ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come

ALIEN RADIX: The Shape of Things That Come
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Sunday, June 9, 2013



One thing that is repeated very often in UFO literature and documentaries is that the government is preparing us for Disclosure. It is being done gradually to reduce the shock of the truth. This is said so often that it is now presented not as a question, but as a given fact. To all this I say Bunk!If you are even half way toward this belief, then I’d like to meet with you and sell you some of my magic beans. For sure, the government used to be in charge of the coverup, but my belief is that the government may now be no longer in charge of the Disclosure decision. That decision is now in the control of either an international group of governments, a worldwide MJ-12,  OR it is controlled by private sector corporations. I do not know which; it may even be a combination of all three. But one thing is apparent: our government alone will not and cannot (meaning that it is able to but not permitted to) make the Disclosure decision though it is still very much participating in the coverup as is proven by military jets chasing UFOs and the obvious lies that still are issued about major sightings.

Our government is responsible for setting up the original apparatus which has prevented Disclosure, and this coverup has now evolved to a state of near perfection. The now defunct USSR government almost certainly set up their own parallel coverup program as well. The government’s control of the coverup now has mutated to include private sector interests and other governments, and this includes the Russians. These additional elements have now taken control of the decision. My opinion is that with the exception of a few emerging and/or rogue nations, the coverup is now worldwide.

Why would we be being prepared for the great revelation when whichever group that controls the decision has complete control of the truth? What advantage to the government would there be to reveal the truth?  They would not disclose because reverse engineering of alien technology is a source of technological money through product development.  It is also a source of military technological superiority; i.e. power. Thus, it is about money and power, and not about preparing an ignorant populace for the great reveal. Why would our government and the corporations that it is now in bed with kill their goose that lays such nice golden eggs when they do not have to? They would not.

Noted leading ufologist, Grant Cameron, gave his opinions on UFO leaks in a couple of podcasts on which he was the guest on 3/22/13 (Kate Valentine UFO Show and Veritas) to promote his new book, UFOs, Area 51, and Government Informants: A Report on Government Involvement in UFO Crash Retrievals. He believes that the CIA is intentionally leaking a trail of breadcrumbs which contain the core story, but at the same time they want to retain the secret of the technology for back engineering and to continue to suppress what might be going on with human abductions. They are doing this so that the ultimate revelation that aliens are here and visiting will be anticlimactic.  But notice that he says that they are leaking the “core story” (his words.) The “core story” means the truth that aliens are visiting earth. He is correct in saying that there have been leaks and most were probably intentionally done by the CIA. One has only to look at many of the Majestic-12 documents to see how sophisticated they are. They are expertly done, even the ones that have been proven false. It is hard to imagine a UFO hobbyist creating these hoaxed documents. They appear to have been done by professionals, and the only professionals that would be paid to do something like these documents have to be government employees. Given that these leaked documents contain lies mixed in with truth, this does not seem to be a legitimate attempt to leak the “core story.” Clearly, the lies indicate that the government is playing a deeper game than simply gradually leaking the truth. The deeper game is this: the lies mixed with truths keep the whole UFO subject in a state of continuous argumentative turmoil and chaos. This allows phonies and charlatans to keep earning a living on the UFO lecture/book circuit, and they generate further turmoil, chaos and disrespect for the phenomenon. Net Result: the fact that aliens are visiting earth continues to be disbelieved by the majority of the public even in the face of thousands of sightings per year.

I do not doubt for a minute that there have been and still are individuals and factions in the “UFO-in-the-know” camp in the United States who believe that the coverup is the wrong thing to do. Not only is it morally wrong, but maintaining the secrecy is a very big expense on the USA’s black budget. In the long history of UFOs, a few federal individuals undoubtedly contacted some people to do the right thing by revealing the truth to the American public. These contacts were made intermittently and sporadically, I’m sure, and most were made by ethically and morally high individuals. However, once the secrecy apparatus learned of each new threat against their directive to maintain UFO secrecy at all costs, these individuals were easily over-powered by the evolved apparatus to prevent the truth from coming out.

But you might say, we have FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) which forces the secret keepers to reveal the truth.  Just take a look at Richard Dolan’s essay on the 12 documents which, when considered collectively, prove that our government not only knows about UFOs but is also covering up this knowledge.* Notice that the most recent USA document of the 12 is dated 1988! It is now 2013! 25 years have gone by with nothing new of significance. What has happened?  Well, for sure FOIA is now considered a minor irritant within the government. It gets lip service now and is not the force it once was. Secondly, the government has sealed the leak holes where UFO literature might escape, such as passing legislation to prevent commercial pilots from speaking out, and routing all aeronautical sightings to a place that is outside FOIA coverage.  Then there are the great lies which are that the truth is a national security issue, and that its revelation would also reveal our intelligence apparatus of “sources and methods.” Stanton Friedman has pointed out that sources and methods could not possibly account for a 95% redaction of the verbiage of a FOIA released document, which is what he has experienced.** For all practical purposes, FOIA is dead.  (I also believe that the American populace never did need to be prepared for Disclosure. It is true that in 1938 the War of the Worlds radio broadcast panicked a lot of people, but contrast that with the 1947 radio broadcast of the UFO recovery at Roswell plus the newspaper headlines which were widely broadcast west of the Mississippi and which caused no panic whatsoever before the lie to suppress it came out about several hours later.)

Many formerly third world countries have had UFO crashes.  The USA’s generosity in providing foreign welfare was possibly the main reason for their forced silence and the “consented” confiscation of their UFO physical evidence. Now that several of these countries are emerging from third world status, we no longer have the influence over them that we once had. Given our inept foreign policy, that might be a good thing. Regarding UFOs, it definitely is a good thing. These nations really never experienced the cold war threat as we did as we performed our self appointed and necessary role as the bulwark of the free world, so these nations are not as paranoid about releasing their own UFO evidence. Therefore, it is likely that when Disclosure occurs, it will not be the USA that does it; rather, it will be another country or the aliens themselves (unlikely).

Having said all of this, I still believe that Disclosure is inevitable --but it may take a century or two, not a decade or two.

*“Twelve Government Documents”:

**For more information, please read “CIA Redactions” in this blog.

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