many of them in South America. In general, Latin countries seem to be more open to the idea of UFO disclosure than just about anywhere else.

Some writers at this point would invoke the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group (founded 1954), or the Trilateral Commission (founded 1973) to support the premise of a worldwide coverup. That will not be done in the writeup because there are so many books written about these alleged and real world control secretive organizations. Those two founding dates of 1954 and 1973 sure look about right for the inception of a worldwide UFO coverup treaty. If there is something like a worldwide UFO coverup treaty, a worldwide MJ-12, or a secret world government, it is being very successful.

***In his book, The UFO Phenomenon   Fact, Fantasy, and Disinformation, c 2009, skeptic John Michael Greer categorizes UFO believers into 12 categories (!), ranging from psychological hallucinations, to beings from a hollow earth, to demons, to geophysical phenomena, to etc. No wonder there is constant bickering and in-fighting within the ranks of believers. This dissension retards progress within ufology and no doubt provides great satisfaction to those responsible for the coverup.

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